Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Medifast Food Reviews (with Pictures) & Giveaway!

Today, Medifast came out with three new foods! Each of these foods is one meal replacement (on this plan, you eat any five meal replacements per day, plus a meal consisting of protein, vegetables, and healthy fat). Medifast sent them to me ahead of time so I could try them and review them. There's also a giveaway at the end of this post in case you'd like to try them. So, here goes!

First, we have Hearty Vegetarian Sloppy Joe. This is a nice, warming meal for fall and winter. Like most other Medifast meals, it comes in a packet and you add water and then cook it in the microwave or on the stovetop. Since the box shows it in a mug, I decided to try cooking it in a small coffee mug.


Follow the directions on the box and use a deep microwave container to avoid a biiiig mess! Anyway, once it was cooked I went ahead and spooned it into a mug to show the amount you get:

Looks like a  pretty small amount, and it is. This mug holds 8-10 ounces of water, so I am guessing this makes about 5 ounces of sloppy joe. But you know what? It is really tasty. I liked it a lot. It has a nice intense flavor, is made from soy protein (thus being vegetarian) and has little bits of onion and bell pepper in it. If you were really hungry, you might want to add some vegetables (subtracted from your Green portion), which is what I did. Here it is with 1/2 cup of sauteed peppers and tomatoes added:

Much more substantial! You could also wrap your sloppy joe in lettuce leaves to eat it as "tacos" or "wraps". It is very good, I like the texture and enjoy this very much. I like to add a teaspoon of vinegar to it to give it a little kick. Thumbs up on this one.

Next: Orange Blend naturally flavored fruit drink. This one makes me happy because its protein is derived from whey protein isolate and dried egg whites, not soy. (It does contain traces of soy in the form of soy lecithin). It's a powder you mix with water to make a drinkable meal with 90 calories, 12 g of protein, 12 g of carbs, and 4 g of fiber. The directions say to mix it in a glass, but mine didn't dissolve well using that method. So I stuck it in the mini blender instead with a couple of small ice cubes:

This drink is very similar to the Cranberry Mango Drink Medifast makes, in that it is sort of light and milky in color (not the bright orange you see on the box!) but has a tangier, orangey flavor that is bright and sunshiney. I love the taste, which is reminiscent of Tang but not as sweet. I have never found the Medifast cold drinks to be especially filling, but they are wonderful on those not-so-hungry days or when you are sick. The Tropical Punch was my choice often when I had the flu... very soothing to the throat and easy on the stomach and a good way to get that protein and nutrition in. I like this Orange drink even better than the Cran Mango or the Punch. Thumbs up!

Finally, the much awaited Chocolate Chip Soft Bake. This is a chocolate chip cookie you bake or microwave in a little tray, just like the Medifast Brownie. You mix the powder with 2 Tbsp of water to make a dough and press it down in the tray (using a wet finger makes this SO much easier). This cookie has a completely different texture than the brownie, though. It is somewhat chewy and seems to get chewier when cooked longer, and is softer when cooked a shorter time:

It's actually quite good. Maybe even better than the brownie. They did a good job with this one, I think. Not too sweet, doesn't cause cravings. You can eat it warm or let it cool (I think it is better cooled) or you can just eat the cookie dough without baking it. It is soy protein based and is a little higher on the carb side (15 g) but I think it makes a nice ending to a successful day. Thumbs up on this one too.

Would you like to try these new Medifast foods? Whether you are already on Medifast or are thinking about trying it, you can enter my giveaway to win one box of EACH of the three new Medifast foods! Each box contains 7 meals for 21 meals total. There will be FIVE winners chosen from the comments on this post. Anyone age 18 and older in the US can enter (sorry non-US-ers, Medifast's rules), but I would really like to see someone win this who really wants to use it to change their life and get healthier. Three winners will be chosen at random (using random.org's random number generator) and then two winners will be chosen by me (based on the comment you leave). To enter please leave ONE comment on this post (any additional comments by the same person will be deleted). Tell me why you would like to win! Be sure and leave me some way to contact you via your blog or email. Any comments containing spam or linking to commercial websites will be deleted. Winners will be chosen on Friday November 18th before 6pm and will be posted by the following day. Good luck!

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with the reviewed products for free. They also are providing all of the Medifast meals for this giveaway.*


hmmiller624 said...

I would LOVE to win! I've been on plan for 24 weeks, down 72 pounds and loving life. I enjoy reading your blog and have picked up some good tips and guidance along the way (cauliflower soup = A+). I'm dying to try the cookie and the sloppy joe lettuce wraps.

