Monday, November 21, 2011

What's Up

Sometimes things are just not going right, so I debate whether to post. I am not talking diet, here. But I know a lot of people care, so here's what's new:

I let the laundry go for several days. Maybe five days. I knew Saturday HAD to be laundry day because my daughter and I were out of things to wear, our sheets needed changed, and we had no clean towels. So I threw in a load, and... the dryer died. Spent a good part of Saturday morning finding someone who could and would come out and fix it without charging an arm and a leg. By 3pm, it was fixed and I spent the rest of the day and into Sunday washing clothes, towels, and sheets.

You may recall my little girl was pretty sick and missed a lot of school. Went to the doctor three times. Got antibiotics twice and a misdiagnosis twice. When the doctor starts doing things that risk your child's health, it is time for a new doctor. So I spent a couple days calling, searching, finding a doctor I trust and who takes our insurance. Got that all switched, then had to deal with medical records stuff. And finally my daughter *seems* to be 90% better. If she gets sick again after she stops antibiotics, we will see another specialist.

My senior dog is losing his mind. Enough said.

I've also spent time volunteering in my daughter's class, taking my dog tracking, doing obedience and agility foundation work with her, going to birthday parties and taking presents to kids whose birthdays we missed while sick, calling and reconnecting with family, raking leaves, watching my daughter dance, trying to plan a low carb Thanksgiving, cooking, walking, and playing in the snow.

My weight varies from 202-204. I hate that it is taking so long to get back under 200 but this is quite motivating to me NOT to let it get this of of control again. Oh, and this little gem. Today, for the first time in about 4 years, someone I barely know (a very nice lady slightly older than I am) offered to give me her clothes that are too big for her. Um. Yeah. Not what I wanted to hear, especially since she was no waif herself. Makes me take a long hard look in the mirror because I guess "people" see me as big. That sucks.

That's all for now.


Anonymous said...


Especially about the fact that it takes 3 times longer to lose weight than it does to gain it. At least.

And about the clothes offer, too.

Although.... I bet they'd fit me. She got anything nice? :D


Diandra said...

If the "slightly above 200" stuff bothers you more than it should, switch to kilograms until you'Ve left that threshold behind. ^^

Mrs. Chupchake said...

Oh Lyn I love posts like these! The everyday goings and comings of a person's life interest me.

Yucko on the dryer. I hate when an appliance needs repair. Glad you got your clothes done.

I hope I'm not being presumptuous but last night I tried a recipe for apricot-dijon chicken and it was darned easy--I thought of all the busy moms I know. I don't know if it fits with your dietary restrictions but I'd like to share it with you and your readers:

apricot-dijon chicken: a Family Circle recipe

Yields: 4 servings Prep: 10 minutes Cook: 30 minutes Bake: 400 degrees for 25 minutes

1/2 cup apricot preserves, 2 tablespoons ketchup, 1 tablespoon dijon mustard, 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger, 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (6 ounces each), 1/4 cup toasted hazelnuts (chopped)

1. Heat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. 2. Whisk together the apricot preserves, ketchup, mustard, and ginger. Reseve 1/4 cup of the mixture. 3. Place chicken in the prepared baking dish and spread the remaining apricot mixture over the top. Bake at 40 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees on an instant-read thermometer.

I served our chicken with brown basmati rice and peas.

Best to you and your Thanksgiving meal planning,

Mrs. Chupchake

Forty Pound Sack said...

I wear a size 18 and a "friend" offered me her 24's. I'm pretty sure she knew they wouldn't fit me. Not sure what motivates some folks but I just try to shake it off. Not easy, I know. On the brighter side, sounds like you've checked off quite a chunk of your to-do list. You go, girl!

Little Miss Contrary said...

Oh dear. I was contemplating the other day what to do with my old clothes, I've sold some stuff on ebay but I think Ill have to give the rest to the charity shop - I think I'd be insulted if someone offered me their 'fat' clothes so I best not do it to anyone else!!

Leslie said...

cPeople can be such jerks. About a year ago a woman who is well over 300 pounds (at my church) was lamenting about finding a coat to fit her. She looked at me, nodded, and said, "YOU know what I mean." Ouch. She won herself a place at the top of my bitch list!

With all you have going on, maintaining is a victory. Of course it's not the goal at this point, but when the sh*t hits the fan, it's nice to not add more pounds that will have to lost again! Hang in.

Lyn said...

