Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day Two, Medifast Style

I had another good day today. This morning the scale said 206, down 3 pounds from yesterday. Today I am still sick with a head cold but it seems to be going away already. I felt worse this morning and better now. I walked the pup at least 2 miles today. I also got to kiss this cute little snout:

Look at those whiskers!! I love puppy nose!!

Anyway, here is my intake for today.

7am: coffee with 2 Tbsp sugar free creamer
8am: Medifast peach oatmeal with 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
10am: Medifast hot cocoa made with coffee
noon: Medifast peanut butter crunch bar (took it with me as I was running errands)
2pm: Medifast chili with 1/2 cup diced canned tomatoes added and a low fat string cheese
3pm: cup of coffee with sugar free creamer
6pm: Low Carb Meat Lasagna with 1/2 cup fresh cooked mushrooms added, and 1/4 cup raw cauliflower dipped in 1 tsp light Ranch dressing
8pm (planned): Medifast hot cocoa

1017 calories
110 g protein
93 g carbs
26% fat

After reading the interesting comments on my last two posts, I started a discussion in my BlogFrog community about "tough love" comments. You can check it out or join in here if you're interested.

Thanks for your support and suggestions :)


becca said...

Whoo hoo for rocking another great day. One day at a time day at a time :)

Steelers6 said...

It sounds like you had the day you were going for.

I'm sorry you are still dragging...I think practically being a single mom is hard on bodies! You do so much. I have a gf who does it too, Mom to 5. (she is currently sick too, and can't shake it. Ug.)I wonder how you ladies do it sometimes. Tipping my hat to you. And be well ladies!

Awww cute puppy nose!!

that TOPS lady said...

congrats on the loss!

Karen said...

Glad you are taking it one medifast packet at a time.

Hoping this round leads you to the work and experiences that are best for you.

Safe and happy travels to you. Love the pup photo!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day (except being sick). I wish you all the best. I love reading your blog no matter if you are losing or gaining. It is your life and you are writing your blog! I really enjoy reading it.

timothy said...

that's great! sorry about the cold, but YEAH YOU for not letting it stop you! xoxoxoxoxo

Erika said...

OH MY GOSH, when I saw your post in my reader I thought your dog's nose was some kind of vegetable or something, and I just thought "LYN WHY ARE YOU EATING THAT IT HAS HAIR!"


Anyway this looks like a great day. I'm curious, does Medifast allow for a non-medifast snack if it's celery, some broccoli, etc? Those are "free" on WW, and I didn't know if Medifast allowed for some "free" things too in the event that you were somewhere without a medifast snack, like a party? I know you are good about taking stuff with you but I was just curious!

Lyn said...


That is too funny! Thanks for the morning laugh! Maybe I will start calling her "Veggie nose!"

Yes, there is an optional snack on Medifast which includes celery, various types of nuts or nut butter in VERY limited amounts, sugar free Jello, that kind of thing (there is a list). Also we can "borrow" from our Lean & Green meal thoughout the day. So if a party has a veggie tray I can have a serving of pepper strips, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower etc and subtract that from the veggie servings from dinner. You can do that will protein too but I like to make sure I have plenty of protein left for dinner.

Anonymous said...

I tried to join your community to add to the tough love discussion, but somehow it didn't work.

My take on "tough love"? It's bs. People who believe in it say they're just telling it as it is. They believe that they know the truth and all they're doing is voicing it.

As far as I'm concerned, the only truth I know is that 2 + 2 = 4. "Eat less, move more" has been disproven by top bariatric specialists (look up Dr. Sharma, if you're interested), two people eating the same foods react completely differently weight-wise, etc. etc.

Those tough love types (in particular, the odious "king of mean", whose name I will not even mention) are the worst that humanity has to offer.

Karen said...

You are doing great!!! But whiskers???? :::shudder::: :)

Anonymous said...

Just a question...

How does the Almond Milk and String Cheese fit in with the MF plan? Are you counting them as extra snacks or what?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work - hope you feel better soon!

Lyn said...


the almond milk counted as half a condiment (1/4 c = 1/2 g carbs, 10 calories) as allowed by Nutrition Support (Medifast has registered dieticians on a message board for Medifast users to ask questions about various foods not listed on the food sheets.) Generally, 1 condiment = 1g carbs and should have fairly minimal calories. The string cheese can be part or all of the Lean for the day. Depending on your brand of low fat string cheese, you can have 4-6 sticks as your Lean portion. It is listed on the official Medifast list of "meatless lean options." Nutrition Support has also said that you can have up to 2 ounces of extra Lean protein on occasion. So you can either subtract a string cheese off your Lean or have it as extra on super hungry days (which is what I did).

Megan S said...

Wow Lyn. Just went back and read some of the comments and you are one tough cookie! When I decided how to blog I wound up going the brighter and shinier way as opposed to the weight loos struggle gut wrenching honesty way out of fear of other people's judgement. You are still my favorite blogger, for all your honesty and struggle. I am so impressed at your grace in the face of people thinking they can say whatever the hell they want to you. Jeez. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss and on sticking to the day's plan. You will beat this thing.

I just want to let you know that I will not be checking the little box to get your f/u comments delivered to my gmail.

I am a fan of straight talk, but demeaning verbal abuse is not only not helpful, it annoys w/o giving an adequate ability to respond.

Which is, of course, part of the charm for the commenter. I no longer choose to play along.

See ya next post. :)


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your posts for a long time now. I enjoy reading it and I thank you for being honest when you are having a hard time because this weight loss thing is a hard thing to do. I thought the exact thing when I saw the picture of your dog's nose at first I thought it was some kind of vegetable. As far as some of the comments you get I just don't understand why people have to be so ugly in how they comment. Some people need to take a long look in the mirror and they would see first of all they actually aren't all that pretty and they are very ugly on the inside. Something is bad wrong in someone's life to have to draw attention to themself in such a nasty way. I would never wish to be a person like that. Life is hard and we all have our struggles and it helps to be there for one another and not tear each other down even further. I wish you the best with your weight loss journey and in all the areas of life. God bless you.

donner said...

day three....keep going and you'll get there....
Something you might consider, something that my therapist would say to me, is 'how would it feel if you didn't eat that cookie/brownie/donut?' You know how you would feel if you ate it (and the feeling you'd have the next day of regret), but think about if you just waited 30 seconds before picking it up...what feelings come up? And then what if you waited 30 more seconds....and just keep checking in with yourself. Instead of grabbing and stuffing it in your face (like we all have), stop and just feel. What are you feeling? What feelings are you trying to quash? It helps me. Feelings are scary, and once they are looked at, they are easier to deal with...

/amateur psychiatrist off