Anywho, whether I win or not thanks for putting your experiences and words out for us all to see. :)

icandy said...

Hi Lyn, Thank you for this chance to win the new Medifast products. I have been a long time reader of your blog. I would love to win this so I could give them to my sister to try. She is about 150 pounds over pound weight and having alot of other health issues. I have talked to her about your blog and Medifast. This could be her first steps toward optimal health.
my email is csouza4@aol.com

Forty Pound Sack said...

Please throw my name in the hat, LOL. I've tried Medifast before and did well with it, but had to stop dieting a year ago for breast cancer treatment. Since then I've had a hard time getting started again, and I'm looking for a kick start. Thanks for posting the food reviews; contest or no, I'm happy to see new options and will likely be checking them out soon.

Tiffanie said...

I'd love to win too!!! My email is tiffaniehage@gmail.com

PaperYarnGirl said...

Please enter me. I lost 40 on plan a year ago, and slowly put on 10. I'm now back on plan, but I would love to try these new items! Gmail = martig

Lori said...

Thank you for the review of the new products. I would love to try them!! I have read your blog from your very first post until now (took me days) but don't believe I have ever commented. You give me hope and inspiration!! Thanks again! My email is chibleu@gmail.com.

Emily said...

I would LOVE to win! I have lost over 20 pounds since June. But the upcoming holidays are proving themselves to be a challenge already. I love your blog and I see so much of myself in you. I, too, struggle with binge eating. I would be interested to check out these products. Thanks!

(tuba_queen5 @ yahoo.com)

Alison said...

Oh, GOODIE! I've been meaning to leave a comment, and this is the perfect time!
I'm jumping on the bandwagon with you. I've been gaining and losing the same weight for the past 9 months! We both weigh the same right now, and we both have the same goal. I'll be right along side you. (Although, as you can see... I fail a lot. And you help me get back on track.) I've done medifast, and I can testify that it works when done correctly. (That's the tricky part for me!) Maybe these new foods will help!?
Alison dquenb@gmail.com

Kristen said...

Long-time reader here. =) I don't comment very often, but I have always been curious about the whole medifast thing and would love to try a few products before making any kind of bigger commitment.

kristenldouglass at gmail dot com

Becca said...

Thank you so much for the reviews Lyn!! My Health Coach told me about the new products, but it was great to hear a third party review!

I'd love to win them because I am currently using Medifast, and am excited about their new products, but of course, don't want the hassle of buying and trying to find I might not like them and then sending them back (It'd be great if Medifast would let you buy one packet of things to try them first). Also the holdiays are approaching, and that would be 4 days worth of meals I wouldn't have to pay for, and could spend on family and friends. I really have no great reason...other than I know Medifast works, when I use it, and I use it better when I have a good variety of their foods I like.

Whether or not I win this, I will be putting in an order for the new cookies. I'm a little iffy on the others...

Anonymous said...

Please enter me in the giveaway! I'm on week 6, and starting to struggle with the taste of some foods I used to like (eggs, pancakes). I love the brownie at the end of an on plan day, so these would be great incentives!

scoper07 [at] gmail dot com, or scoper on the mymedifast board.

Amy said...

I really really would love to win :) my email: amoon102@gmail.com

But if I don't win, I still want to thank you!!! While researching different diet plans, I came across your blog and reading your posts, recipes, and tips made me believe I could be successful with the medifast plan. You are the reason I chose medifast. I have been on the plan 3 weeks and 3days now and have lost 17.2 lbs. Although I still have 111 lbs more to lose, for the first time in my life I know I will succeed.

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Elise said...

Would love, love, love to win! I've been wanting to try Medifast forever but finances have prevented it. Thanks to you and Medifast for providing this opportunity to others.

Mossy said...

Thanks for doing this and the blog- it really is inspirational for those of us just starting on this journey. Can't wait to try new foods!

I'm on medifast boards as Mossy!

Mella B. said...

I'm mellawach on the MF boards and an avid reader of your blog. Always enjoy your writing and your honesty.

I lost 105 lbs last year using MF, then this year in April went off, got back to my old habits, and gained back 45 lbs. Once I couldn't fit into any of my pants and even my elastic-waist knit skirt was getting too tight, I finally realized what was happening (how can you be oblivious as you gain 45 lbs?)

I've been back on MF for 2 wks. It was pretty dicey getting back on but I feel so much better about food, life, and my ability to keep myself from going back to my highest weight - 302 lbs. I was so miserable then...but getting below 200 made me feel invincible, which was wrong. It's how I gained back so much of the weight.

