Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sicker but Still Cookin'

I am sicker today. I guess it is just a bad head cold with a sore throat but if it hangs on much longer I'll go get checked out. I tried to rest yesterday between taking my daughter to and from school and dance, but I think I pushed it too far by going to obedience class with my dog at 8pm. I thought I was feeling better around 7, but by 9 I was just ready to crash. I don't have anything I have to do today except the school/dance runs and a trip to the store for dog food. My main fear is that this will turn into a sinus infection; I am prone to them, they get very bad like the one this past winter and I end up in Urgent Care in severe pain with a staph infection. Gotta hate that.

If you missed the last two recipes I posted (pea-less Split Pea Soup and noodle-less Lasagna), check them out. They are really good on a fall day. I will have another recipe later today for potato-less Loaded Baked Potato Soup, so come check it out. I would not be cooking, except I find it very hard to eat my veggies when I am sick and this soup will fit the bill while being warm and soothing. I think it will be very easy to make so as long as it turns out, I will post the recipe and pictures later. I might make it for lunch.

Catch you later!


Kebs said...

I hope you feel better! I am going through the exact same thing, and like you am so worried it will turn into a sinus infection because I get them and get them bad. Must be this time of year or something, hang in there!

Lexi said...

Hope you feel better soon! Trying to eat healthy on top of being sick can be really hard, the soup should help a lot!

Human in Progress said...

I applaud you for continuing to do the right thing even while you aren't feeling great. With such good food in your system, you will be on the mend soon. :)