Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feeling Better!

I am feeling SO much better today! My day didn't start out so great; I got very little sleep, woke up early to a sick child (AGAIN) and my old dog losing control of his bowels. That set me up for a minor headache. But after a trip to the pediatrician (we are waiting for test results now) I came home and noticed that not only is the headache gone, but my energy has returned, the cravings have subsided, and I feel really good! I am so glad. I was miserable last week and in a lot of physical pain (inflammation from the sugar, I think).

Today is Day 4 back on Medifast. I've actually been enjoying the dinners I have made: a couple days of taco salad (lean taco meat over a green salad of Romaine, spinach, salsa, and light Ranch) and a couple days of chicken breast (once in a salad, once with steamed broccoli in a light cheesy sauce). I think I'll make cabbage soup tomorrow, have devilled eggs another day this week, and tuna over cole slow another day.

Not much else to report. Hope you are all moving towards your goals. Never give up!


Lori said...

Good for you! It is great when we get in the groove. I try to remember how good it feels so that I don't go fall for the lies that candy would be good, or anything like that.

Theresa said...

good news Lyn. :)

lisa~sunshine said...

Good for you... I'm happy your feeling better and have more energy... Awesome job of getting back on board and staying away from sugar.. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder... If we KNOW that being low carb (and in my case also gluten-free) is soooo good for us, makes us feel sooo much better, so quickly, WHY do we resist it so?

No logical reason whatsoever.

I'm glad you're back on program and feeling better. I'm right behind you....I hope.


Anonymous said...

Debwillbefree is awesome. She's a saint, I think. I've read her comments for a year and she's SO right. Listen to her Lyn. Sugar is your devil. Mine, too. :-)

Miz said...

So glad your are feeling better Lyn.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're feeling better!


katie said...

If it's Strep don't forget to replace all the toothbrushes in the house.
Also want to clarify re: Imitrex, migraine med. It is NOT a pain reliever not a narcotic. It works with brain chemicals to stop migraine itself.

Steelers6 said...

I like the comment rules. I dislike profanity... (well, and disrespect/personal attacks also!) I'm thinkin' if the rules are broken then the blog monitor should DELETE said comments.

Anyway, glad you are doing better. I get what Deb Willbefree is saying; and to turn it around, if humans know that X food/beverage is NOT good for us, why do we consume it? Most of us do at some point.

This is yours from a few days ago;

"I do not want to feel that icky again. In fact last night I found an orphaned candy bar from Halloween in the cabinet, but the knowledge that eating it would literally *pain* me made it about as appealing as a bowlful of worms".

I think there might be some benefit in printing that out as a reminder! It is also GOOD that it is unappealing..keep picturing a bowl full of worms or migraine! Oddly, eventually we forget and it becomes appealing again sometimes.

I think I am actually pleased to some small degree if unhealthy things make me feel ill, y'know? I'm not 'supposed' to eat that, don't really want to be, so that is what I get! Serves me right! Ha.
Guess that makes me sound pretty wacky, but sometimes just knowing something isn't good for us isn't strong enough. I think we all know that soda pop, candy, cookies etc aren't GOOD for anyone's health/weight. Knowing we might not feel our best might be different. ?

A day at a time girl!