Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daily Intake

I am going to be posting my daily intake and activity, weigh in, and anything I am doing to improve my health. I won't usually be posting pictures of everything I eat, but will post pictures of new recipes when I make them (new soup recipe coming soon). But for today, I took pictures.

I woke up sick today. One of my kids has been sick for a few days so I guess I have the head cold he has. I am tired and feel icky but am going ahead as planned anyway. I walked about a mile with the dog today, and then trained her for an hour, but no other exercise.

I am definitely *not* "189-ish." I am actually UP a few pounds from when I got on the scale the other night, too. I had another rapid gain. I will be writing a post about that later, about the ways I was telling myself I hadn't gained much weight, that everything was okay, that I was at least eating on plan SOME of the time, that my pants still fit, etc, so I couldn't be much past 195. Wrong. On September 25, last time I got on the scale, I weighed 189. On October 25, I weigh 209. Twenty pounds in one month.

I am doing the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan, same as before. Five Medifast meals, one homemade Lean & Green meal, and an optional snack.

Food for today:

7am: coffee with 2 Tbsp sugar free creamer
8:30am: Medifast peach oatmeal with 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

11am: Medifast hot cocoa made with coffee

1pm: Medifast chicken & wild rice soup with a glass of iced lemon green tea

3:30pm: Medifast chili cheese puffs and a Coke Zero

6pm: Low Carb Split Pea Soup (thankfully I had this in my freezer from the last pot I made!) So good. The amount in the picture is about half of what I ate (two bowls).

8:30pm: Medifast brownie topped with 1/2 Tbsp peanut butter

That's it. I also did some things to bring back good habits to improve my health. I drank 14 (or more) cups of water, had green tea (I have a goal of drinking green tea daily), and started taking my supplements again (D3, B12, C, glucosamine, chondroitin, and biotin today). I hope to get to bed at a reasonable hour, too.

Stats for today:
877 calories
93 g protein
88 g carbs
21% fat

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with its products for my personal use for free. I am not paid or compensated in any other way for mentioning their products.*


Jennneil said...

I'm pulling for you! I know that feeling of putting off getting on the scale and rationalizing about possible weight gain. I know it was hard to get on there, but you did it. You faced it and got yourself back on track!
I've never tried Medifast. You were obviously really successful on it before. I'm interested in learning more about it.
I really enjoy reading your blog. You're a hero!

Anonymous said...

Twenty pounds in a month. I could do that. I gain six pounds overnight when I eat guten. Every time and it takes two weeks to lose it.

Lyn, I have to tell you, you are the most open and honest blogger I know.

I used to post like that, but I couldn't handle the comments from people who, obviously, didn't understand. It's not that I wanted a pat on the head when I would crash and burn, it's just that punishing language or expressions of shock were not helpful to me--they just made my emotional response to my struggle worse.

You are tougher than I am. I see you pushing back, stronger and more determined.

While I simply quit posting much of my struggle, many choose to keep posting, but post in code. :) You know, the last few posts you wrote--well, in code it would go, "I need to be more consistent in my eating." (Hear, "I've been off plan more than on and I even had brownies yesterday.")

or they post, "I've been really strict in my eating lately, so I'm going to be a little more flexible for a day or two so I don't begin to feel deprived." (Hear, "I plan to go get me a cinnamon bun--and maybe even have some pizza before I'm thru.")

I hope those who are so aghast at the content of your posts have read the numerous comments of those who say that you are telling their story, too, and helping them to know thay are not alone.

Your willingness to post your weight--in the face of those punishing comments that claim to be tough love, tough love like a wife batterer shows his wife--shows enormous character. I just wanted you to know that I noticed--and admire your courage.


Okiebelle said...

GOOD FOR YOU! One day at a time. You did it today, you can do it tomorrow.

Lyn said...

Thank you so much, Jenn, Deb, Okiebelle. And Okie, I will never forget your sister. I think about Bethany and the legacy of caring she left. I hope her husband and children are doing well. I pray for them still.

Karen said...

One meal at a time. You go girl! I love those food photos, good ones. Happy and safe travels. You can do this!

Suzanne said...

You can do it, Lyn! Just never forget how amazing you are! I'm rootin' for ya. The medifast food looks yum!

Diandra said...

Increasing your vitamin E intake might help with all the germs floating around this season... research suggests that increased vitamin E uptake reduces the risk of infections, and I can say from personal experience that it helps. ^^ (I got myself some "old people activity vitamin E", since it's the only one with a higher dose.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I've just reread my post and it wasn't very clear. I think you could potentially gain weight at the beginning as your metabolism corrects itself (This happened to me but it is now gone - only extra weight left is muscle and such stuff). But once it has done that you will start losing fat and building muscle (impossible to do on 900 cals a day). More muscle = more fat burning and less bulk.