Is there a way to keep reminding myself that yes, I have a food (or at least sugar) addiction whether I'm currently fat or not, and I need to always be careful with food? It's harder than it should be.

Anyway, throwing in my hat for the new MF products. I'm not in a financial position to buy any more MF right now & am currently using my old MF stockpile.

Myungsunkim22 said...

Hi Lynn!

I would really love to be able to try the meals! I am back in college and haven't been able to place full orders of MF since I'm low on money...but they sound and look delicious! I am 23 years old and a restarter/recommitter like you and am currently 20lbs from my first goal! I will most likely go for another 10-15lbs after that!

I lost 70 lbs last year and came within 3 lbs of goal but quit because I ran out of food I enjoyed. I gained back most Of what I had lost because I didnt do T&M! I'm determined to HIT goal and successfully transition and maintain this time! I love your blog because you are so REAL. You make mistakes, fess up and move on! :)

My name on the MyMedifast site is Myungsunkim22 and my email is kmn41788@gmail.com

Have a wonderful MF'n day!


underneath the bunker said...

Thanks for hosting the contest! How fun. I'd love to try this product; I never even heard of it before starting reading your blog a few months ago, and it would be a great avenue to explore for me - especially to provide an alternative during the holidays. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,

Have been reading your blog since you joined the medifast boards. I love your honesty, but confess that I especially love your recipes!!! I would love to win one of the food items...those cookies are making me drool! LOL!!

~Jennifer22 (from mymedifast)

colleenzo said...

I'd like to win! I love anything quick to grab with a lot of protein!

401Sue said...

Lyn, they have been so supportive of you! I would love to give it a try.


marea said...

I've enjoyed your blog since starting MF in early September. I especially like the food tips and recipes- they were lifesavers!

Would love to win the free food!


amberlindemann said...


Thank you for the opportunity.

I would love to win this. I've been on plan for 45 weeks and am down 133.8 lbs. I'm in the home stretch and can't wait to start T&M!

But I would give these to my mother who is just starting the program. She has rheumatoid arthritis and I think MF will be able to really help her joint pain.


Brenda said...

Hi Lyn!

Thanks for the chance to win these products. Your reviews have always helped me with the food. If i never read them I probably would have chipped a tooth by now on the soups or gave up. I have been on Medifast since August and love my success so far. Thanks again for all your tips and recipes!

Brenda (bren227@gmail.com)

Claire said...

Hi, I've been an avid reader of your blog ever since I discovered it several months ago. Your struggles really resonate with me.

I just graduated from college in May with substantial student loan debt. I've been doing Medifast for a while now, but it's quite expensive, so some free meals would go a long way! I would definitely put the meals to good use.

Anonymous said...


It was your blog which really helped me to choose Medifast in the first place when I was researching the diet this summer.

Naturally, I would turn to you to see what the new foods were like, and I would love to try them! I stocked up a little too heavily (2 boxes upstairs and a full cupboard in the kitchen!), so I've had to stop ordering for a little while until I have more space.

I didn't want to order for just 3 boxes, which I do have room for!

For contact info (crossing my fingers!): I'm Seramine on the mymedifast boards.

2tberrys said...

I would love to win this - those cookies look Yum! I'm down 80lbs on Medifast as of this week... and your blog has helped me a lot along the journey

heather said...

I'd love to win. I've lost 70 lbs. on my own, but these last 20 are being very stubborn even though I've been doing everything technically right. Thinking maybe it's time to try lower carb, and this seems like a good place to start!

gojobisch said...

Wow you have the new products and have already previewed them. Looks like you have lots of takers!!! Please put me in the pot to win. You know I am already on MF but loosing interest so something new would be really great! Thanks.gojo@kanab.net

The Swan in.me said...

I would be interested in trying this :) Glad that you enjoyed them and I hope the winners will like it just as much. One week in LCing and this would be great grab and go stuff (sloppy joe) for work.

NavyMom said...

I would love to try those. I'm starting week four down 13 lbs and LOVE your blog. It has helped me so much and I can relate to so many things you say.

I have lots to loose 100+. My goal is 82 lbs by May when my daughter returns from deployment - I want to suprise her.

Thank you Lyn for all your insight and advise I read your blog everyday.

Redheadartgirl said...

Oh, pick me! I did Medifast in the spring. My first day consisted of the strawberry shake, blueberry oatmeal, beef stew, scrambled eggs, and the maryland crab soup. I cried. A lot.

