Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am home, exhausted, and going to post more tomorrow, but wanted to leave a little update before I go to bed. I feel like my lifestyle has truly changed so much. I had so much fun today visiting various parks just to explore and take walks, breathe the fresh air, bird watch, and see nature. It is awesome! Again I walked several miles today. I love being more active and involved in life.

I get the feeling, though, that I might be eating more than my body really needs. Just a sense I got today as I ate. It's healthy, natural food, but without the artificial construct of scales, measuring cups, calorie/carb counting and "shoulds" of eating, all I have to go by is how my body feels. And today I just had the sense of "I am taking in too much." So I am going to listen to that and cut my portions back a bit and see how that feels.

I plan to go to the Farmer's Market in the morning and bring home plenty of fresh produce that will make up the bulk of my intake for the coming week. I hope to find at least one new thing to share with you on each visit. I love fresh produce!

Good night!


Marigny said...

you're super inspiring - thanks for continuing to post! I've been reading you for a while and just started a blog of my own.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan. I love reading your blog !

MizFit said...

I love what you say about it being just a sense you got.
we are, in the end, just animals and 99.9% of my senses or gut instincts are spot on.

hope you are waking feeling rested and energized.


timothy said...

so happy you're finding your groove again sweetie. and farmers markets rock. i grew up on a farm so i'm a grocery "snob"! lolol look forward to hearing about your week, hope you took pics! xoxoxoxoxo

Dillypoo said...

There's nothing wrong with using measuring tools to help figure out correct portion sizes. Eating too much of healthy, natural foods is still eating too much (but you know this).

Have you looked at dishes designed to assist with portion control? The ones at Slimware are pretty and there are others out there, too. They're an excellent way to help eyeball portions without feeling the constraint of a plastic measuring cup or food scale.

Anonymous said...

I so hear you on your most recent posts. I have recently read the book "Deep Nutrition" and have really taken it to heart. I too have recently changed my eating style. Have been on a perpetual diet forever! I have had whole fat dairy back to my diet and other things I haven't eaten in a long time because I took every diet tip I ever read to heart. Like it has been years since I ate chicken w/ bone in and fat. BUT, this book makes a lot of sense to me. We should be eating whole fat and come to find out the nutrients that come from bones and ligaments help people with bone and ligament problems. Also, nothing processed and sugar are really bad for you. It never occurred to me that I had trouble sticking with a diet because I wasn't getting the nutrients I needed from the food I ate. I haven't set a specific calorie limit, but I have been writing down everything and keeping a calorie count because it feels so strange to be eating things I gave up so long ago. Fattening things like whole fat cottage cheese instead of low fat. Ha ha, the joke is on me, those extra 20 calories in a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese make all the difference in how long I stay satisfied. Keeping track allows me to know if there is too much or too little. I also weigh once (and only once) a day. For me, for now, it is the perfect tool. I can tell if that butter is holding me back. I will say, so far the answer is NO. But I also know that if I get over 1500 calories I have had too much and by counting I can tell.


Karen said...

I am so looking forward to watching you go through the fall eating healthy whole foods...and I am going to make efforts to change over to more whole foods too. Just don't think I can give up my Slim Fast in the morning!!! LOL!

Go Lyn!!!