Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting There

Yesterday was another day working on getting my carb/sugar intake under control. My goal is to stay under 100 g carbs; I did manage that yesterday although my calories were higher than usual (1620 calories, 88 g carbs). I had extra protein and fat yesterday to quell my hunger and that worked out fine. Dinner was shredded chicken breast mixed with light Ranch and hot sauce over a green salad. Today I will have chicken breast again, maybe with cooked vegetables. I roasted a pan of chicken breasts the other day to give me an easy protein source for a few days. I also have hard boiled eggs and light string cheese in the fridge.

My headache is very mild right now, so I am hopeful it will be gone in a few days. I was on my feet a lot today because I felt better and had more energy. I vacuumed, mopped, did basic cleaning, walked about 2 miles with my dog, and wandered around the playground with my daughter for awhile. I am actually a little sore in the joints from the activity, but it feels good to get moving again. I raked part of the yard yesterday, too.

I've been thinking once again about how my weight loss has not been a straight shot down. I lost a bunch of weight, stalled between 214-230 for almost 2 years, then got down to 175, and then bounced around mostly in the 180's this past year with a high of 209. I wonder if my body and mind just need time to adjust and recoup after each big loss. I hope so; if I think of the stall times as productive, it helps me stick with it and not give up. Every day I am learning, and I think I am more likely to keep the weight off this way. Sure, I'd rather just lose it and be done, but that's not what's happened. I choose to make the best of it. I figure if I keep trying, eventually things will come together again and I will get back to 175 and continue on down the scale again.

What about you? How are you doing with your weight/health journey? I love taking the time to read other blogs, but it's hard for me to stay caught up. I'd love for you to leave a little update in the comments telling me how you are doing! We're all in this together.


Melanie said...

The important thing is that you're not giving up!!! That is what I admire most about you. You keep going on regardless of difficult times. I know you can do this!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't checked in here in quite a while, but I am so proud to see that you're still working and not giving up! You give me the motivation to get back after it myself. Thanks for being willing to put it all out there.

Lexi said...

I appreciate reading a weight loss blog where the person says that it hasn't been a straight shot for them, but they're learning so much from the journey. So many of the weight loss "things" I read always seem like a rush, which makes me feel like I have to rush because that is the way it is done.

I've been on WW for almost three months and have lost 21 pounds but the last 3 1/2 weeks have been hard for me. I fell off plan and am having a hard time getting back on. I've been bouncing between the same 3 pounds. I'm sick at the moment so I'm not thinking about it much other than just not going crazy but I hope to make it through Thanksgiving unscathed and get back to work on this journey of mine.

Amanda said...

The great thing about you, Lyn, is your trendline goes down over time. And that is absolutely a positive.

I started at 200 pounds back in fall of 2006, and it's taken me five years to get to the mid-130's where I've been hovering the past 3 months or so (my goal weight is 130). I'm not the fastest at this weight loss thing, and I've had several times when the weight has climbed back up to a degree, but again, over time the trendline is going down.

You'll get there. :)

dsbride said...

Lyn, I love reading your blog. I have been on this journey for almost 2 yrs now. Lost 77 lbs and gained back about 22lbs. It's been a roller coaster ride for me too. I try so hard and then life gets in the way and I can gain 4 lbs just going out to eat one time. It takes a whole week to lose this again. I work so hard to lose it, I wonder why I do this to myself. You have kept me going and whenever I'm down, I read your blog to lift me up. Thanks for posting your true feelings, ;)

Anonymous said...

I so look forward to reading your blog, and find myself a little sad when there isn't an update! I value how you stick with it and stay's real life.

I've been on my current weight loss
journey for 15 months and I've lost 90 pounds. Of course, I thought that would happen within a year. I've lost a decent amount of weight before - 80 pounds - and then put it all on, plus about 10 more. It happened so quickly, or so it seemed. I don't think I was "thin" long enough to remember much about it. My main focus right now is to maintain this weight loss. I stall and's taken me 3 months to lose 15 pounds, but I'm trying to be okay with that. If I stay here (187 at 5'8) I would be much better off than at 280. My first goal is 180...I'm wondering if I can do that by Christmas. The way my system has been doing the weight loss, I don't think it's very realistic. If I can get to and maintain 185 over the holidays, I would feel good.

Keep it the real foods!

Barbara said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! I can definitely relate to how difficult the first few days are off sugar and off carbs. I've done almost three months on Atkins and lost 25 pounds. The first week off candy and sugar I think I probably scared my friends the way I would eye the crackers and cookies they were eating. I probably looked like a crazy woman! Then, all of a sudden it was easy and I could care less what was around me. The last week or so I've been allowing myself a taste here or a bite there and I need to stop it- there are some foods I can do that with but there are others (like french fries at Red Robin) that I take a single bite of and then its like something is unleashed- I'd gone weeks and weeks without even thinking of them and after one bite it was all I could do not to fall into my friend's plate.

I started at the same weight you did and am down to 236 as of this morning. It hasn't been linear at all- I'll lose a chunk, maintain for a while, gain a little back, and get serious again. I read your blog everyday because it inspires me and reminds me that a day or a week slip isn't the end of the world and there's no limit to the number of times we get to start over. Best wishes for a good week!