Cathy said...

Lyn, I know you are a very knowledgeable person and self aware, and not looking really for either a pat on the back or a slap of the wrist, but I also question the effectiveness of medifast. Someone else mentioned the Eat Clean books by Tosca Reno, of which I am also a fan. No icky fake products, no weird science. Just real food (and you are an awesome cook, so it would be right up your alley). Just reading her books and looking at the pictures (of beautiful food and beautiful 50 year old her) motivates me. Aside from weight, I am concerned how often you get sick. Maybe it is time to try something other than Medifast?

Erika said...

You know Lyn, for a little while there I was very anti-Medifast. But, I've never done the program and I only know one person who has (you!). When you stick with it, it works for you, so I say, DO IT! You're like me, you work best when you have a plan and set things to eat (on WW I was really diligent about planning meals).

So like everyone else is saying, one meal at a time, whether it's a Medifast meal or not. If you can control one meal at a time, it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

It looks like you had a good day yesterday friend and for that I am happy!!

Jessica Good said...

Thanks again for sharing your journey with us. I hope you know that for everyone who jumps on posts like this, there are many more who are helped by your honesty.

Jane Cartelli said...

There is a difference between meaning what we say and saying it mean. I hope you will see this comment is not picking on you personally. I want you to succeed and have no wish to attack you or hurt you in any way in this effort to be painfully honest.

I have not visited your blog in a while because I could not watch you repeating the same cycles over and over any longer. Another blogger, whom I respect, has kept encouraging you and for that reason I came back again this week to see how you were doing.

Lynn, yes, you are honest. Yes, there are many people who do the same things with food. Yes, there are some people who do not write that honestly in their blogs. Does that make any of it right? Does any of that get you measurably better?

If you keep doing what you have always done
You will keep getting what you have always got

You cannot say it has worked in the past when every single segment of 'worked has been followed by binges and yoyo gains. Yes, you lose it again but you also gain it again.

You need to look for a different definition of "works."

I want to see you succeed & be free of the yo-yo-coaster. Whatever you do, it has to be different from what you have already done because it does not work.

I wish you well and I hope you will agree that painfully honest does not equal being mean.


Anonymous said...

Does that look like 'FOOD'??

Where are the fresh vegetables? Where are the fresh fruits?

Packets of chemical food replacements, that's what I see.

What makes me sad is that your kids are seeing all this. Do you eat alongside your daughter? What is she learning?

Steelers6 said...

Hey Lyn, I appreciate your honesty.

Have a great rest of the week!

Leslie said...

I agree with Deb Willbefree (as I always do!) that you are truly courageous in your honesty. I haven't posted in awhile, but maybe I need to try the unbridled honesty thing when I return to posting. I'm struggling mightily now and determined to knock it off. I also had a rude awakening at the scale this morning - 215.4 after yesterday lamenting that I was holding around 210. Saying it in your comments already feels better. I gotta get to know that writing in my blog isn't a popularity contest - it's a place to be honest.

Like Deb, I am thinner skinned than you when it comes to criticism that is barbed and mean. But in this public forum, people are invited to comment without a list of parameters within which to stay. Thanks, and thanks for your comment yesterday!

Sounds like you had a kick ass day, btw. Awesome!

donner said...

I've been on Medifast for 15 months. I've lost 100lbs as of yesterday. I do not plan on being on this plan forever. I look forward to going thru transition and then into maintenance once I hit goal.
The reason I chose Medifast is because it works for me. I did not succeed on Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers, but others do succeed and that's great. Not all plans work for everyone.
One of the reasons I like Medifast is because I'm able to check in with their consultants each week for a weigh in, and blood pressure check. I am accountable to weighing in EVERY WEEK. I know when I've gained or lost weight and can get on track. I have hit a plateau since May and have only recently gotten past it (by incorporating my Wii Fiit on a 3x week basis).
I do not plan on being on this plan forever, no. Is it helping me lose weight? Yes. I am also not yo-yoing tho. I wish you had a location where you could check in each week, Lyn. You could really use some weekly support and not allow yourself to get so hung up on how to eat 'regular' food. I look forward to bringing 'real' food back into my diet and figuring out what works and what doesn't for me.

You can bash Medifast all you want, that's fine, but Lyn isn't using it the way it was designed - to be on it until you hit your goal weight, and then transition off of it. By running back and forth to it, it might very well have done something to her metabolism.