I realize now that I picked the worst possible foods, which is why I didn't last a week. I restarted again 2 weeks ago with better food choices and I think that's really going to be the key to this. I'm down 10 pounds so far (you and I share a start weight)and I think this just might work. I hope you pick me so I can try a few new things and keep the momentum up!

TNEAL said...

First of all "Thanks Lyn" for posting your thoughts and feelings out for everyone to read. So many of us are going thru the same things, but are not posting like you. I too am on Medifast along with my husband. He has lost 38 lbs and I have lost 53 lbs. We would love to try the new products..........Thanks!


reb10379 said...

I would absolutely love to win! I am a mommy to two beautiful little girls. I lost control of my weight during during the second half of my pregnancy and then during the first months of mommyhood both times. After my first child, I worked out twice a day and was constantly weighing, chopping, planning meals. I felt great physically, but I was a mess emotionally. I had no time for family. When I discovered Medifast, I was hopeful that I could have the same results with the ability to have more time with my family.

I must say that I could not be happier with the results. I have no feelings of guilt and I feel great all around! As many people can relate to, the only downfall is the cost. Raising two small children and having to spend this amount of money on Medifast is a hard pill to swallow at times. Receiving a few free boxes of the new products would be such a treat-- a few new meals at no risk!

One last note, I also would very much for my father to try Medifast but he is very reluctant. He is overweight and has already had triple bypass surgery. This is what he needs--I know it! Giving him a few of my new products might just get him started! Although I wish I could afford to buy the whole program for him!


Maria said...

Hi Lyn! I've been reading your blog since about a year ago. Started MF last year, but got pregnant then started back up at the end of Sept this year. I started reading your blog from the VERY beginning around Sept to bring me up to date. We have soooo much in common! I've learned a lot from you...and basically, for our children, for our health, me must continue this weight battle. One day at a time, my dad used to say...

Thanks for sharing your life with us. Whether I win or not, this is the first time I comment and would like you to know just how MUCH you touch other people's lives. :)



3Lads&aLass said...

I would love to win! As a mom to four kids under 7, the biggest reason I make poor choices is that I'm rushed. After my four year old was diagnosed with Type I diabetes two years ago, my own weight loss struggles were pushed to the side while we concentrated on his health problems. Now that we're used to our "new normal", I feel like I can dedicate myself to my own goals again. We have already learned so much about healthy eating and I have made some progress. I definitely lose better when I watch my carb portions and stick to foods that are low on the glycemic index. So, healthy dinners are already a given in our house. What I need help with are the days I run around like mad and get hungry and make poor choices for myself based on convenience. I'd love to try Medifast to help with those inclinations. I work two 12-hour days with only two 15 minute breaks and I feel that Medifast would be a good match to provide easy and fast snacks and meals for me. I'd love to give it a try to help me get to my goal. Finally making myself a priority again!

Darla said...

Hey Lynn! Great review on the new MF items.

My hubs and I both have been on MF since Sep 1st and he's down 62 lbs and I'm down 38.

Thanks for the chance to win some freebies too!

shayna said...

oh pick me, pick me! This could replace my wormy strawberry bars! I'm gonna need something tasty to make it through the holidays on plan I think.

email: chanawool@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hey... I think we are twins! I am one of those that "carry it well", LOL. I just started MF one week ago and I'm learning more and more about this plan every day. So far I've been a good girl and stayed OP (I got that right). I would love to try that sloppy joe and cookie! I just got my order and need to save up a bit to buy more for next month.

email: kearl@comcast.net

SLW600 said...

Even in maintenance, I would LOVE to try these products. First let me say your reviews are so thorough and honest that it makes me want to try it and I have recently been thinking that I'd like to re-visit MF for occasional snacks during the day and I miss my MF desserts. :)

Successfulmommy99 said...

Thanks for such a great review of the new items! I always love honest opinions of the new foods when they come out.

I would truly love to win!! :) Actually, the drawing date is on my birthday! I can't think of a better gift than the gift of health with Medifast! I have been on this plan since July and have lost 39.8 lbs. Only 27 more to go! By winning these meals, I would definately be on my way to losing the last 27 lbs!
My email is amyron98@hotmail.com

jenhaus said...

Oh my goodness these look great and thank you so much for the review. I am new to Medifast so it's always great to hear reviews of the food before I buy it! My start date is 11/02/11 and I have lost 11 pounds so far. I have to have surgery so that was one of my big motivators in beginning my weight loss journey! Please enter me in your drawing, I would love to win these!!