Mrs Chupcake~

Thanks for the recipe! It does sound yummy. It isn't low enough carb for me now, but in maintenance I may try it with sugar free preserves :) I am sure some readers will give it a try!

Theresa said...

The offer of the clothes might just have come because you are wearing only a very few things over and over again. Not the SIZE of them but the fact that she might have thought you could use some variation. That sounds better doesn't it? People CAN be harsh, but most times I think they are just disconnected to others feelings.
PS. I'm in the same boat BTW, and I don't want to buy bigger things. I want to be SMALLER and back into my own clothes.

Here's to a good day for both of us!

Steelers6 said...

Hey girl,

thanks for the update. I should not be reading, should be working on Thanksgiving preparations.

Snow?! Wow, one storm? How much snow?

Glad the dryer is back up! It sure feels like I too recently waited 5 days to wash. How does that happen...

Yay for Princess being better!

I don't usually offer ppl my clothes bc I am so afraid that it is offensive if I have misjudged size/fit. Maybe she has something you would like though...or would in the future-but sorry it was uncomfy! Interesting, since you barely even knew her. (I often wonder how *I* am perceived size wise, but of course can't spend too much time thinking about that.)

Sending love your way; have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Lyn said...


not much snow. Just enough to build a tiny snowman. LOL.

Yeah, this lady had only met me 2 times before. I wasn't offended, just sort of puzzled at first because I was thinking "I am not fatter than her" and then it was OMG, am I fatter than her?? I am sure she was just trying to be generous.

Anonymous said...

hey I just wanted to let you know that taking antibiotics all the time can not be the best can hurt the good bacteria in the body.It can effect the imune system. Perhaps you should go to your local health food store and ask a natropathic doctor for a natural antibiotic? Just from reading your post over time it seems like your daughter tends to get sick alot, I know you said that she has health issues but what I dont get is why your doctor is constantly prescribing antibiotics especially considering alot of people are finding out that can stop working after awhile and can even harm the body.I actually work at a health food store and alot of women come in and get oregano oil when they have an infection of some sort its basically alot less harmless then antibiotics.and if anything more affective. Just wanted to help. Im sure its stressful to see your daughter wishes.

Steelers6 said...

In regard to Leslie's post about the lovely comment she rec'd..

At a dinner with coworkers, the only one who is overweight was talking about clothes that are "one size fits all", & that they don't fit her, & looks at me and says "Chrissy knows what I'm talking about". ?! And this was AFTER I had lost some weight..(30 lbs) And she knew I was working on it, and has even commented. But NO, I don't know what you are talking about. I didn't say a word. Duh.

Gahhhh!!! But, I'm considering the source, bc I already knew she was a bit of a clunk with words..duh.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above (mostly) about the antibiotics. I guess if you are getting REALLY sick all the time, they are needed...but it seems like too often to me. I don't know the whole story though.

April said...

Meh... it happens. A series of things that just make life colorful. Hope things look up soon!

Lyn said...

re: antibiotics~

I agree they are often overused in this country. I have used herbal/alternative medicines on my other children with success. However, my daughter's medical issues require a different approach, including antibiotics. I always supplement with natural immune system boosters as well.

lynna said...

First: I have an idea for a church ministry: A clothing closet where people who are losing weight can exchange items for smaller sizes. That way everybody always has nice clothing that fits.

Second: When people say things like commentors have noted a really good response is (a bit icily): Excuse me... what did you say? It's ok to put rude people on the spot without being rude back.

icandy said...

Lyn I so enjoyed your post today. I have a sister who I visited a couple of months ago whom was giving me her size 20-22 clothes (Which is her current size. I am currently on MF and was in a size 12 at that time. We had even gone shopping together during that time for my new size 12's. I just acceppted the clothes and told her I would wear what I could but would PAY IT FORWARD. No feeling's where hurt and I pasted them on to someone that could and did use them. I am happy to say I am currently a size 10 and PAYING IT FORWARD on my way toward my goal!