Kim said...

Just want to say, I am glad to hear you are almost there. That is Great News!

Now just a little blog check- in, I am fighting relentlessly to get stay on track. Every day brings a new challenge but I say bring it on I am not giving up.

Tony said...

Well even though I have been MIA pretty much from weight loss blogging cuz I think I got sick of hearing myself whine and complain all the time lolz about the same crap, the weight loss has been going well as of late. I initially gained back 40 pounds cuz I hated my job and tore apart some B and J's like it was thanksgiving every day. But I got that under control, and lost a majority of that sooo I'm hovering in the 170s right now...would like to see a six pack eventually.

401sue said...

Lyn! I love the rules :) OK, so as I mentioned before we are on the same crazy weight loss cycle. Don't know how it happens but we struggle with a lot of the same things. I liked what you said about keep trying, eventually things will come together again. I always go back to plan.
Hugs to you for keeping it real. I love to read KERF too, but really? is life that perfect? just sayin :)
looking forward to being back on track real soon.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say Thanks for the inspiration you have given me with your blog. By following your blog and using the recepies, I have lost 20 lbs since October 1, 2011. It helps to know that someone else struggles just as I do. The recepies and the medifast recepies are great. Sure makes Medifast more interesting.

LHA said...

Lyn, your journey has inspired me! The post that made the biggest impression on me was one you wrote a while back. It was entitled something along the lines of "How to not lose any weight for 20 months and be happy about it". It made me look at my own weight loss as not a linear thing but a work in progress where all was not lost just because you had a bad day, week or even month. Thank you for your honesty and inspiration!

This particular weight loss experience has been going on for three years. I accept the fact that it will never really be "over" but keeping my eating in control most of the time is not impossible! I have a wonderful nutritionist who has helped me every step of the way, plus a psychologist on board too. I will weigh in next week at my three year mark, and I expect it will show that I have lost a total of about 40 pounds. That may sound like a small amount, but I could easily have gained 40 pounds (or much more) and I have learned so much this time about making permanent changes in my eating, my activity level and my thinking that this weight loss seems "real" to me and I believe it will last.

I would like to thank all the people who comment on your blog also, as I have learned a lot from them. Thanks for helping me learn patience and persistence!

Beth said...

You inspire me more than I could express. You are an excellent writer and it amazes me that I have so many of the same feelings/emotions regarding to food. Afer losing 80 pounds 10 years ago and gaining almost 150 pounds back, I was reluctant to begin "the journey" again 16 months ago. Initially, it was great... I ended up losing 115 pounds. Since July, though, I have struggled and have put back almost 20 pounds. *Just* when I thought my struggle was behind me... it never really is. Most days, though, I'm in control (i.e. not binging) and, for that, I am so very thankful. Your blog gives me so much hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your journey. You are amazing!!!

Lyn said...

Wow, I am genuinely touched, guys! Thank you so much for all the support and kind words. It means so very much to me, truly. Thank you!

Becca said...

My loss hasn't been in a straight line either. It's taken me 5 yrs 7 months to lose 100lbs (just got there today). It was a downward streak for the first two years, then up & down. This year has been a decent downward trend (though that varies by month). All in all, doing good, and not giving up no matter how long it takes. I started at 316 in 2006, and am at 215.5 as of today.

I love reading your progress, so keep us posted. I hope that headache is gone very soon! (PS..what's your Thanksgiving strategy going to be?)

Lyn said...


congratulations! That is awesome! I just looked at your before and afters. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing that!

My strategy for Thanksgiving is to have turkey for my Lean, green beans with mushrooms and laughing cow light as part of my Green, mashed cauliflower (fake mashed potatoes) for another part of my green, and then I have several recipes for Medifast substitutes that I might try. Maybe I will post a picture and recipes if they turn out good!

Kristi said...

I think the plateaus are the hardest. We are creatures that want to see results after hard work. Some days I will have too much salt and jump 1.5 lbs the next day. I have to talk myself off the ledge all day! I like what you say about learning during the plateaus. That still feels like progress!

PaulaMP said...

I confess, I rarely weigh and I'm not following any real "plan". I'e lost about 29 lbs, and four inches off my waist. I have visible muscles everywhere which thrills me. Doing so much Zumba and squats has really lifted my butt, it's pretty high for a fat old lady, so I'm in a good place. I just keep plugging along ...

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for about 2-3 months now and really admire both your ongoing efforts to conquer your food demons and your writing ability.

I need to lose about 140 pounds and have been struggling for years (I am 59). I would like your opinion, since I respect your thinking process. I have been investigating gastric sleeve surgery, and just cannot decide one way or the other. I have comorbid conditions that it would help, but on the other hand I am a big stress/emotional eater and just taking away stomach hunger won't solve all my problems. Do you know anyone who has had this? What do you think about surgery (not for yourself) in my case?


Anonymous said...