Losing weight is 90% mental, and 10% physical. you HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET if you're going to be successful. Otherwise, you are just spinning your wheels, going up and down, over and over.

/rant off

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the comments that say Medifast is setting you up for failure. Yes, they might have a transition plan, but everybody knows that eating under 1200 calories a day WILL wreak havoc on your metabolism. There is no doubt you are losing weight by eating less than 900 calories a day-- what I don't get is that if you are SO insistent on following such an extremely low calorie diet, why don't you get off medifast and eat 900 calories of low carb food? You say nothing else works for you in the same way, and other low carb food brings back your cravings, but at least you'll be able to eat HUGE bowls of spinach, and lettuce, and real veggies instead of processed pieces of JUNK (cheese puffs for lunch??)

When you transition off Medifast, your body is going to rebel the moment you hit 1000 calories, 1200 calories.. which is ridiculous. The average, active, healthy woman should eat about 1800 - 2000 calories a day-- do you want to live the rest of your life eating half of that just to maintain??

I'm also shocked at people who comment and say "looks like Medifast works for you"-- Would you tell someone who is likely going to regain all the weight back / someone whose weight fluctuates constantly that a program is "working" for them? What if you posted a day of eating nothing but raw veggies-- you will definitely lose weight, but would people advocate it? No! It's a very short term fix for a long term problem, and unless you have resigned yourself to eating medifast for life, I honestly think you should think about what everyone has said here.


donner said...

If ya'll wanna bash Medifast - I'm cool with that. You can bash any program you want, that's fine. What I am trying to say is, that ALL these programs work - IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MINDSET about losing weight. We all know that folks lose weight on WW, Nutrisystem, hell, they lose weight having Lap Band and Gastric Bypass surgery...They ALL work...

However, if you don't change what you eat, you will gain it back. You will.

90% mental
10% physical

What MF has done for me is to get me off the cycle of dieting for a week, or two, and then going back to my old habits. I am not eating pizza, bread, any of that. I don't need to. And I'm ok with that. And I am not tempted to eat them. At all. And once I get to where I want to be pound-wise, I will consider adding some of these foods back into my diet...
But that would be true if I used ANY of the programs I listed. What wouldn't work for ME is by doing this alone, with no accountability, with no weekly check in, with no help. I need help. I found it with Medifast. I did not find it in a room w/ 50 other women sharing their stories. I didn't find it with a giant box of food being shipped to my house. Other people find success with those programs, and that's great. This program has worked for me. I know its processed. I know its expensive. But I also know that for me, I needed an all-or-nothing solution because when left to my own choices, I would do what Lyn is doing. Lose/gain Lose/gain. Over and over.

And I really think the mental anguish of that is harder than the physical aspect. You are happy to lose and sad to gain. You feel like a failure. You are confused and upset with yourself over and over. You obsess about what you can't have, and don't want to be denied what you want. I totally get those feelings and behaviours...

I don't eat 900 calories a day. I am averaging around 1400-1500 cal a day. Which is pretty reasonable, for me. I was eating around 2500-2800 cal a day. So, yes, I am losing weight, and no I am not starving myself. I have dark chocolate, but only 1oz a day. I have peanut butter, but only a small amt, not a whole jar. I have dialed back my indulgences instead of allowing them to take over. I had to get some amt of control. I wasn't able to do it on my own. I'm happy for those of you who can accomplish that, that's super groovy, indeed. I needed help. MF has helped me.

I still think any weight loss should be done with assistance, whether its thru a physician, best friend, group, counselor, mentor, or someone who you trust. Doing this alone is hard.

Lyn said...

I do read and consider every one of your comments. I agree some of you have valid points. I have to ask though, for those who tell me to just eat whole foods/calorie count etc, do you remember/have you read my blog during the time I was stalled/losing gaining the same 20 pounds over and over for almost 2 years? It was 20 months actually. I'd lost 64 pounds and then had a 20 month period where I counted calories and focused on whole foods and exercised, and in that 20 months my net loss was zero. So to tell me to just repeat that scenario, well, it doesn't make sense to me. And just a couple months ago I tried again to just do whole foods. Here I am.

I know the reason I did not lose weight doing that before. It's because I could stay on plan MOST of the time but then I would binge a couple days a month and it was just enough to break even. No gain, no loss overall. That is why I went with Medifast and to me, it did "work" in that it got me out of that cycle/plateau. I still weigh significantly less than I did when I started Medifast. Not regaining the weight is a victory to me. The fact that I have not seen or even been close to 278 pounds in over 4 years is amazing to me. I never thought I could do it.