Betsy said...

Hi Lyn,
I would love to be considered for the give away. I lost 75 pounds on MF three years ago and have since put back on 100 :( I am on day 7 and feel so much better but I am struggling every minute, new foods and winning something would really keep me motivated :)

FrauleinSteve said...

Hi Lyn! I'd love to be included in your giveaway! All three of these items sounds intriguing and I thank you for reviewing them! I know everyone's all excited about the cookie, but I'm excited that the more savory item (Sloppy Joes) are tastier! Plus...being a guy...I'm trying to cut down on soy protein, so I'm glad that the Joes are from Whey! Thanks Darlin'! Have a lovely Day! -- FrauleinSteve

jmaret said...

Thank you for your reviews, I find that we have similar likes and dislikes so you help me out a great deal when I want to venture out and find new things to try! I would simply love to win the new products, especially the sloppy joe, I'm going to put them on my new version of Revolution Rolls!

jill said...

I would love to win the new medifast meals. I have been on medifast just shy of 2 months and I am down 30 pounds. This has been a life changing couple of months for me. I have been able to really see how addicted to food I was. I love the idea of making the sloppy joes into lettuce wraps! You come up with some really creative ideas. I come to your blog daily to find inspiration as I go along my own journey.

my email is jillogan@mac.com

MSJEN said...

I lost more than 50 pounds on Medifast earlier this year. I ran into some hard times and lost my way. I ended up gaining every single pound back. I am disappointed in myself, but I am determined to get back on track. There is nothing I want more than to be healthy. I would like to win the new products as a kickstart to my new beginning. Thank you so much for your reviews and inspiration.

liz said...

I've been struggling with weight loss for years. I would like to try Medifast but the expense has stopped me. Your give away would be away to try to see if I could tolerated it. Thank you Lynn for your blog:)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the response yesterday regarding my questions on weight loss surgery. I agree that it would be a good idea for me to check out Medifast first before making such a drastic change in my life with surgery. Winning these products would give me a great way to get started on the program! I appreciate the reviews - they sound good!

Lori (loriszoo@sbcglobal.net)

chocoholic said...

OH MY GOODNESS ~ COOKIES!!!!! Now I know I have died and gone to Medifast heaven!

James said...

Having lost 85 pounds so far(18 mos.) I have been unable to lose the last 10-15 pounds the last 5 months. I would like to try the MF products to change things up and hopefully get over the last hurdle(s).

Anonymous said...

I just started Medifast last month and I like it much more then I thought I would. I had a rocky start to it, but I'm totally on track now. The cost of the program is a real concern for me and winning these would help so much with that. Plus, I would love to try these new meals!

my email is tressa305@yahoo.com

Amber C said...

I'd love a chance to win the free Medifast products! I drop by your blog often and I am always inspired. Medifast has been part of my life for the past year and has changed me for the better. My email is amblican@gmail.com

Kolaber said...

Thank you for this opportunity to try out the Medifast meals! I have been on the program since Aug 20th, and am loving life! I am at the size I was before I became pregnant with my twins in 2008!

If I were to win the new Medifast meals, of course I will be trying them out personally! But, my husband is in the Air Force and recently injured his knee. With that said, he cannot do any kind of workout, and has expressed concerns about putting on weight. He also said that he would be willing to join me on the program if he continued to not be able to excersice. These new meals are definitely things that would keep him motivated in the program!

My email address is kolaber@yahoo.com

Neva4getme said...

I'm soooo close to goal - but have been for 7 month now :( I've been considering a new plan to kick things back into gear and your Blog has me curious about Medifast! Hoping I win! :)

Helen said...

Would love to try these. I've had weight watchers foods, but have been interested in the Medifast line.

Jennifer said...

Hi Lynn :) Thanks so much for sharing your life with us..your blog continues to be an inspiration for me. I have been all the way up at 340..down now to 285 with exercising and eating better portions. I have so many of the same struggles..feeling lonely..trying to fill holes..my youngest daughter will be going off to Kindergarten and I wonder what my day to day life will look like then. I look forward to focusing on myself more but am also scared. Its all such a roller coaster. Anyway..thanks again for being strong enough to share even when you know some of the snark you'll get. I would love to give Medifast a try :) Jenn (TexasJenn27@aol.com)

Okiebelle said...