In referral to the above post, I would also appreciate any input from fellow readers of Lynn's blog, as I am squarely on the fence and can't seem to get any clarity.
Thanks, Lori

Sugar said...

Reading your post, I feel like I am another you, in a different part of the world :) Sugar has been a great issue for me as well. A packet of potato chips , I can totally resist, but all sense of self control is lost at the sight of sweet stuff. Sometimes, I binge and feel really ashamed of myself. Sometimes, I let it pass and get back on track. But overall, I think I am slowly getting into the groove of understanding how my body behaves, and what is good for it. I have taken roughly a year to lose 15 kilos. I have around anotehr 20 to go.I got off the wagon in between after about 12 kilos or so. But am moving on again.
I love how open you are able to be on your blog. It has inspired me a lot :)

Lyn said...

Anonymous (Lori)~

I can't really say what anyone else should do, but I do think trying something like Medifast might be worth it before something more drastic like surgery, but that would be something your doctor would need to advise you on. I know Lisa had the sleeve done; you can read her blog here:

I wish you the best! I hope you find an answer that is best for you!

Spaghetti Cat said...

Keep on keeping on. I am back up there, 212 ish again. Getting back into low carbing- but with whatever powder I can buy locallyor at target. It seems sometimes we are randomly in sync. I just keep trying to remember that while this isn't exactly where I would like to be, where would I be if I hadn't been trying this last year.. And I am trying to start 2012 on a lighter note :)

Diandra said...

First of all, I still think your journey has been impressive and an inspiration for everyone who has been struggling on this path.

At the beginning, I tended to lose weight in chunks - every eight to ten poungs, I would hit a plateau for a few weeks to months, and then it would continue down. Funnily, the plateaus usually hit around something which I had defined as a "milestone" (80kg, 75kg, 72kg, 70kg). Ever since I got below 70kg (which is my lowest weight as an adult, every single friggin' pound has been a struggle, and I have been between 68 and 69kg for two months now. Still, not giving up. I want to be below 65kg, and hopefully closer to 60kg, in the end, but I assume things will be very, very slow around here. And I still wonder how much of this plateau-ing and struggling is mental.

PaulaMP said...

This is for anonymous: have you ever been on the 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet website? If not, go there, because there is a whole section about people who have had gastric band surgery or lapband etc. Lots of advice from those who have "been there".

Anonymous said...

After years of low-carb (strict) extreme yo-yo dieting, I finally found my way with the new Weight Watchers plan. I know that's not a very popular response around here, but with the right leader, this plan was "it" for me. I eat mostly whole foods, but I have built-in indulgences to keep me from binge-ing.

I used to think I was addicted to carbs and sugar - and I know many people truly are - but as it happens, I am not. Moderation is tough for me, but after a month or so on the program, it's working. When I need a "big" serving of something, I make a yogurt and fruit smoothie.

I still avoid sugar and empty carbs except on occasion because they do trigger cravings, but when I have them...I'm fine. They mystery is gone, if you will.

One of the women at my meeting lost over 300 lbs and is going to be on Dr. Oz on Friday. Amazing story.

So, that's my update. Down a good amount for the first month - imagine it will slow down soon but am in it for the long haul!

Love, love, love this plan. GL everyone!


MB said...

I always relate to your posts about sugar addiction and know, in my case, it is never something that can be cured but I have learned to manage it somewhat. I haven't had a serious binge in almost 2 years but I have gone overboard a few times but managed to rein it in before getting totally out of control.

I've been struggling since going back to work a couple of months ago because I don't have the time to get to the gym as much as I would like and I've been doing a bit of stress eating which is not good. I don't want to fall back into those bad habits.

I did hit my goal of losing 101 pounds in September but I haven't seen that number again since. I have stayed within 5-10 pounds of it though so I'm basically trying to maintain and deal with the stress of working again.

Stay strong and keep the faith that you will learn what you need to learn and get to where you want to be when the time is right for you.

Thank you for continuing to inspire me by never giving up the fight.

Rock on!

Karen said...

My progress is going well. The MF plan has really helped me get my HA1c and mean glucose levels down. I have no doubt that I would have had pre diabetes without having started the plan in April 2011.

I was at goal weight 2 other times at WW. But I ate too much junk. Treating processed sugar and grains (bread)like an allergen works for me.

Reading the Refuse to Regain book and blog ( Barbara Berkeley , MD has really helped for a reality and long term look at what maintenance will look like.

I don't loose linearly, but I have plateaus. Much shorter plateaus on MF. Next step is to find the next plateau and start transition. ( 54 lost, 7-10 to go)

Good luck and use your feeling good time to feel your feelings and find non food ways to deal with life. Sometimes hard to do, but such an awesome gift. Keep looking for a councelor who gets it, gets you, if needed, during that time.

Dinahsoar said...

I lost the 30 pounds I'd regained of 50 a year ago this past Feb. and am still within 1 pound of my goal. The real key to not regaining is constant vigilance. I weigh almost every day. I limit my food intake. Every 10 days or so I allow myself a day or weekend with additional calories, then on Monday I cut back to my normal. It is possible to not regain, but only if you are as serious about it as you are about losing.