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your "senior dog"; when mine got that way (mental problems), a medication (selegiline, i believe) returned and also extended her life quality for a couple more years--like a miracle, it was--even after she had one eye removed. sounds morbid, perhaps, but we were great friends (family) and i was so grateful for that extra time we had together. of course when she was diagnosed with cancer, later, we asked our vet to come to our home--and we did the right thing by our beloved animal companion. animals can show us so much about ourselves. thanks for sharing. (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

I have always been confused by a women's desire to buy clothes by size only. I purchase clothes by fit. Strictly. I don't care what size it is, it's the fit that counts, how a garment hangs on the body. I think too many women try to "fit" into smaller clothes, especially while on a weight loss program. Listen: buy clothes that fit, and you'll look better and have more confidence wearing the clothes. FACT: no woman is ONE size because clothing manufactures are not standardized. I am 5'7" and weigh 120 lbs but I can be anywhere from a 0-8 in size, depending on manufacture. I have a friend that gives me bags of clothes when she is sick of them, or can't fit into them, too old, out of style, or they are too big or small. I LOVE going through the bags and trying on "new" clothes. Women are shaped differently... bigger in some areas and smaller in others. Be grateful for the offer because maybe it was suppose to be helpful. Go Lyn! Find something that fits! And, if it bothers you, before you try on the garment, cut out the tags! All of them, before trying anything on and then you won't know what "size" (meaningless, in my mind) it is. Best, Shannon

LHA said...

I am glad we can all laugh (most of the time) about things like you being offered such large clothing! A few years ago a woman I worked with went all out to buy me what she thought was a lovely Christmas present. I was about a size 18 then, and she bought me a HUGE size 3X sweatsuit type thing. I guess it was meant for leisure wear or exercise.....for someone about 100 pounds heavier than I was!!! The sad part was that I think it was really expensive and she meant well. I have to admit that I was insulted, and even tried it on to make sure that I wasn't REALLY that big and just didn't know it. I could have put two of me in it! All I could do was thank her so much and then give it to charity. I hope someone was thrilled to get it. If she wondered why she never saw me wear it......well, I have no answer for that.

I hope things improve in your day to day life. It is just one of those times like we all have. Thanks for a good post and I love all the comments too.

Colleen said...

Lynn don't take the size thing as a reflection on how others see you. Remember how you didn't notice yourself getting bigger on the way to 278? Similarly, some people have no idea of their relative size. I had a friend whose waist was a full 10" bigger than mine ask to borrow clothes from me. Another friend, after I had lost weight and wore about a size 10/12, gave me a dress that was too small on her thinking it would fit me. The size was cut out but it had to be at least a generous size 16 - it hung off me like a sack. I think both those people were more deluded about *their* size than mine. The woman in your story may think that she is as small as you, rather than that you are as big as her, if that makes sense.

Dawn said...

I hear the fat clothes! When I had got to about a size 16....a friend who is all of a 24 said to me...if you like, I can give you some of my big clothes I never threw away last time I dieted? Theyre too big for me?
She must have KNOWN I am sizes smaller than she is??? - but hey some people lie best to themselves. I thanked her kindly, and declined.

gloriason said...

So sorry about that lady offering you her "too big" clothes. What an ego killer. I'm sure she meant well and didn't even think about how it might sound to you. Believe me, I can sympathize with you!

Anonymous said...

Don't you feel better when you "vent" here? I always do - you know because us bloggers understand!
Sorry for the doctor issue - Ugh. I've been through that myself and it's not easy, but horrible when it involves your own children.

Gastric Bypass Man said...

It's really difficult to lose weight, but if you want it then go for it. Focus to only one goal, fuel your determination and most of all maintain self descipline.

Kara said...

Life gets in the way. I'm working at losing 100 pounds in 365 days and am completely inspired by you. You look fantastic and you should immensely proud of what you have accomplished.

I have two kids; I'm a full time student (almost done with my degree); trying to lose weight and keep myself accountable through my blog (; and I completely understand : ) Keep at it, not just weight loss, but the daily toils of life. You have sister in this incredible, difficult, rewarding journey!

Amy said...

Whenever I need inspiration, I look at your ten pound losses, and it my motivation meter shoots off the charts!
Perhaps you should spend some time looking at where you came from instead of dwelling on where you wish you were. I bet your 278 pound self would be so jealous of where you are now! Inspire yourself with your own journey. You have done amazing things!

Tammy said...

One of my friends..who used to be bigger than me and is still a bit on the big side...she gave me a bunch of clothes that didn't fit her anymore since she had lost weight and thought maybe they would fit me. I'm like "what is that supposed to mean?"LOL Of course I didn't say that, but I was just thinking "wow..I must look really huge and in need of new clothes!" They were all HUGE on me, which made me feel a bit better. I just passed them on to GoodWill. It was a nice gesture on her part..but geez!;)