Anyway, thank you for the input. It takes a lot of discipline (for me) to stick to any program at least for the first week or so. Maybe this plan is not ideal... or maybe it is. My doctor is on board with it. But ideal or not, I am doing something instead of ignoring the scale and eating what I want. I am working towards better health in the best way I know how.

Anonymous said...

Becca, can you see the craziness in admitting that MF is "not meant to be sustainable"? Please, tell me how it's ever supposed to work then?

Severe calorie restriction (all MF is, with added protein and fiber for satiety) will equal weight loss. No doubt. But it won't stay off - not unless you're willing to forever eat so little (and even then, your metabolism will eventually get sluggish, making it easier to hold onto the weight or even gain at a lower range).

I know, I know, MF has "maintenance". It's interesting to me, though, how so many people posting who are pro-MF haven't yet reached the maintenance phase of the program. Congrats on losing 100lbs, but come talk to me after a year or two on the maintenance plan, and let's see where you're at. If you manage to keep it all off, having moved back to all-real foods - with no "getting back on MF for a few weeks to get back on track", I'll be impressed. Until then, though, color me skeptical.

I have to say, that "food" looks gross, and wow, is it ever sending a message that you should be able to eat junk food and still lose weight. Cheese puffs? Peanut butter brownies? What on earth are you actually learning about how to properly feed your body for health and wellness? As someone who used to watch you relish in fresh, whole foods, it's heartbreaking. You're turning away from everything healthy and natural, towards chemical garbage and don't even really see how you've become trapped in a vicious cycle.

Anonymous said...

Donner, if it's working for you that's great. The thing we're all trying to point out, though, is that it's NOT working for Lynn. Every single time she attempts to get off of it she binges and gains. MF may work while she's on it, but are you really advocating someone stick with the program if this is their experience in trying to get off it?

Lynn, I know you hit a stall. I know it lasted for ages. But you can't honestly believe - I've read your posts for a long time and know what you think about fresh food, organic beef, etc. - that for some bizarre reason you are just someone who has to eat laboratory food to be successful. Your result may have been zero loss for that time, but you also weren't gaining. I'd rather take maintenance on real food over a big loss, followed by steady regain on fake foods that take doctoring to make palatable - any day.

You've said before that you believe the key to MF was satiety. Eating high-protein, high-fiber, with minimal sugar was the magic formula. So eat that way, but do it with REAL FOOD. Can't you see? All this program is, is calorie counting (though that's done for you) combined with low carb. Seriously, I want so badly for you to try Paleo or something similar for just 4 weeks - you can't do worse than gaining 20 lbs, can you? Your body is different now, and you might just surprise yourself if you really made a commitment to follow your own version of the program.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, Lyn, I think you will gain weight - be it when you go into maintenance mode or switch diet plans or whatever. Your metabolism is completely messed up.

BUT you are not unique - I used to think that I was obviously just a person who needed less calories than others. Maybe true to a certain extent but there are limits to how low you can go.

I think you should give true low-carb a try (i.e. high fat, moderate protein e.g. Dr Eade's blog) for a few months. Accept you are going to gain (you can't not at first) until your metabolism fixes itself.

I really think it will free you - no more weighing, no more packaged foods. Just good protein, good fat, sustainable for life.


Anonymous said...

You know how to work your program. Everyone is always going to have an opinion, one way or another. Those of us who have done MF know it works.

Let's face it...almost all diets work and almost all dieters fail in maintenance. 90% of people who lose weight DO NOT KEEP IT OFF. That's staggering...it's scary....it's overwhelming...it is also true.

For me, I don't think you are going to be able to maintain your weight loss long term until you really delve into the binging. From a binger in recovery, your story is often painful for me to read. However, I will also saw if you follow MF 100% it can be a start, a step in the right direction. Because I could not binge on MF...it showed me the power of the binge and also forced me to find other coping mechanisms. I can't say I've never binged since hitting goal....but it is few and far between and I know what to do now.

For the naysayers who say no one who made goal and maintained on MF ever posts here. I lost 85 lbs, hit goal in 2008 and have maintained to date. I haven't been perfect....but I have stayed within the healthy/normal guidelines for weight loss and I am proudly part of the 10%.

Best of luck....it's possible, it's just crazy arse hard!

Much love,

Anne H said...

WOW - my ears are burning!!!
Just saying HI and I think of you often!
In a loving, kind, and good way.
I myself split the difference.
Still having one shake a day - or two....
The rest real meals....
Works every time!!

Anonymous said...

Obviously if a plan is working for you, you're going to have good feelings about it. Who can argue, if you're happy and if it's working for you?


