Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank Goodness It's Over!

Thank goodness the holiday weekend is over. I mean really, I am SO GLAD. I get that most people welcome extra "days off" and have lots of fun things to do, places to go, people to enjoy, gatherings with family and friends, but I don't. I do not do well with such little structure. Everything is closed, regularly scheduled stuff isn't happening, and I don't work outside the home so they are not "days off" for me, really. And I don't have any family within 2000 miles except my kids. And most of my kids are now older and not the slightest bit interested in doing any 4th of July stuff anymore except if I cook for them, they are right there... but parade? No thanks. Picnic at the park? Nope. Fireworks? Nah. They go off and hang with friends, go fishing or skateboarding or stay home and play video games, or go to work for extra pay. Ever since I stopped going to church, I don't get invites to holiday events or parties, either. So this whole four-day weekend was a nightmare of trying to keep myself busy, get my focus off of food, and ignoring the fact that the rest of the country was having a great fun holiday while I was just hanging out waiting for it to be nighttime on the 4th so I could take my youngest to the fireworks show.

Anyway, glad that's over, and today will be a flurry of activity including swimming lessons, birthday shopping, and a whole lot of cleaning! I prefer being busy. Too much down time leaves me too much time to think, dwell, and obsess, which leads to not-so-great eating choices.

Time to get busy; may write again later when I get a break!


Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

Great job making it through the four-day-weekend!

I had a three-day one, myself, and surprised myself by doing pretty well with my eating and exercise decisions. I think that tracking was essential for my weekend success. I didn't always make the best food choices, but I stayed in my calorie limits, which is all I'm aiming for these days.

Thanks for always being here with your inspirations!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lyn - I thought I was the only one who felt this way!

Anonymous said...

"...the rest of the country was having a great fun holiday."

I'm pretty sure there are other people in this country not having a great fun holiday, in the same boat with you - for whatever reason. For example, I live in Minnesota. It's been pretty miserable here lately...just a reality check.

Anonymous said...

Weekends are great but difficult on the dieting...but good practice too!
Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, the situation you described with your older kids is exactly what terrifies me about having kids. You devote your whole life to them, and then they become teens who just want you for money and to cook food for them, but they have no interest in hanging out. I've seen this happen with all of my older friends with teen kids, and they just wait it out from the time their kids are 16 until 25 or 30, when the kids decide to care about their relationship with their parents again (usually when they want a free babysitter for their own children, ha!). That's a long time to wait, it freaks me out!

Lyn said...

Anonymous (2)~

Oh, I know not EVERYBODY is having a wonderful holiday. But I did see thousands of people out camping, barbecueing, playing volleyball, swimming, partying etc when I ventured out. So it does make me feel a bit left out.

Anonymous (3)~

So true. And I was SURE my relationships would be different because I did so much with my kids and took them camping and had bonding times etc. However they got to be 15-16 and poof, there they went! We do still connect but I am no longer the center of their world. It is part of growing up, I think, since I did the same thing and "forgot" about my parents for several years while I tried my wings. I won't pretend I haven't spent many a night crying because of just what you said tho... "I gave my LIFE for these ungrateful kids and now they are moving on!" But yeah, it is normal I think, and I know they love me but have a big wide world to explore. They will come back :)

Shan said...

I was just reading your post and saying ME TOO! ME TOO! Ugh. So glad the weekend is over. My grip on healthy eating is still too tenuous for all of this 'vacation' time. Plus, we traveled over part of the weekend, which made keeping things under control all the more difficult. Too much temptation!!! Good for you for getting through it intact.

Melanie said...

I can definitely relate too having difficulty with lack of structure. I just posted about that a few days ago!

As for the kids - yes, they will come back. My son is 19. While he hasn't come all the way back, he no longer complains about most family functions and he occasionally expresses his appreciation to me or his dad. I guess part of successful parenting is raising a self sufficient adult, though. Sigh. Time goes by so fast, though!

Sonja said...

I am glad it's over too! I was on Day 4 of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and oh so wanted some BBQ. Being only on day 4 I did well but felt alone while everyone was having a good time and I'm munching on salad oh and do not let me forget grilled chicken breast lol!

Anonymous said...

If we raise our kids properly, they THRIVE when they leave us! That's their job. And our job is to make sure that we don't ignore ourselves, our other relationships, our friendships, etc to the point that their absence creates a huge void.

I'd be intersted to hear about what you're doing with your life besides dieting...what do you enjoy and find happiness in, besides the scale (when "it behaves") and your kids. Not to be simply nosy (although I've been accused of that!) but to see how you're finding balance in your world.

Lyn said...


I don't mind you asking at all :)

I actually DID realize last year that I was lacking in the hobby/recreation department. I spent a LOT of my life around my kids' baseball/basketball/soccer games, and a lot of time now at dance events for my daughter, but that is not for me... it is for them. I like to read, I like to bike and walk, but didn't have much in the way of hobbies/social activities.

That is why when I lost 100 pounds, I bought a puppy. Not just any puppy, but a sport prospect puppy. I soent a lot of time researching and got her from a litter expected to excel at competitive obedience and tracking. So my new thing, for ME, is dog sports. I am dabbling in dock diving and agility with her as well and it is super fun, I am making new friends and getting out a lot more. I think this hobby will last a lifetime!

Ms. Scooter Butt said...

Happy birthday if you are doing the birthday shopping for YOU.

Yeah my 4th was a continual no thank you to food that was cooked enough to feed 10 more groups of people and lingered way too long on the table taunting me with chips and dip and imo crab salad. Saucy glazed mountains of ribs. And coolers full of ice cold beer and soda.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn! I miss being "mommy" too. My children are 28 & 30 with busy lives and children of their own. I raised them so well that they are now "self sufficient" and my advice has become an annoyance. So, I'm learning to keep my mouth shut. Sad. My hobby is reconfiguring my body - working out, eating healthy.

katie said...

Do you ever think of spending some of that time in service to others? Volunteering for a few hours...It serves you as well as it gets you off the pity pot.(me me me me)
So many hospitals, nsg homes etc where kids and adults could use a visit..a book read, a newspaper read or just someone to listen to chat with.
Try it..it's life changing.

Lyn said...


being a mother of five IS a life in the service of others, on a daily, 24/7 basis. There is *nothing* "me me me" about my life right now.

Now is not the season for me to be volunteering outside the home.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I didnt do anything for the 4th either and haven't for a while. A local community college right by my mom's used to always have fireworks for the city, and that was a big part of the holiday for me growing up. However, with budget cuts that has stopped. I don't do much on a lot of the typical get-together holidays because I'm an only child and much of my family is unfortunately passed away or very far. So I usually just treat these days like any other. On the 4th this year I ate normally and had a nice workout at the gym. Just wanted to let you know you're not the only one! :)