Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lumps and Bumps

I am in a pretty good mood today. My little girl is finally getting better (again), I don't have anywhere to be today, and I am enjoying a relaxing day at home doing a bunch of laundry and vegging out a bit.

I got up this morning and had basically nothing to wear. I mentioned this before; I have a lot of clothes that fit but are uncomfortably snug, so I don't wear them. I have one pair of jeans that fit, a few shirts and sweaters, and the rest are not loose enough for me to feel good in. Today I looked in the mirror and said, this is ridiculous. I cannot believe how huge a difference 20 pounds makes in how I look and feel. It is night and day. It is the difference between looking and feeling "normal" and looking and feeling obese. I was so confident even at 180.

Right now everything is in the laundry and I am wearing clothes that I would not be caught dead in outside the house. They show every lump and bump. I can't wait to get into something else as soon as the dryer stops. At 180 pounds, I really didn't have a lot of lumps or bumps. Amazing.

Well, the good news is I am still working at it, staying on plan and feeling better. I will get there. And that makes me feel better.

On the menu for today: probably some kind of soup or stew. It's cold outside!
Might blog again later. Going to enjoy some hot cocoa now!


BigFire said...

Good for you. I've reach my personal low again today. Guess actually keeping track of what I eat helps.

Dawn said...

I'm still losing so haven't bought much to wear as all my fat clothes are several sizes too big but i do buy a few nice things off ebay..I have found some lovely bargains as Im very careful to buy good brands. How about buying just one or two things in Thrift shops or ebay

dsbride said...

I couldn't believe you wrote about this as I am going thru the very same thing. I gained 25 lbs, not enought to fit into my 'fat' clothes but the replacement clothes are tight. I lost 7 lbs of that (again) so it's better but still not good. I'm working on it but there sure is a different feeling and maybe that's good because I don't like it and will work to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly, I suppose, since we seem to be sharing a brain, I was thinking the same thing about 20 pounds yesterday.

At 180, I felt totally normal. I still needed to lose that last 20, but my main concern then was flappy thighs and arms.

Siggghhhhh. (My thighs are no longer flappy. Nice and full and smooth. I liked flappy/droopy better, let me tell you.)

At any rate, I felt good. Lots of energy, clothes looked nice on, I didn't feel like the fat lady when I walked in the room.

Now, well, it's what you said. :(

We scoff (those of us who have had to lose more than 100 pounds_ at a 20 pound loss when we're at the beginning of this. We see it as NOTHING.

But, man, what a difference gaing that much has made. I'll never dismiss 20 pounds as nothing again, I can tell you that.

We'll get this thing--and appreciate it all the more. (Yeah, let's go with that.)


Anonymous said...

am rooting for you as always. I understand the struggle and think you are doing a great job. Jody

Forty Pound Sack said...

Hope you got to enjoy your day. Nothing like nesting when the temps start dropping ~

Dinahsoar said...

Lynn--might you be gluten sensitive? daughter has been recently diagnosed such and having done a lot of reading on the issue your issues came to mind..the joint pain, how you feel better eating low carb, plus a multitude of other issues you Gluten Free Easily the blogger--who was diagnosed at age 53--says "Incidentally, sometimes it’s being on a low-carb diet that actually helps folks realize they have gluten issues."

Not that this has anything to do with this post, but I was wondering and decided to mention it, and this was the quickest way.

I totally understand your clothes's a headache for sure.

Lyn said...


yeah, that thought has crossed my mind. Although I start getting a little panicky when I imagine having to cut out not only sugar and full fat dairy but also possibly gluten and/or grains. I guess I will figure it out at some point! I can't imagine just eating meat/vegs/fat and nothing else.

beerab said...

I feel how you feel, slipped off and gained back weight, then I've lost a few of it back but I'm still about 10 lbs heavier than my lightest and I feel like NOTHING fits right and that I'm huge :(

You can do it Lyn :)

Myungsunkim22 said...

I agree, it's amazing how much impact +/- 10, 20lbs can have on how you feel/look in clothes!! You can do this Lyn! <3

Dinahsoar said...

Lyn--you might find that if you cut out gluten i.e. wheat/barley/rye that you will be able to eat sugar and full fat products.

It wouldn't be so bad to swap one for the if you are sensitive to gluten or a true celiac, it may be a life and death matter.

Gluten damages the small intestine and continual damage over time can cause devastating illness.

Your symptoms certainly cause a red flag in my mind. Especially your joint issues.

Psoriatic arthritis and even asthma are often symtpoms of gluten allergy. As are chronic ear infections and tonsillitis.

I'm wondering if your little girl might have a gluten problem?

Doctors often miss it...people suffer for years because of misdiagnosis.

Anonymous said...

What Dinahsoar said!

I refrained, with difficulty, from adding that in my first comment because I had mentioned gluten intolerance before, but the sugar vs gluten thing was on my mind as I read your post.

Before I found out I had Celiac's, I had mentioned in a post that I always felt so much better on low carb eating (and that my hideouis shingles-like rash that I had for 7 years would go away).

I thought it wag carbs in general and sugar in specific that caused all of the aches and pains and flu-like symptoms and rash. Not so!

Someone mentioned, just like Dinah did, that it may not be the sugar/all carbs--just gluten. Turned out to be soo right.

I tested it by eating carbs as usual and just eliminating gluten. It was like a miracle happened.

(Although I didn't want to believe it, so I'd resume gluten, the rash and other symptoms would come back after a couple of weeks, I'd go off gluten, it'd all go away, I'd resume gluten... You get the idea. I was a hard sell. As we speak, it looks like I have little cigarette burns on my face because I was into the gluten last week. sigh.))

At any rate, it may not be the sugar--it may be the gluten.

Thanks, Dinah. You took the words right out of my mouth. :)