NOTE: Lynn lost more weight on her own than with Medifast (albeit Medifast was faster, which is only to be expected). Whereas she was able to MAINTAIN her 64 pound loss from whole foods and calorie counting, she has REGAINED some of the weight lost of Medifast.

Lynn, you may have been frustrated by that long plateau, but metabolic damage takes time to heal. Your body had just lost a lot of weight, and as much as it was a struggle, it would have gotten better. If Medifast helped you over the hump, great! But it should concern you greatly that your attempts to keep re-starting this program are only leading to the scale climbing into the 200's.

Can I ask you a genuine question Lynn? If you were having to pay for all the costs associated with Medifast, would you be as inclined to keep returning to it? (I do ask in sincerity, I really would like to know)

I hate to say it, but you're not a special snowflake ;-) Your body will adjust, and you will be able to lose weight with real food if you give yourself time and stay patient. I know you had the plateau from hell, but this is a different time, and your body is in a different place. You can't use brownies and caramel lattes as the "real food" test, you have to stick to proteins, veg, fruit, low-fat dairy....all the things you know. But you have to choose to give it a proper try. Only you know if you can (or will) or not. I do hope you will, because otherwise I fear you will reach this point every single time you try to transition back to whole foods. What will be different the next time? Just something to think about.

Maggie, I wish you luck and would certainly never tell someone they're doomed to regain weight. What I will say is that, until you reach the point where you start to introduce real food as the bulk of your diet, you don't know what will happen. Respectfully, Lynn herself had countless posts during her peak with Medifast where she declared many of the same things as you have. It's not ignorance on our part to caution her against believing all the power lies within a certain program or packaged food. Ultimately, I think all anyone is trying to do is remind her that Medifast isn't a magic crutch, and - in HER case - might in fact do more harm than good in the long run.

Anonymous said...

My point was more that whatever Lyn is doing at the moment is NOT working for her. There is a reason she keeps getting on the Medifast wagon and then falling off - for Lyn I don't think it is sustainable or she would have sustained it. She has willpower, she is strong, but you can only be so strong when you are not giving your body what it needs. Your body needs food. And hers is not getting enough of it. I don't care what plan you are on (medifast, whole foods, whatever) - 900 cals a day will only slow down your metabolism and backfire (as it has). Lyn, I feel awful for you because I know how hard it is to try and try and try and just feel frustrated and like you need that cookie. But I think that that is a sign that what you are doing (in this case Medifast) is just not working for you.


Princess Dieter said...

While I don't think much of the actual "food"--processed soy and stuff with added vitamins is not my idea of actual food--I know that this is the path you want to walk right now, and I support you as an adult making your own decision.

But I agree most with those who say you need to get hold on the binge. whatever is driving that--be it emotional, carbs, a combination thereof, etc. IT MUST BE WORKED ON ABOVE ALL AND SOLVED.

I don't know if MF will give you what you want--the weight, the transition. But then, none of us know for sure what will work for us long-term. I am doing it the real food, clean food way with some indulgences (ain't giving up sweeteners for coffee/tea). It's expensive for me, but I figure there are micronutrients and things in REAL food that scientists have NOT discovered yet that isn't in fake/processed foods. I also believe heartily that the processing itself (the high heats, mechanical stuff, preservatives, storage methods) impact health. I ahve health issues, so I want to heal. I believe it's real food with its mysterious life-reviving components--did we hear about phytonutrients and omega 3s 40years ago?--has potency we can only dream of right now.

I read a lot of science studies. While different camps argue different things--and I try to keep my ears and mind open to these various camps sayings--one thing constantly emerges. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES are healing. Proten is satiating. Hence, that's the core os how I eat. What's satiating and what's gonna give me nutrients to heal.

The competing theories on modern obesity--micronutrient deficiency, hyperpalatable foods, environmental toxins, food reward, tempting environment, inflammation of the hypthalamus, glucose effect, etc--they may all end up being right. I try to find that line that allows that it's multiple causes.

What I know is that packaged "Medifast Like" stuff was an adjunct to my beginning journey last summer. I used them from reading YOUR blog. :) I found they did help satiate (protein) and reduce appetite (fewer insulin/glucose spikes).

But I segued to real food, and even if I lose achingly slow, I want to HEAL, not just get slim. HEAL.

So, do what you must. Do it faithfully and wholeheartedly, and meanwhile..please work with a therapist or counselor or expert on that binge issue. MF will still fail for you if you don't fix THAT.

I want to see you whole. All of us who've let food be our Emperor or God or Slavemaster. Let's be free... God bless...

lisa~sunshine said...

