Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Ruminations

I made it through yesterday okay. I am not sure why, but every time I eat sugary junk after having been low carbing for awhile, it is harder to withdraw from sugar again. Every time the headaches are worse, and I feel worse. It was bad enough yesterday that I considered going to the doctor, but this morning things are better. Not completely better, but better enough. I had a migraine with nausea all day yesterday and into the night, even with pain medicine. This morning, I ate my breakfast and the headache faded. I didn't even take anything for it, and it is very mild and tolerable right now. I do not want to feel that icky again. In fact last night I found an orphaned candy bar from Halloween in the cabinet, but the knowledge that eating it would literally *pain* me made it about as appealing as a bowlful of worms.

I weighed this morning after not weighing for several days. I was taken aback to see 209 pounds again. I'd gotten down to 202 but once again ate sugary stuff and in just a few days managed to bloat back to 209. Hopefully that water will drop off as quickly as it came on. It's still frustrating.

Last night we had tacos for dinner. That's a good meal for everyone at my house. The big strapping teenage boys pile the lean ground beef/turkey mixture onto their Carb Balance tortillas with refried beans and cheese and salsa and lettuce; the little one who has issues with eating (most) meat enjoys her tortilla with lots of beans and cheese, and I put my 5 ounces of taco meat over a big salad of Romaine, baby spinach, tomatoes, and salsa with light Ranch dressing. Everyone's happy.

I am still doing Medifast because it is the simplest way I know to stabilize my blood sugar. Yes, I could (and will, in time) create meals from whole foods to do this, but that has not worked very well for me in the recent past. I have a hard time with the "figuring out what to eat" part of that puzzle. Right now my goal is to get a grip, get off sugar, stay on plan, get to the Transition program and THAT will help me figure out the whole foods maintenance part. Medifast is coming out with some new foods soon, and there will be a Medifast giveaway on my blog this week. So if you have been thinking about trying it, or if you are already on it, you might like to enter the giveaway once it's posted.

My clothes fit but are too tight. Not ALL of them, but many. My arms are too big for my sleeves. I can wear the long sleeved shirts but they are so, so snug that it is binding and uncomfortable. I have been wearing tee shirts with a light jacket over them to stay warm. All the extra fat has obviously gone to my arms and waist. I am *very* glad I am aware of that, though. It might sound silly, but there was a time when I would try on a shirt and if it was too tight I'd just shove it in a box somewhere and get out a bigger shirt. I didn't want to acknowledge my weight gain. That's how I gained 80 pounds in less than a year. This time, I lay the tight shirt out where I have to see it and think about it every day, and I don't get out any bigger shirts because I don't have any. I literally cannot afford to get any bigger. It's better this way. Just another motivation to stay on plan.

That's all for now. Enjoy your day!

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with its products for my personal use for free. I am not paid or compensated in any other way for mentioning their products. Medifast states an "average weight loss of up to 2 to 5 pounds a week."*


Princess Dieter said...

Figuring out an eating plan can be daunting. I went to a dietitian in January with my parameters (I wanted to eat 1200 cals, lower my carbs, still get well-rounded nutrition, etc) and the plan she put me on worked very well. When I cut out gluten, felt even better.

However, I'm now trying to figure out how to guinea-pig myself on a metabolism-healing regimen. It's tough. So far, I can't figure out a plan less than 2200, and I've eaten at that higher caloric levvel (no junk at all, much more protein) for the majority of this last week and saw the scale go up 1/2 pound since midweek. Not a lot, and some probably is necessary in the refeeding process, but it's terrifying. tERRIFYING.

I'm experimenting with the "don't count calories, follow the healing plan" thing, but I honestly don't know if I can follow-through. I'm so used to eating 1400, a bit less, a bit more, but 1500 tops, that going over is making me overthink and overthink.

I will probably sit down and try to plan a way to get the necessary combo of nutrients and ratios and only raise calories gradually....that will take time and thought.

But just to say, yes, it's hard. hard. hard....but we'll find a way.

Diandra said...

While on Medifast, take some time to read up on body chemistry and all the weird stuff that's in our food (even the natural stuff). It may help you learn how to balance your body in a way that leaves you feeling perfectly healthy and energetic.

lisa~sunshine said...

THe taco dinner does look like it fits well for the family.. mine too..

Great advise from both of the upper posts.. Princess Dieter is going through something with the metabolism healing that i Have seen over at Leigh Peele's site.. she has a book out on correcting metabolism and has helped a lot of ladies..
I'm actually doing what the second poster recommended to you.. I think there is what is healthy.. and then what is healthy for each of us since we are all different and our bodies like different macros and different things.. Right now I looking into chicory root/inulin because it's a natural fiber in a lot of snack bars.. I find higher fiber diets work for me... I can't eat oatmeal without fiber.. weird I know since oatmeal is a whole grain but really.. whole grains don't work for me well..
So I do see how medifast would be easier for you now.. the learning of how to do things and how to eat will take you time.. but you will get there.. we all will..