Hi Lyn,
I would really like to win this. I have been trying to get back on plan since I was derailed by personal losses and issues. Formerly, I was doing WW, but I would like to give Medifast a try to see if it helps with the sugar cravings. I am insulin resistant, and the cravings are my biggest obstacle.
Denise French
Email is: okiebelle1@yahoo.com

girlsmama said...

I am just beginning my journey to a healthy lifestyle. I need to loose about 60 - 75 pounds. I'll see how I feel at 60! I'd love a kick start. I have four beautiful daughters who need a good healthy example from their mama.

Asha said...

I would love to win this. I am a college student from a low-income home and can't afford to purchase Medifast products. I came across your blog a year ago, and in reading about your success, I have been putting away all my savings from my part time job towards being able to purchase one or two months of Medifast products, in the hope that it will at least kick-start my weight loss and boost my motivation. I rely completely on my college's dining hall for meals, and while I try to keep it healthy, it's difficult for me to avoid the vast array of temptations that are laid out for every meal, every single day (hopefully winning a few MF products will reduce the number of trips i need to make to the dining hall!). I have lost 25 lbs this year, but still need to lose another 50-- I am graduating college next summer and want so badly to be healthy before I start living in the "real world."

Hope you pick me, but even if I don't win, it's very generous of you to share you MF products with others!

-Asha (champagne_101@yahoo.com)

Annie said...

I've been following you journey for well over a year now. I am pleased with the success you have had with this meal plan. I have been on the fence about the "packaged" plans that are available. I have been doing my own weight loss program with some success. But there are times when it would be so nice not to have to do all the planning. But ... the prices are the draw back especially when you don't know if the food will taste good enough for you to continue. It would be nice to win and get a chance to see if this packaged program would be worth the price.

Anonymous said...

Please enter me :). vintageacademic at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I would love to win! I have never tried Medifast before, I am very carb sensitive when I am trying to lose weight and really have to watch what carbs I eat. I have lost 30 pounds but I am stalled at this weight but still need to lose another 50 pounds.


Anonymous said...

I really look forward to your blog each day now and am excited to know that Medifast is working to improve their diet. I was on this program years ago when they only had the shakes and it was boring. Of course I was committed and lost weight but you make it much more interesting and easier to stay on the program. I am anxious to try these new products and would love to win them for a try before ordering. Even someone else wins the product, I still look forward to your post with much excitement.
my email marysbeegarden@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Hi there. this is an excellent review. It seems as though Medifast did a great job with these new introductions.

I would love to win, because i think Medifast has changed my life for the better. i am currently down 30lbs since Aug 1st,and constantly losing. I have been struggling to lose this weight for 7 years. I had tried everything from ear stapling, to diet pills, lemon juice (beyonce diet), and even the old stand by of working out. This is the only thing that has worked. I love the foods, and I sometimes crave Medifast foods over normal foods.

My contact info is chasspt@yahoo.com

Maggie said...

I am Maggie73 from the MF site and would love to try a box of the new foods. I have a sticky situation going on right now, which you may have read on the boards...and I actually NEED some extra MF food! This plan works, if you work it! I <3 MF!!!!

Belle said...

Love your blog! I found it one day while looking for medifast tips. I have been using medifast since May 26 and have lost 57 pounds! I have about 40 more to go. I would love to win the new products, it will be nice to have something different. I'm particularly looking forward to trying the sloppy joe. Keep blogging, I can sure relate to you. gaazelea@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,

I told you this on the MF threads one time, but your blog is the reason I decided to try MF! I have lost 70 pounds and would like to lose another 25 more. MF is great, and I love the sweet foods, so I would LOVE to win the cookie box. I am a cookie monster, me love cookies, so I would be so excited to win! Your blog and your recipes have been a huge help on my MF journey, so Thank you!

MF SN - Maripos13

psyd166 said...

Thank you for your review. I would like to win to help with the expense of MF. Wishing you continued success.

SFLRaven said...

These products look really good! I am glad to see that you enjoyed them. I am considering coming back to MF to lose another 10-15 pounds, and these meals look terrific!

I am on MF as SFLRaven.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win all three of these new Medifast meals. I am in my eleventh week of Medifast and have been very successful. I feel better, I am begining to look better, and I actually like the Medifast food. Yay Medifast! This is the first time I have seen your blog and I think your before and after pictures are very inspiring and are proof that Medifast really does work when you follow the plan.

Meagan Leathers (NoJIggle)

Kim said...