I agree with some of what people say.. I'm not about to judge anyone or to say which plan is better or which is not but for myself.. I do prefer whole foods.. I know for myself that I couldn't eat medifast brownies or chips daily.. and then expect to flip a switch and NOT eat them in maintenance daily.. Learning that I can't have chips or cheese balls.. or stuff like that has been a reality check for me.. Most importantly.. I want my kids to learn to eat healthier foods.. and I know I do this by example.. Like you.. I gave up McDonalds and fast food options.. but I also don't eat medifast brownies, diet pop and cheese puffs or show my children that this is appropriate to eat.. and I don't my daughter to grow up to have binge issues or issues with her appearance and I would be afraid I would harbor those feelings by showing that I eat diet foods all the time..

I know that you must do a diet that works for you.. I know that you do talk a lot about how different foods were inpacted by when you ate them with different people.. do you think that maybe deep down.. you want to be eating whole foods to feel good about you but also to have good expereinces for your children? What kinds of food experiences are you having with your younger child? Is this what is causing the issues for you.. because when you were little there was a great influence on NOT so good food choices.. like the white bread and tuna and chips? is it that you want a healthy life but also want to show your children a health life? If so how does medifast fit into that?

Please don't take this as a harsh statement.. I'm just curious how a binge eater who likes brownies can eat them daily for a diet and then expect themselves to NOT eat them daily for maintenance.. in that respect it feels like you are setting yourself up for failure..

Believe me.. non of this is easy.. I have lost a good deal of weight and I find it hard to believe myself that I can work a plan without being obsessed about teh detail of weighing all foods.. etc.. we all have our own issues.. and i do know you will find your way..

lisa~sunshine said...

I also posted my comment because each time you talk about a recipe I get a sense that your excited.. you seem able to adjust them to accomidate yourself but also in a way that you and your children are eating close to to the same things..
is it a happiness that you get to share with your children when in fact on medifast you don't?
is it that you want to share experiences like this with your kids because it's food related things like this that you remember from your childhood? The reason I thought about this is I thought it was best for my kids to be homeschooled but struggled because I wanted my kids to have the little holiday parties.. friends.. sleep overs.. things I enjoyed as a kid..

The last time you counted calories.. did you do them counting with lower carb? or just counting calories and not paying attention to the macro splits? it makes a big difference to reduce the carbs and sugars to control the blood sugars.. so I'm just curious..
Have you thought about getting a little fitbit to see what your average burn is.. to have a idea of how many steps you get.. to log your foods.. to weight EVERYTHING.. to keep things in check.. What method when you counted calories did you use to determine your daily totals? What number did you use to determine your daily burn to find out what calories you needed to eat? maybe you had your calories too low and your body is craving energy and that is what is causing you to binge.. is the results of eating TOO low..

Again.. to me.. it sounds like you would rather eat whole foods... and be teaching your children to eat and live a healthier life.. but maybe this is what i'm reading into..

Anonymous said...

Wow, quite the heated debate. 209 is sad, but understandable with your recent stress. Hopefully it won't continue, a 100lb loss down to a 70lb loss would make me stressed, also, it can so easily continue. I do have to say that the pea soup with a bit of ham looks very good. I would prefer to eat that twice in one day, with maybe a healthy scrambled egg and spinach breakfast for protein, and a great salad with the soup. That couldn't be a day that causes someone to gain... I would think it wouldn't be more than 1000 calories.

Good luck with turning it around, whichever way makes that work for you!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed, along with others, you get "sick" what seems to be very often. It doesn't seem normal to me. I know you say you drink a Good amount of water, but I'd make an effort to drink MORE. Pure water, not artificially sweetened things. Even when you feel lime crap(depression or otherwise), get moving physically. 30 minute walks, cleaning intensely, something. You are not that old at all, really, to be feeling sick so often. This is just really basic advice..but I know I personally drink water like a fish, always have, and I think it Is a big part of my good health and strong immune system. Keeping active is, too, with a goal of 3-5 days a week of cardio. Fast walking, jogging mixed with fast walking, swimming, long hikes, treadmill on high incline. Whatever works for you, and your joint issues. As far as eating, you really have to find your own way. For me it is fairly low carb vegetarian with a focus on fresh fruit and veggies, high protein yogurts (usually Greek), nutritional yeast (yummy and high in b vitamins), hummus, and a more limited amount of soy/beans/tvp/etc. It works for me, and has for a while, and I mostly have good amounts of raw veggies for snacks (a whole cucumber if quite snarky feeling, carrots, peppers) and large amounts
of water. Frozen Greek yogurt pops by Yasso are biggg and just 70 caps each. No HFCS. I tend to eat almost the same things everyday. With slight variations. Little to no grains, bread, etc. I don't add sugar or fake sugar to anything. Sorry so rambly, just wanted to give you some possible ideas. I have a history of eating disorders and binge eating as well, but have learned to work my way out of it over the years. You can, too, it just takes a lot of trying new things and struggle to eventually find peace.

