Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Liquid Diet

Just got back from the dentist after several days living with a broken tooth. I now have a temporary crown on it, and will have a permanent crown in 2 weeks. I am still numb and the feeling I am starting to get back tells me I am going to be sore, so another day of mostly liquids is planned.

I've been drinking Medifast shakes, making smoothies from Greek yogurt and baby spinach, and drinking way too much coffee. I've had some milk, too. Right now I am having a sugar free caramel latte. I am tired and drained from the hour + in the dental chair. I do have a (non low carb) dinner planned for the family and if I feel up to solids I may have a serving of that (long grain & wild rice casserole). Hoping I feel up to eating some actual chicken and veggies tomorrow.


Susan said...

I hope you feel better soon! You look amazing.
If you have time, check out my friend's new blog:

Lori said...

I have 8 crowns. Yes, 8. That is not a typo. I know how bad all that work makes you feel. The temporary crowns can be almost as frustrating as the broken tooth.

You're doing a fine job of making the best of it.

Mrs. Chupchake said...

@ Lori--oh my! I have two. Good advice. Those temporary crowns can loosen very quickly.

Lyn, I hope you get your solid meal soon :) Feel better.

Mrs. Chupchake

Healthy Girl Online said...

So weird. It's like you are my "cyber twin" of the week. I chipped a back tooth on Monday chomping down on a sf candy and went to the dentist today. They put a temporary filling in and are waiting until next week to actually start work on the tooth. Feel better!

MargieK said...

I have two crowns, too. Years ago I had jaw surgery to correct an exaggerated overbite, and had my jaw wired shut for 6 weeks. So I was on a liquid diet all that time. I was told I'd lose 10 pounds (which I wanted/needed to do anyway), but quickly learned that you can get a LOT of calories through a straw, and I couldn't consume liquid to my heart's content.

I did get ensure (probably too caloric for someone wanting to lose weight). I also put things in the blender; you may want to try other things besides the yogurt-spinach smoothies (not that they aren't great, only that they might get "old" after a while). Different greens, maybe a lower GI fruit, milk (I use coconut milk and almond milk, since I try to avoid dairy), different seasonings (like cinnamon, which helps modulate blood sugar)... Still, you'll be better in no time.

Good luck!

LHA said...

As the veteran of countless crowns and root canals, I feel for you! At least the worst is over if you have the temporary on. I hope you enjoy eating again soon!

Anonymous said...

i have a well-seasoned dental care provider in my family and have also experienced the sudden breakage of a front tooth--right before leaving for a rare and much needed vacation. i continued to have nightmares, literally, even after the temporary crown was nicely in place. after talking with my family member i learned that such dreams are commonplace, yet not necessarily a sign of alarm. sometimes we dream of crumbling teeth when we are beginning an important but frightening transition in our inner lives. be well in peace. (((hugs))) --rebecca