I enjoyed the reviews; very useful information and was struck by the difference between the photo of the orange drink on the box and the color it was when you prepared it! I lost 40 pounds and have maintained the loss by continuing to do what worked - medifast meals that make sense combined with reasonable amounts of non plan food. Changed results only last as long as changed behavior and I would love to win the new foods to continue to be in the 5% that not only lose the weight but keep it off. Kim - tsfl client of Dan

Crystal said...


Both your blog and your posts on the MF boards have been an inspiration to me on my MF journey!

The new products all looks amazing and with the tight budget my partner and I keep, extra food will keep my on my path to success! :)

I have been on MF for 7 months and am heading into the home stretch for my last 40lbs. New products would help keep me focused and make goal that much easier to attain!


Christina said...

I would love to win. I just started MF two weeks ago tomorrow.

Chrissy said...

would I love it in a box?
Would I love it with my sox?
I do so love my Medifast food
It keeps me in a happy mood

My cookies lie over the ocean
My cookies lie over the sea
My cookies lie over the ocean
Please bring choc chip cookies to ME!!

Pretty please with a shaker cup on top


crazyreadergirl said...

Hey Lyn. I'd love to win these new Medifast products. I still have a few boxes of Medifast food leftover from my attempt at it. I lost about 10 pounds and then fell off the wagon and haven't started back again. Maybe this would be a good jump start for me to get back to it! Love your blog. So inspirational and honest!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the awesome review and pictures of the new foods. I am soooo excited to try them!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win them from you!! :)


Debbie said...

Thanks for the review! I'd love the chance to win!! I have been on MF since Sept. 1 and have lost almost 30 lbs... I have about 20 to go and am hitting a slump. Would love to try the new foods. Thanks!
deb _ barcomb @ hotmail.com (no spaces, of course!) :)

Cindy said...

Thank you so much for the great reviews on the new products. You did a great job with preparation tips and pictures. Its nice to have someone who does this and posts as it shows that you really to care about helping other people. I would like to win a box because I am in this for the long haul as I have about 110 lbs. to lose. I have lost 44 so far. It would help with my budget of affording Medifast.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lynn! I've been wanting to try Medifast food for some time. I even called them a couple of weeks ago and asked if they had sample packs. They don't. Now, here's my chance. :D

Please count me in.



Duddes02 said...


I'd love to win and try them out!!

I lost 15 lbs on medifast for my wedding last week and I'm planning on going back on to lose another 15 :)

Gloriason said...

Hi Lyn, thanks for giving us the opportunity to try Medifast. I would love to try Medifast, I have 40 more pounds to lose and this would give me a chance to see if Medifast would work for me in this continuing battle to move the scale lower.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, you are an inspiration!

My email is gloriason@aol.com

miss Wilson said...

I want to win because I have made the conscience decision to lose weight on my own after going through months of preparation for was I have decide to turn back to my old faithful and challenge myself!!. I lost 20lbs with Medifast and I know that these products will greatly aide in my goal to a healthier me!!! Please pick me

Karen Stauss said...

Here's my comment Lyn. I'd love to win. I'm experiencing a lot of success on Medifast and would love to try the new products!

email is kstauss2004@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I've gone back and forth on whether or not to try MF - I've lost 80lbs on my own (started out just over 300lbs) and am now struggling to figure out what to do next to keep losing as I face a months-long plateau. I've even gone as far as filling out a shopping cart on the MF website, then pulled back because I wasn't sure of the financial commitment. I second the people who say it'd be nice to try just a packet or so of the various meals to get a sense of whether or not the plan would be do-able before going all in!

Anyway, I'd love to have this low-stakes trial run to see if the MF plan seems like something that might work for me.

Thanks for the opportunity, and for blogging through all the ups and downs! You have a tremendous resource here for all of us committed to good health.


3d.person at gmail

emsborden said...

Wow this is really wonderful! I have been on MF for 8 weeks now and I have lost 35 pounds so far. I have tried a lot of different products and I think these 3 new products sound wonderful especially the cookie and the sloppy joe! I am so excited for us to be able to get these products. Thanks sooooo much for your reviews. I would love the opportunity to try these products. my email is svdbygrc@ptd.net.

Anonymous said...

WOW. Great reviews! I would totally love to win!! I have been on mf for over 1 year (I transistioned off over the summer) but am back to lose some regained weight. The program has completely changed my life. I have lost 66 lbs at this point. I now workout frequently and instead of worrying about why I can not do something due to my size I am embracing new experiences at every turn!! I would love to win these meals so I can keep my food supply up and try some new things. I am allergic to gluten and these would be wonderful additions to my medi program!!
mdsalvator at yahoo dot com

Karen said...