Anonymous said...

Also: as someone with a past of bulimia, binge eating, severe calorie restriction-I know I don't do well with "party/treat/special" (that's how I view them) foods such as sweets/salty snacks. I dont think having something like a "healthy" brownie would go over well with me, I ways want to binge, binge. Binge. More. One is not enough. But maybe my eating disorder past was more extreme than yours and I'm more " fucked up" than you in a way. I was binging and purging pretty much daily for a good amount of time. Anyways, just be careful with those foods. For me at least, they equal obsessiveness and cravings. Same on peanut butter , for me personally. Some foods just seem to be really common trigger foods for people with ED pasts/issues.

LHA said...

I have just finished reading your last two posts and all the comments...whew! I have really learned a lot from reading all of it, even the hateful comments. I would like to weigh in (pun intended) with a couple of personal observations.

All of you have valid ideas, most based on your own experiences and your reading or education about food/weight issues. This just shows what a really bad epidemic of obesity and eating disorders we have today. Different things work for different people, and that is a common thread in all the posts. Everyone must follow their own path. Period.

Lyn, if you feel that it is time to return to MF right now then you are doing the right thing to try it. If this doesn't work, you will continue to try with something else because above all, you are committed to continuing to lose weight and being healthy. Your blog has proven that. The fact that you have had setbacks and mistakes does not make you a failure. What many of the commenters say is flip-flopping and bad decision making is just you..and your particular journey. Your honest statements do open you up to criticism, but they are also inspiring and helpful to many people. At least someone who has similar food issues can know they are not alone and can be inspired by your refusal to give up.

I am older than you are, and have been "dieting" since I was six years old! I have gained and lost weight too many times to remember. So, to you Lyn and to all the others out there struggling with weight issues all I can say is that when you have it "right" you will know it. I am following a path right now that is very successful and I arrived at this by trial and error and lots of false starts plus help from a wonderful nutritionist.

Thanks for a great blog and thanks to all those who comment. I have learned a lot from reading each idea. Best of luck to all!

Stacy said...

I have lost 120 pounds on Medifast and I assure you, the loss IS sustainable. That's all I'm gonna say. It works, people. It works well. No hunger. 2-5 lbs/week.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I keep thinking of more things to add-mostly things from personal experience! Anyways, it is one thing to be proud of past weight loss accomplishments, and I know you lost A LOT. The thing is to never allow yourself to grow too confident and reliant on that, because I've found that's where you tend to get too lenient with yourself. You start to stray because you feel unbreakable in a way...because you accomplished so much!!! You aren't obese anymore!! But....nothing is really permanent... You need to look at yourself as someone who is STILL nowhere near goal, still overweight, still a long ways to go and learn. Maybe it sounds too tough or mean, but I think it's necessary for longterm weight loss and keeping it off. You can't constantly think of or bring up how much of a great success you are...you do that when you are cometely finished. Until then, you keep going, and stay strict to your plan. You don't stray and try something new every few weeks. You dont grow "okay" with being 200ish lbs when 140 is your goal. You don't grow okay with 180 lbs. You see yourself as a work in progress, and you need to work just as hard and faithfully as you did when obese. I think you honestly gave up a little and got less disciplined once you reached a certain point, even though you were not at a point you truly wanted. I speak from my experience of losing 50ish lbs many years ago, gaining it back, yo yo-ing for a little while, and finally losing it all and sucessfully keeping it off for almost 7 years now. I recognize the mistakes I made along the way, the denial, etc....and I see these behaviors in you as well. You can get back to being 100% on board again. You need to honestly baby yourself with eating less (I know it isn't easy) and go back to the mentality that this is DO or DIE...there isn't time or option to keep playing games. This needs to be done and you can't grow complacent with what you've achieved so far...because you have so much more to learn and achieve. You can do it, but you have to PUSH and take it very seriously, because it is serious. You can't mess with your health and well being anymore with all the yo yo-ing

Anonymous said...

* stop babying yourself with eating...like I said...I know it's not easy... But you need to view yourself as special state of being right now...not someone that can eat "like everyone else" that's how I see it, at least.

