Friday, November 11, 2011


There's no school today, so I am spending some fun time with my daughter. She is still getting over her sinus infection but feeling well enough to be out and about. She just tires more easily, so I keep the outings short.

I am back in that place where I went off plan for a meal, ate some sugar, and am suffering the resultant joint pain and headaches. You know, maybe I am a hard head, but I think I am *finally* in a place where I can say "this just sucks and is not worth it anymore, and I can truly see giving up sugar for the rest of my life. I value my health more than that temporary sweet fix." I have thought it before but my heart wasn't in it. I was mourning the "loss" of sugary goodies, but at this point, I am so over it. The pain is not worth it at all. Sugar just affects me too negatively. I may have a square of extra dark chocolate once in awhile (later, in maintenance) but the rest of it? No thanks.

New motivation: There was this really pretty suede winter coat in a catalog. I've been wanting a coat like that for some time. I thought about buying it but wasn't sure what size to get, plus it was $100. Well, last week it went on sale, more than half off, so I went ahead and ordered it in a Medium. It came 2 days ago. I tried it on. It fits *except* it is about one inch away from buttoning! I won't wear it until it can button; it reminds me of those days when the only winter coat I had, a 3X, was too tight to zip, and I walked around with it hanging open, freezing all winter. Not doing that again! I think if I lost 15 pounds it would fit perfectly. Hopefully I can get that done before winter's over.

That's all for now. Catch you later.


Forty Pound Sack said...

Hang that pretty coat where you can see it and try it on regularly. You'll be zipped in and snug in no time ~

Princess Dieter said...

Been saying sugar is your poison. Good for you vowing to ditch it.

And you don't even have to make the exception for dark chocolate. Just buy a 12 pack of Chocoperfection and enjoy a square every night NOw if you feel like it. No sugar.

I bought a 12 pack back in early spring (I only buy when weather is cool or it's expensive for cool shipping) and I still have more than half of the bars. I have it there for when I get the choco-must-have urge, have my square or two (5 per bar), with some coffee usually to feel like I'm at a cafe or something...and I'm done.

You can also get sugar free chocolate chips from Nevada Manna for a tablespoon treat or to melt over strawberries or bananas in the nuker.

It's workable. (Just stay away from the maltitol ones. Oh man. Belly aches and diarrhea)

Sugar is not necessary. Starches are not even strictly necessary, though can be nutritious as a treat--I do love a cinamonny sweet tater on occasion. Even with raw organic honey in a small dose. Yep, it's a sugar, but the pollens and micronutrients make it a more positive sugar in constrained doses. :D

Keep to the vow. The hardheadedness needed to pass. Let it pass for good.

Say goodbye to sugar and move on...and be fit and well.

Hope you fit the coat in good time.

Diandra said...

Okay, you go, girl! I have got this cute summer dress I found really cheap on ebay, which finally zips shut, but I still want to make it fit better, and I have until next summer to make that happen... ^^

Anonymous said...

You'll get there. Maintaining a 130 lb loss (plus or minus 3-5, depending on TOM), and life is great. I enjoy dark chocolate several times a week, the sugar content is very low. But other sweets are not worth the trouble. Fresh berries and cream are delicious. I never feel deprived. You'll find whatever feels right for your individual preferences and needs...sometimes it takes awhile to sort out. Good luck!

Becca said...

Sugar is my down fall as well. I always say I'm going to remember the crappy feeling when I've had too much and not do it again, but then I do. Someday I hope to have a normal relationship with it, and to enjoy it in moderation.

I hope you stick to your goals, and are able to keep going having this behind you. Stay strong Lyn!

Kim said...

Lyn, I also have a coat it is red. I purchased it from Ashley Stewart clothing store. It is a one (x) and that coat has not seen the light of day in 2 years. Therefore, after reading your post; I pulled my coat out of the closet once again. It does not fit now, but I am not giving up hope. Moreover, I know you will not either that is what keeps me coming back to your blog; your will to escape from Obesity.

LHA said...

Sometimes I think sugar is just plain evil!! I can say that for myself, the way I grew up eating and drinking SO MUCH sugar just set me up for a lifetime of wanting it. I totally understand both its lure and its bad effects. Good luck in leaving it behind. I am trying to keep it to a bare minimum or leave it off entirely myself. Fingers are crossed for both of us!