Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Little Update

The past couple of days have been crazy, as one child after another comes down sick. I am pretty much over my cold, but one son is much worse, another has just gotten sick, and my daughter was better for a day and now is sicker again. I am thinking sinus issues. So I have some kids home from school and we are going through Kleenexes like crazy. My little one is in tears because she is missing a birthday party today, too. We also have a sudden influx of ants in the house to deal with.

So today I will be spending time cooking for the sickies. I have a chicken I will roast to make Magic Chicken Soup, and will also bake some pumpkin loaf. I think I will just try to enjoy spending more down time with the kids, playing some games, reading stories, and making crafts together.

I stayed on plan over the weekend and was still 202 pounds. Yesterday my dinner was not a Lean & Green as it was not measured and contained beans. I admit sneaking a little Almond Joy from a candy basket yesterday, too. Doing fine today, the PMS is finally over and I expect to see the scale start moving again this week. I lost 7 pounds last week.

My goal is 100% on plan for November. I aim for perfection, even though I am not perfect. If I can drop ten pounds this month I will be pleased with that. I want to enter the new year well into the 180's. I have a vision of an energetic life and am working to make it happen.


Susan said...

The chicken soup recipe sounds so good. Chicken soup always makes being sick bearable:)

Have you ever re-done your Habit-a-Week Challenge? Might be good to have weekly reminders to check against current actions. All the weeks have such great tips.

Theresa said...

I really like this post where you say you will strive for 100% even though you are not perfect. I just like how you worded that.

lisa~sunshine said...

Great job Lynn... I had one too many tootsie rolls.. my favorite out of the candy dish.. but today back on plan and I'm hoping to make the best of this November.. Like you.. I would love to be well on my way to reaching my goals by the 1st of the year..
It's nice to hear you being so positive.. keep up the good work..

SG said...

same here....you are such an inspiration. i will be checking in :-)

Anonymous said...

Your quite the inspiration! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and decided to try Medifast for myself. Hang in there and I hope the kiddos feel better soon:)

Biz said...

Sorry about the sick kiddos - hopefully they recover quickly - magic soup sounds wonderful! :D

Lindsey said...

I so hear you on the sick kiddos! Mine are both sick too : ( Thank you for being such an inspiration.

becca said...

Aw, so sorry for the sickness going through the family...and a big hug for your little girl missing the party. That is a bummer!

You are doing awesome, and if you only had one almond joy for Halloween, that is quite the victory!

I started back on Medifast today too (I wasn't doing so well the past few weeks because I was adding in too many sweet things and extra foods). I know you can rock this month perfectly. Good luck!!

Princess Dieter said...

Ah, you're making me want homemade chicken soup. :)

I hope this bug goes fast. Being sick sucks, and having loved ones sick sucks, so on with the healing!

I've already given hubby the "wash hands more often, use sanitizer on your desk, doorknobs, etc". I have to remind him to use a paper towel as barrier or use sanitizer after gassing up--what with gas station self-serve pump handles being a "pass the germs" menace of grand proportions. Bleh.

I had ONE square of 72% Ghirardelli dark chocolate for Halloween (served as dessert), and still am hanging in the high 170s. Chocolate..mmmmm. (I buy sugar-free from Netrition, like chocoperfection, and buy te Marie Belle sugar free--not as yummy--so this was a true sugar indulgence.)

Happy new month to you with loads of health and joy.

dmoffett said...

The sudden death of my wife of 37 years prompted a lifestyle change that has led to a weight loss of 143 pounds in the last 20 months. After researching diet and nutrition. I've adopted a low carb/Paleo lifestyle.

Low carb, high fat, high protein. I've cut out all sugars, grains like wheat. No processed foods or fast foods.

I tell my story on my blog at: http://danmoffett.blogspot.com/

Have you read the book "Wheat Belly" ? If not read it and let me know what you think.


LHA said...

Although this may sound odd....congratulations on eating one piece of candy for Halloween. I have become convinced that when you deny yourself everything, especially on holidays or special occasions, you are at much higher risk for a binge. Not only do I indulge in small amounts of special foods at some times, but I actually enjoy eating them and savor every bite! Gone are the days for me of feeling like I needed to be afraid of certain foods or feel shame and self hatred just for eating something. It's helping me lose weight and feel better too!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for continued success on your journey. Thanks for continuing to share your story.

katie said...

"I aim for perfection" That is insane thinking.
Disordered thinking around food and weight is an eating disorder.
The elephant in your room.

Lyn said...


I aim for perfection in many things, while acknowledging I am not perfect. Nothing wrong with aiming high!

And no, my eating disorder is not an elephant in the room, as I have been talking about it for more than four years. Welcome to my blog!