Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week in Review

Today's weigh in: 203 pounds. Not thrilled with that. I know why the slight jump, though, even though I was on plan with Medifast all week until Saturday. I was out yesterday for a couple of hours and while I did bring a Medifast bar, I left it in my car. We were at an 'event' that lasted half the day and I made the best of it. At my first scheduled eating time I had lunch with my daughter. There were almost no healthy options: french fries, BBQ pork, hot dogs, nachos, big fat pretzels. I chose a cheeseburger with no bun and counted that as my "Lean" portion for the day (it was just meat and cheese, a bit of tomato and lettuce and mustard). I drank water. A while later when it was time for another Medifast meal I had a sugar free, nonfat, small latte. Not at all equivalent to a Medifast meal, but I had read somewhere that a glass of skim milk was about right in the protein/carbs/calories department so that is what was in the latte and I figured it was an okay choice. My "Green" portion is what sucked the most, as there were no veggies to be found so I had a green apple. The "Green" is supposed to provide under 15g carbs; a medium green apple has about 19g. So that's that, and I am happy (that I did not even eat one French fry or donut or other carby thing available) and not so happy (that I did not plan better and bring more food with me and didn't lose weight).

Today I had my Lean for breakfast (eggs over easy) and will chop up my Green (1.5 cups of veggies) and add them to my Medifast chicken soup for dinner. I feel good, my daughter is better now that she is on antibiotics, and I have succeeded in cutting way back on my caffeine this week. Most days I had two servings of caffeine, and the most I had in one day was three. This is much better than the 6 or so per day I was having before. I want to make 2 my max for this week, and try to just have one caffeine serving a day from now on. I did have some nasty caffeine withdrawal headaches. I also just used my last packet of Splenda and won't be purchasing any more.

I am actually itching to start exercising more. Trying to figure out the logistics... I always seem to make it a bigger deal than it is, but to me the hurdles seem very real. I am already walking more, but want to get back on the bike to get my heart rate up. My bike is covered in junk right now in the exercise room and there is barely room to walk in there, so perhaps step one will be to declutter that room. And then to set up a time to exercise. I am kind of excited about it. I think it will help rev up my metabolism and get me better losses. So that is my goal for this week.

That's all for now. Enjoy your weekend!


Lisa said...

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. :)

lynna said...

I thought you did a marvelous job of staying on plan as much as you did.

(Forget decluttering... kick everything out of the way... JUMP on that bike and RIDE! I'm betting it will be such a physical and emotional rush that you will have to keep at it, and the decluttering will naturally happen fueled by the increased energy!) Best, Lynna

Kyle Gershman said...

You made the best of a very difficult situation. I'm going to Chicago next weekend for an event and I hope I can be as judicious as you in the face of Chicago's food options.

Anonymous said...

I understand how even the best plans can go awry. With my diabetes, I must plan meals, etc. So often the actions of others that are beyond my control cause my plans to go awry.

Then 20/20 hindsight points out how my plan was insufficient and I could have done this or that. sigh.

You did well working with what was before you. Good job!

Lori said...

Good for you for making the best of a difficult situation. I know how frustrating it is though to make the best possible choices from some not so good options. It seems like weight should be lost anyway. You know, when you skip the fries. That is what makes this so hard IMO.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Sometimes I think the best way to start something new is just to start. Figure out the logistics as you go. Of course, that's about the time things start going to hell and I have no backup plan, but hey, it sounded good!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, congratulations for sticking with blogging even through tough times. The way some people publicize their journey you would think that weight loss is a one way street. It isn't - it is fucking hard. Hearing you go through the struggles is nice acknowledgment of that difficulty.

Diandra said...

Decluttering the room sounds like a good idea. If that doesn't help, maybe put the bike somewhere you will see it regularly, living room or such. Yes, I know, it doesn't look that great, but if it works... (I keep my dumbbells in the livingroom and my sports shoes at the front of the shoe line in the bedroom. Helps. ^^ )

Good luck with your next week! And - have you considered trying decaf?

MizFit said...

GREAT plan.
whats on task today on the exercise front. Im with lynna.
no decluttering--just do it :-)

Dinahsoar said...

Instead of going for focused exercise, take advantage of the built in opportunities in your lifestyle. You are a stay at home mom. There is a lot of exercise available in daily housework. Mop those floors. Vacuum every day--with a dog in the house it needs it. And with a house full of people those bathrooms likely need daily cleaning too. You'll burn a lot of calories doing those tasks, along with cooking and laundry. And with taking the dog out for walks on top of that should yield plenty of daily exercise. Add in lifting your weights about 10 minutes every other day and no need to look for extra stuff to do for exercise.

If you're already doing all of the above you should be covered in the exercise category.

Dinahsoar said...

One more thought--you don't need to declutter the exercise room to ride your exercise bike. Pick up the crap on it, deposit it somewhere else--in a basket, on the floor, whatever, because it obviously doesn't matter where the stuff ends up--if it did it wouldn't be on the bike--and start riding. Easy peasy.

Thinking you must declutter the room first is what Flylady says is perfectionism at work, and that will lead to failure.

So, take one minute and shove the junk off the bike.

Lyn said...


Oh yes, I do a lot of housework too. My kids all have chores and help. We don't have much carpet so vacuuming is a three minute thing for me, and most of the housework is not very labor intensive (meaning it doesn't take that long if I stay on top of it, and doesn't get my heart rate up much). Now raking is another story! When I start raking, which will be soon, I won't need to bike too. It is a heck of a workout! I need to get my heart rate up and blood flowing and I kind of miss the biking actually.

othentiq said...

You're very strong person and such an inspiration. Keep going strong, you're a winner!

I'm starting my water fast tomorrow and i'm detailing it all on my page:

Anonymous said...

One concern is that you'll be exercising on top of very, very low calories- everything I've read says that might have the opposite effect from what you want, because your body may cling to those calories. Eating 800-900 calories a day and exercising on top of that is pretty intense for your body. Just be careful!

Lyn said...


I appreciate the well wishes, but deleted your comment due to it being a personal attack on another commenter.

Thanks you guys for caring about me. I had an interesting couple of days here and did not get online much AT ALL but it was very nice to see you all thinking about me when I got back! Will be making a post shortly.