Sign me up for the give away!!!

elvisneedsboats said...

Ooh, pick me, pick me! LOL

I won't be making a new order for a couple of weeks and would love the chance to try these out!

(I'm elvisneedsboats on the mymedifast boards, too, should you need to contact me. :D)

Spaghetti Cat said...

I would love to try the new products! I used MF about a year ago, and am back on low carb. Right now I am just doing protein shakes because its all I can afford but these would be fun!

Nikki said...

Please include me in the contest too! I have also found that low-carb is by far the best way to eat for my body. The nice thing about MF is that it makes it so easy. And these new foods look and sound sooooo tasty!

Thanks for all that you do! I am always inspired by your posts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I on only one my third week of Medifast and have already lost 10 pounds and not finding it too hard to stick with! I would love to have a chance to win to try some new food to add to my rotation! All of these look really yummy! My e-mail address is dancer11rules@aol.com.

dsbride said...

I've been on this journey to lose weight for almost 2 years now and would love to win this to get to my goal. I lost 77 lbs and am about half way there and it just gets harder. I need a boost and think this will help me. I've been a long time follower of yours and you have helped me get thru the hard spots esp. when you were going thru them yourself. Here's hoping we both reach our goal, ;)

amy said...

Hi, i posted before, but didn't leave an email address -- ironmaidenjas@gmail.com thanks!!!!!

Ree said...

I would love a chance to try these products. I am working so hard but feel like I am running in place. I read your blog because it is "real" to me and it gives me hope.


Blue Moon Mom said...

Like everyone else, I'd love to win! I'm excited about the vegetarian sloppy joes because I'm considering going veggie and the only veggie soup they have is cream of tomato. This, along with the cookie and the OJ, will definitely give me more options along the journey :)


Anonymous said...

I have been reading for a long time, but have never commented. I have been trying to lose weight since August 2010 but have been at a stand still for many months now. I have researched Medifast several times over the past few years. I always feel guilty about spending money on products like Medifast unless I know that they will taste good and help my diet, so I figured this giveaway would be a good chance to try the products for free!
Thank you so much for sharing your life- I seem to be struggling with many of the same issues as you and seeing you address those issues here gives me strength.


Kaykysmom said...

I would love to try these! I have been on MF for a little over 3 months and have lost 40 lbs! I follow your blog and have taken away some good tips that you have suggested and applied them to my journey. I wish everyone the best of luck! Thank you for the opportunity to win these special treats! You can contact me at khalverson@saffordusd.com

Colleen said...

It would be fantastic to win free MF food! I have been overweight most of my life and this is the first weight loss program that I have been able to stick to. Started Sept 6 and have lost 36 lbs. and still going strong. I love this program!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the totally honest blog and reviews. I know when I read your stuff you tell it like it is!
I will probably order the new items next order but would of course enjoy trying them for free. I don't really like the Mango-Cranberry Drink that much - maybe the orange is better.
Keep up the great work! You are doing awesome.

Anonymous said...

I would love too win! I had gastric bypass surgery back in FEB 2011 and am now totally struggling with carbs. I've lost 150 pounds, but now I think the surgery has gotten me as far as it's going to and the rest is up too me. I still need to lose 70-100 pounds to be where I want to be. I'm trying to limit my carbs but having problems finding good, healthy, low carb things to eat.

Trish (patriciaolson637@comcast.net)

Bostonconor said...

I have lost over 140lbs this year. I have gone from over 440lbs in January to around 300lbs today. However I have reached a plateau and with the upcomming holidays I can feel myself slacking off and settling for what I have achieved. I think Medifast would help me get through this plateau and the holidays.


Jennie Faye said...

I am so glad to get your input! I just saw the new foods today and was wondering if I should give them a try. Count me in!

Jeimie "Angel" Ortiz said...

I'd love to win this because I really want to try the new Medifast meals. I truly enjoy reading your journey throughout weight-loss and have learned a great deal about Medifast through you. One of the BEST tips I learned from your blog was the lumpless hot cocoa and the broccoli soup chips! You're step by step pictures have allowed me to set realistic expectations and goals for my self in both weight and MF food expectations :) Thanks again for your faithful reviews and blogs. You're an inspiration!

Jeimie aka Angel


Lyn said...

***comments/entries are now closed. If you left more than one comment, only the first will be left as an entry, as per the rules stated in the post. However if you left me contact info I did save it in case you win. Winners will be posted later today.***