Princess Dieter said...

Just thought about you. When I got on the scale for my official weigh-in for my blog, it was 178.0. I thought of Lyn, reaching 100 lbs lost. And how we were all so fricken excited for you and your cool pics, etc. How you inspired were one of my main inspirations to get cracking last year and really lose it. YOU. So, thank you.

Now we get to cheer you on as you win this fight at last.

You'll be there again. You will surpass that. You will heal. I believe it. For both of us.

Happy Sunday....

Princess Dieter said...

Lisa Sunshine, thanks for the heads up. I'm gonna go look up Leigh Peele. I believe in constantly learning,always adapting, always growing. THANKS.

Mrs. Chupchake said...

We find tacos a good and easy meal to prepare in our household too. Making a taco salad is a yummy idea.

Cliche as it sounds, I had a thought during church this morning. We were celebrating the harvest and I rememebered that I have failed to be thankful for food and drink. I've been just dumping it all down the gullet without a care. Shame on me.

I'm glad your headache faded Lyn.

Lyn said...

Thank you so much you guys. It brings tears to my eyes that I somehow inspired you. Thank you for sharing that. And now you are inspiring me, to keep going.

Forty Pound Sack said...

SO glad you're feeling better. Hoping you have a good week, and feel stronger every day ~

Anonymous said...

Lyn...I have read your blog daily for many years. You have inspired me in your successes and struggles. It is far easier for we chronic weight strugglers to stick our heads in the sand, but you do not. There were many days when I was so ashamed of myself for not "just doing it", and I came to your blog and felt like I was ok after all. Dieting is hard, it is a constant up and down struggle, at least for most of the people I know, and myself. You are awesome, and you will achieve success because you are healing yourself from the inside out and doing the hard work needed. Never hesitate to tell the truth, regardless of the sometimes snippy comments from others. Just know that you truly inspire MANY people, myself especially, and we love and care about you.


Erika said...

You are a huge inspiration to me as well, Lyn! Ditto to all the posters here :-)

Even though I'm a long-time reader, I can't quite recall when you weighed in at your lowest. Was it this year? What if this is just the "Year that Sucked?" We all have those, and down the line they don't seem so awful. You and your kids have had lots of colds, that certainly doesn't help for weight-loss. And there have certainly been some stressful and trying times, and a lot of figuring out what kind of plan works for you. You may have a binge now and again, but you're maintaining a 70 pound weight loss. That is not something to sneeze at!

Lyn said...


My low weight (175) was last October (2010). This year I was mostly in the 185-189 range with some bounces up 15 pounds. I try to remember that back in 2008 I stalled in the 220s for a year and a half before losing a big chunk of weight again. Maybe my body just needs to reset before getting down another 40 or so. Let's hope so. Thank you for the encouragement!

Kim said...

Congrats on staying in the fight. You know you picked a perfect name for your blog. Because some if not all of us are living to Escape from Obesity. Sending a round of applause your way today.

Anonymous said...

I want to put in a plug for calling the doctor anyway. Unless you're bingeing on sugar, like an entire cup of it, you're having an extreme reaction that -sounds- from the outside like it could be a sign of medical dysfunction. Are you doing finger pricks to see what your blood sugar is? Is it possible that you're having an allergic reaction to something else that you eat with the sugar? Could you be gluten intolerant/ celiac? I am not a doctor, or your mother, but I am concerned.

Theresa said...

Love the new rules bar at the top. :)

For what it's worth Lyn, I have been on again off again with MF and have successfully lost 55 then gained 25 back. I then started the on again off again with MF. THEN I decided to do a bit of in between healing. I allowed myself small portions of healthy foods and not so healthy foods. SMALL bits. Now I feel like I can properly go back to MF. It was the swing back and forth from SO good to SO bad that messed me up so much.

As so many other posters have said......... you have been MY inspiration and I've followed your blog forever. One day when I found your site I read all the old posts till dawn came and my eyes burned. I admire each and every day of your posts. Hugs and all the support for you on the journey.
take good care.

Lyn said...


I am due for a checkup soon. The headaches have gone on for years though, in fact, a few years ago I had a battery of tests including an MRI to try and figure the headaches out. They never found anything. My mother suffered the same way with migraines all her life and went to many doctors and never found an answer. The only thing that has ever eradicated my headaches was being on Medifast. I went for months headache-free. That's why I am pretty sure they are related to blood sugar stability.

FITNESS! said...

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