Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, so far since school started I have had very little time to sit and think or wonder what to do with my newfound hours of freedom. Life just sort of flows in and fills in all the cracks, you know? I've been working on some of my goals: decluttering at least one area of my house each day (even if it is just a cabinet or a bookshelf), taking care of tasks that have been on the to-do list for ages (like mending broken toys, filling out various paperwork, framing and hanging pictures, and pulling weeds), keeping up with the general housework and laundry, taking the dog out to the dog park for an hour each morning and doing some training in the afternoon, planning and prepping better dinners for the family, and I even got myself down to the bank to refinance my house (it is a great time to do that! I got a 3.8% interest rate!) which saves quite a bit on the house payments. I signed up my daughter for dance classes and my dog for nosework and obedience classes, and spend late evenings helping the older kids with homework. I am already getting used to the new schedule. I like it!

My eating has been okay, still not stellar. I've been having more of the same (eggs, Greek yogurt, tuna, lean meats, veggies, coconut oil, olive oil, cottage cheese, raw almonds) plus some Medifast bars or shakes here and there (about 3 a day). I still *want* sugar but am not eating it and my joint pain is much improved. Headaches are pretty much gone also. I am still eating some grains. It is hard to let go of the noodle! A lot of my family's favorite dinners involve noodles, and I just need to take the extra time to cook some zucchini or spaghetti squash for my portion. The other day I made a favorite... beef stroganoff... and oh it was divine, but I would be better off having mine over zucchini rather than the egg noodles we normally use.

Anyway, I am feeling much better and happy, although I miss my kids while they're at school I am choosing to rejoice in the freedom I have to finally tackle the many things I have wanted to do for the past 15 years or so. And I really do enjoy the wonderful peaceful quiet in the house!

Weight is still 201, no further loss after that initial 4 pounds, but will keep working at it.


lisa~sunshine said...

You really sound like you are in a better mental area.. My kids haven't went to school yet.. they start Sept 6th..

Have you tried using a julienne peeler to make carrot strips or even zucchini strips into noodles.. oh gosh they are so nice.. I love my peeler which was under $3.00 Just a thought..

Princess Dieter said...

You do sound much better. Make the effort re the "noodles". :) It should help with the sugar-wanting.

Good for you, Lyn!

Lisa said...

glad things are going well! I LOVe the idea of de-cluttering one thing per day. I might want to copy you... :)

lisa~sunshine said...

Well.. I keep reading what I wrote and I hope it doesn't sound like I think your mental.. lol.. I don't.. I just think you sound more positive and like you can get going with what you need and want to do now..

Just wanted to clarify...

Anonymous said...

Noodles ARE hard to give up. I had some "Miracle Noodles" (shiratiake, no cals at all and no carbs) tonight w/ spaghetti sauce and meatballs. It was wonderful!

I was thinking as I ate it that I have to stop resisting eating them, because the satisfaction level of a pasta-like meal was amazing.

Re: time We don't realize just how much there is to do until we have time to do it. :)

Pretty soon you're going to have so much to do that you'll have to make a schedule to fit it all in. :D Wahoo. :D


timothy said...

glad you're feelin better hon. have you tried the whole grain noodles or low carb ones. the family really won't notice especially if they're covered in a sauce. have a GREAT day! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

The shiritake noidles arent zero calories, but they are extremely low calorie...I'm not the hugest fan but they are decent.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous.

The noodles marketed under the name "Miracle Noodles" are listed by the comapny as o calories, o carbs. ZERO.

Here is there website:

They are not made with soy or tofu


Gavz said...

Nice Ma'am :-)

Anonymous said...

Lol, don't believe everything you read. Spray margarines such as smart balance and also Pam claim to be 0 calories too. The only thing that Is truly zero calories is water. It's really not that big of a deal, since the calories are low regardless, but kind of funny.

averagejoe said...

You are inspiring to men and women alike your motivation is contagious as is mine. I have lost 100 pounds plus in less than a year (I was 323 lbs.) through diet and exercise only. At one time I thought it was impossible. We have to be good stewards over our bodies just as we are over finances, family, etc. You are keeping me motivated through this journey. Keep in mind,it will not end at our goal weight we have to maintain. However, it is easier when there are average people like us motivating others to do above average things. I wish I can show my picture here but they are on my blog sites. Thanks for the post, with love from The Average Joe.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your clarifying comment. I may copy and send it to the people at Miracle Noodle advising them that a nutritional authority named "Anonymous" thinks they are fraudulent.

I'm sure that will motivate them to be more accurate in their promotional materials.

What I know about Miracle Noodles from personal experience is that the product does not raise my glucose levels. It's as tho I drank a glass of water.

Your caution to not believe everything I read is a good one, however. And I don't--especially when the writer doesn't use a name. Even a "handle" can be followed back to a blog and enables the reader to gain some sort of context by which to judge the author's opinions. Not so with an Anonymouse. It's just words with no credibiltiy.

If your response wasn't so smug, I would have ignored it completely. I guess that is LOL. I've let myself be annoyed by a gutless wonder. Enjoy your laugh.