Thursday, November 3, 2011

No Pants

Okay, so the caffeine thing is going well. Again I limited myself to 2 cups of coffee and no other caffeinated drinks today. The sleeping is still not going so well, but there's not much I can do about that. My boys are feeling better and back in school but my daughter has missed 3 days this week and will be staying home tomorrow, too. We went to the doctor today and got some medicine, so hopefully she will be better by Monday and able to go back to school. She wakes up in the night crying a lot because her head hurts and her nose is stuffed and she is coughing. I've been letting her in my bed in the middle of the night to comfort her, and then she coughs most of the night, keeping me awake. I am over my cold so I am thankful for that.

As the weather turned quite cold recently, I've started to dig out some warmer clothes to wear. I had three pairs of capri jeans I wore over the summer that varied from super loose to uncomfortably tight depending on where I was with my weight, but now that it is too cold for shorts and capris I put them away and went to get out the jeans. And I found... one pair. ONE pair of jeans that fits me. They are a size 14. The 12's and 10's I wore last October are too tight. Great. I do have some "lounge pants" I can wear around the house but I don't want to make a habit of THAT. So now I get to wear my one pair of jeans two days in a row and then throw them in the wash at night, get up in the morning to dry them, and wear them for two more days. It is so annoying to only have one pair of pants! I gave away all my bigger clothes as I outgrew them, and I am really thankful for that now. It would be much too easy to go dig out some bigger clothes to wear "just until I lose the weight" and end up growing into them. I've done that way too often in the past. Not a possibility now. Lose weight or go naked. That's where I'm at.

Thankfully I am on a path that should lead to a smaller waist and smaller pants before this one pair of jeans is threadbare. I will keep you updated.


Suzanne said...

I'm with you, only I have no shirts. I guess it's easier to wear too-big shirts than too-big pants. I'm also with you on NOT getting into the habit of hanging out in lounge pants all day. Nothing says frumpy (at least for me, I really don't care what anyone else wears, don't even notice most of the time) like sweats and workout pants as regular day clothes. Probably just because frumpy is how I feel in those kind of clothes.

Good luck getting into those 12s! I was thrilled to get into my 14s, but now I'm totally chomping at the bit to be able to wear a 12. I don't know when in my entire life I've been small enough for that. Ten would be heaven, and eight would be a single digit size! Wonder if I'll ever get there...

Diandra said...

Good luck with the pants!

LHA said...

Like a lot of us with weight/food issues, I have clothes in lots of sizes, from 14-24. My wonderful nutritionist convinced me to give away the clothes that got too big as my weight went down. Boy, was I reluctant to do that! I did though and I am glad. As my weight fluctuated upwards, like you I had nothing to wear. Because I had to have nice clothes for work every day I was forced to go out and buy a few things while I got my weight back under control and was able to work my way back down into the smaller ones. That was a very good object lesson. I don't like to waste my money, especially on clothes that I hope will be too big and unwearable within a short time. So, now I am a firm believer in getting rid of too big clothes. If I gain weight, then I will have to spend hard earned money on new ones. That is the penalty I will have to pay for not paying close attention to my diet and my health. At least this way I am not "planning to fail" with weight loss, keeping those bigger clothes for the inevitable time that I will need them again.

Good luck with your pants shortage..may it be brief!

Anonymous said...

I use a light box also - using it right now, it's given me my life back! I'd like to try the clock but was wondering if it would bother my hubby??
As to pants - wear your capris when you're at home. No lounge pants (too dangerous to snack here & there and not feel it).

Lisa said...

Good job giving the old clothes away. You're right... All you can do is try to get back in to them! :)

Lori said...

I only have one pair of jeans too. I refuse to buy more than one pair since they'll only be temporary.

I get rid of the big ones for the very same reason you mentioned.