Monday, October 24, 2011

Plan for Today

I don't really have an explanation for what I am doing today, except to say the following:

I have had a couple of foods dancing in my head for some time. Bugging me. I am going to have them today.
My eating has been all over the place this weekend... not horrible but definitely not low carb.
I am going back on Medifast tomorrow.
This week I had purchased all the ingredients to make a delicious, healthy, (but not low carb or Medifast-friendly) soup that my family has always loved. I haven't made it in years. I want to make it today and enjoy it without trying to fit it perfectly into the Lean & Green guidelines. I am, however, going to try and make it healthier and low carb and post the recipe later if that works out.
Today I am going to get out of the house, take some walks with the dog, get some chores done. I am going to drive out to this little coffee stand in the next town over that I have wanted to try for years now. They make their own cinnamon rolls. I am going to have a sugar free latte and a cinnamon roll this morning.
I am going to have a tuna sandwich with chips and a diet Coke for lunch. Tuna sandwiches go way, way back to my childhood. My mom packed them in almost every school lunch, with chips. I do eat tuna salad often (low fat, with lots of veggies mixed in) but haven't had a sandwich in awhile.
I am going to make this fantastic soup for dinner, with lots of veggies, red wine, lean turkey sausage and tortellini in it. I am going to try splitting the batch before I add the tortellini and do something different with mine.
I will probably have some yogurt, fruit, that kind of thing for snacks.
I am eating this stuff because I feel like it. I am not trying to justify it or say it is the healthiest thing or that it will cause me to lose weight. I am just using this blog to stay accountable and aware of what I am doing. You are probably going to see more mini posts with food and activity lists for the day. And weigh ins.

I got on the scale last night. I almost never weigh at night because I am always lighter in the morning, but the number was really not a shock. I am able to grab a handful of fat on my waist now... something I just noticed yesterday... so I knew that had to weigh something. I am going back to weighing daily and posting it here. Tomorrow I will weigh and post my food/activity. This is me going back to basics. That's the plan.


Anonymous said...

I'm rooting you on!! You can do it!!

lisa~sunshine said...

Great job at facing the scale last night..
I really like your smaller steps in the right direction process.. I think posting your day and thinking before hand and giving yourself the daily goals.. is a good thing.. all thos daily goals will add up and you will be right back at it all in time.. and this way it makes it much easier to do and not over think... or feel lost..
You know I'm rooting for you...

401sue said...

It's a good plan. Small steps.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it takes to get your head in the right place to go on to the Next Level, sounds like a good plan to me.... :-)

LAF said...

Great post! Thanks for always being so relatable.

Maren said...

Great plan! I'm cheering for you! :D

Anonymous said...

:) At the risk of receiving fire from the diet vigilantes, sometimes eating the food that's been on your mind is the best thing you can do.

With the possible exception of the cinammon bun, none of the food you listed strikes me as a horrible choice. They do all seem like comfort food. Family type comfort food. The loss of your aunt may have kicked up that "I need family warmth" feeling.

As far as the cinnamon bun goes, if you're eating it out, you'll probably stop at one. And if it gets the cravings to settle down--then, good job!

Sometimes, when I get hungry for something in particular--not just the need to feed--and I refuse to eat it, I end up eating tons of other "healthy" choices, instead, trying to satisfy that spot. I end up consuming way more calories than if I had just had a bit of what I wanted.

I'm hoping that's what's working for you here.

Congrats on facing the scale. We don't need to know the number, but you do. Good job.


Siobhan said...

Lyn -- good luck. I know how you feel about wanting just one day when you can have those foods, knowing that you'll get back on track tomorrow. I believe in you and believe that you will handle it.

Morgenmuffel said...

You sound so much perkier, which is so fab! That soup does sound fantastic I look forward to seeing the recipe. Have a great day :)

Lori said...

You can do it!

I know for myself I often plan a start date because I need to gear up mentally. You needed a mental break from the whole thing. You took it and now you're ready to get back in the game. So what, if you have an indulgence or two today. What matters is you'll be right back in it tomorrow ready to do what needs to be done.

You go, girl!

Princess Dieter said...

Good for you on the accountability. I know you'll do gangbusters when you focus heartily again.

The only thing that makes me sad is that cinnamon bun. You are just soooo sensitive to sugar, that that's the kind of thing that I wish you'd say, "Take a hike, mental image."

The soup: Family traditional foods can always be rejiggered some. I think it's great you'll make it and find a way to make it Lyn-Friendly while keeping the family happy with a long-for yummy. I make it a habit to alter foods for myself,w hile hubby can have the normal-carb version. He can tolerate it so much better than I can in terms of weight/appetite/metabolism.

Wishing you a great new start. But I do hope you ditched the bun after a single bite. :D

Theresa said...

I love Princess Dieter's post to you. I couldn't add another thing to it to make it a perfect note. All the best for your new start tomorrow. I've gone back to the Medi-Boards as of today. Big gain, (in my opinion) and so I'm back at it.

Theresa said...

I understood the shock factor of an evening weigh in and the boost you will feel even in the morning if it is down a pound or what ever. For those of us who use the scale so much I completely get that.

Kylonaa said...

I just wanted to tell you you've been an inspiration to me ever since I found your blog a year ago. Even when I wasn't eating healthy and gaining I would read all your posts because I knew what you wrote about would be helpful for me when I finally got back on track.

A big problem I've had with weightloss is wondering if its worth it to lose when it would be so easy to gain it all back. You've helped me see that it is totally worth it and no matter how many times you have to start again, its worth it every time.

Hope you're having a lovely day!

LHA said...

I hope you enjoyed your food today! Eating some foods that you crave or miss or just plain want isn't a bad thing to me. The one thing I do when I plan to eat something that I know isn't particularly healthy is make sure I enjoy what I am eating and REFUSE to feel guilty or beat myself up mentally over it. That is a change I have made in the past year and it has helped me lose weight. I actually eat less of the "special" food because I enjoy it instead of hating myself the whole time I am eating it. I used to have a binge sometimes just from eating one thing off plan because it made me so ashamed and guilty. Not true any more, thankfully.

Your blog is terrific and you speak for a lot of us who are working on changing our relationship to food. As you have stated, there is no shame in detouring, stalling or trying new things. Your insights and those of your commenters are really inspiring to me, so thanks!

Anonymous said...

I don't think any good ever comes of an evening weigh-in. Mine are too variable depending on how the day went. Morning is much more consistent and meaningful, and usually a good couple/few pounds lower.

I hope things start going better for you. I do find it useful to weigh myself even if I don't intend to do anything with that information. Just to know what's going on, you know? Hang in there.

Vb said...


I get what you are saying about the time you tried "whole foods" but you didn't really pay attention to WHICH whole foods you were eating. You ate a lot of fruit- something that I suspect you need to avoid althogether given your sensitivity to sugar. Did you ever try just eating meat, vegetables, fat (all the natural fat you want!)? No whole grains. No beans. No dairy (dairy is essentially sugar). Just meat, vegetables, fat and maybe once or twice a week a piece of fruit?

I think the only way to find out what foods are really bothering you as an individual is to abstain from the major offending groups (grains, legumes, dairy, sugar) for 30 days or longer and then try adding in some dairy- pay attention to your body. Does it agree with you? So on and so forth.