Lyn said...


you have a good comment there but the one thing that really stood out to me was what you said about foodmemories and childhood. You're right. I have more than once gone off plan so I could have a "special treat" with my kids. And I didn't realize until now how I am trying to recreate that parent/child family/food memories connection that I had with my parents, with my children... especially my daughter. That was very insightful and helps me alot. Thank you!

lisa~sunshine said...

I'm happy you were able to see the connection Lynn... I have the SAME connections I'm trying to achieve.. I know you will get this figured out and it's worked for me to create meals in healthy way.. find ways to clean up meals as best as I can..

Honestly out of everything you listed in the photos.. your mock split pea soup looks the BEST... it has to feel like a huge achievement to be able to make this and to show your daughter positive ways to eat.. live.. and feel good about yourself.. My daughter and I have been amazed that we can make cookies with LESS sugar and they still taste good.. each time we add less.. and slowly we are adjusting how we look at foods.. and how we feel..

Of coarse it's easy for me to say all this.. but implementing it in my own life isn't always easy.. BELIEVING In myself is a hard one for me.. believing that I can eat healthy each day without doing a prepackaged plan.. I started my success using jenny craig and found out quickly I didn't want to go that route..

Whatever way you choose.. I know you will work through it.. you have HUGE success so far.. like me.. and many others here..

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love Your Blog! I'm on Day 5 and am just getting the energy back. I am a three time Medifast contender. I always had very good reasons to stop, but oh the feeling of being in control again....can't beat it. Then theres is the skinny that is coming...I can feel it. Good luck this week. Ignore the naysayers!

beerab said...

Wow Lyn what crazy responses lately!

I tried MF and thought it was okay, yes I lost weight on it, but I tired of the food quickly, just keep sticking to it girl- don't let people tell you it's not good, I got the whole speech as well, and while I personally wasn't able to stick with it, I know MANY MANY people who are able to and have hit their goals AND have maintained and are eating 1500-1800 calories a day and doing fine now.

Moderation just doesn't work for SOME people, so I'd just stay away from the junk until you hit goal. I know that sounds crazy, but it's not like that stuff is ever going away.

Good luck :)

PaulaMP said...

OK, I'm keeping this brief. I do NOT think it's ok to call another commenter in here a bitch. Maybe things could be said a little more tactfully? The second thing is I don't believe the statistics are accurate that 90% of people gain back their lost weight. All of us who visit the 3 Fat Chicks website can attest to the fact that many people DO keep off their weight. In my own experience, in real life, I think the key to not regaining is to be sure to get plenty of physical activity. I think a lot of people just exercise while they are losing and then decide to forget it once they get to whatever weight they want. It's vital to keep moving so you CAN keep moving. Spoken as a woman pushing 60 ... I'm so impressed by all the really oldies I see at the Y who are more active than most young'uns I see everywhere.

Lyn said...


agreed. The 'bitch' comment has been deleted. The commenter is free to repost without the name calling included.

Unknown said...

Hey Lyn,

It is obvious that many people here have never tried MF and funny how they all have their own fad diet to recommend. Keep up the great work and continued success, doing it the way YOU want.

Lyn said...



obviously I totally agree with you about Medifast. I was offered a lot of different "diet" programs/products for free over the last 4 years and turned them all down (including Nutrisystem). I only decided to try Medifast after doing extensive research on the program.

Mrs. Chupchake said...

I have to say I enjoyed reading this discussion. We all have different ways of navigation. For me I left weight loss blogging and found solace in Fat Acceptance/Health at Every Size (HAES). Lyn's blog is the only WL blog I still read because I appreciate and identify with inner healing from the past.

Anonymous said...

I identify with your binge experiences. I'm just trying to lose 10 lbs or so (I'm 5'9" & 152 lbs), but sweets sing out to me way too often!
I don't read any other weight loss blogs, because they don't ring true.

Tammy said...

I have to weight daily...or at least every other day. If I don't...well it's not pretty. One summer a few years ago...I wore shorts all summer...stretchy shorts. NOT a good idea. I went to put jeans on in September and I couldn't get them past my thighs!!! It was horrible. I couldn't even fit into men size 52 jeans from Wal-Mart!! I cried..I was soooo ashamed and embarrassed. I had stopped working and in like 6 months I gained 75 lbs!!! So it's way too easy to say "I'm not eating that much," or "the pants I'm wearing still fit OK." I lost around 60 lbs..but now am back up like 24 lbs!!:( I just stopped exercising and have been eating way too much..hungry all the time. But I am getting back on track..because NO WAY am I going to gain any more back. OK, got a little bit off the topic there for a minute!LOL I might help to weigh at least once a week? I'm rooting for ya!!:)