Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011: 184 Pounds

June was a pretty good month for me eating-wise. I stayed on plan every day. On June 1, I weighed 195 pounds, and today I weigh 184. That's 11 pounds gone in June. Today makes my 33rd day on plan and one of my goals is to have 100 days on plan, no binges. I haven't done that in awhile. It's time.

In June, I ate meals at restaurants more often than usual: five times. But eating out does *not* mean eating junk or eating too much. I wanted to share what I had:

1) Dinner at a very nice seafood restaurant. I started with fresh iced tea with lemon slices and no sweetener. The main dish salad I chose usually came with a cup of creamy clam chowder, but I told them no thank you. The waiter then asked, "Would you like an appetizer salad before your dinner salad instead?" I said sure, why not? So I had a small plate of fresh baby spinach and toasted hazelnuts with poppy seed dressing on the side, which I dipped my fork into and used sparingly. The main salad I ordered was a large dish of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and grilled chicken breast sliced over the top. It was delicious.

2) Lunch at a small Italian place. Usually, I avoid Italian like the plague because of the pastas, bread, and cheeses. But I ordered a Caprese salad, which was Romaine and sliced Roma tomatoes with cubes of fresh mozzarella drizzled with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Very good. I drank ice water with lemon slices.

3) Mexican takeout for dinner. I ordered chicken fajitas and when we got home, I gave the tortillas, beans, and rice to my kids. I chopped up a huge plate of lettuce and fresh tomatoes, put the fajitas over the salad (chicken, green peppers, red peppers, mushrooms, and a few onions) and added a bit of salsa.

4) Indian buffet. This place is usually hard for me. Someone else chose this as a place to have lunch, so I decided ahead of time what I would have. This buffet has many kinds of rice, naan (Indian bread), deep fried things, and creamy sauces, with a small "salad" area on the side. I made a full plate of salad (all they had was Romaine and cucumber slices) with a drizzle of Ranch dressing, and took a Tandoori chicken drumstick on the side. I went back for seconds and got a small amount of salad and a few pieces of chicken from 3 kinds of curry dishes. I eyeballed it to be about 5 ounces of chicken, 2 cups of Romaine, and a half cup of cukes. Water to drink.

5) Lunch at the buffet. I described my choices in detail here, but in summary, I had ice water with lemon, baked chicken thighs with skin removed, 2 oz of steak, green beans, and a big yummy salad.

Eating out does not have to mean going off plan, or gaining weight, or feeling deprived. You *can* lose weight while dining out and enjoying yourself! Eating out five times and still losing 11 pounds this month is what I'd call a success!

If you haven't stopped by my new forum yet, please do! There are several threads started, including a blogroll where you can add a link to your blog. I'd love to hear what your plans are for the holiday weekend and the 4th as well! Me? Staying on plan.


Sandra said...

Wow! Well done Lyn! It's amazing what we can achieve with focus and determination. Looking forward to your August 1st weigh-in :)

❦ fitcetera said...

Excellent, Lyn!
Here's to a very successful July!

Jennifer said...

You are doing so well! Yaay!


Debbie said...

Congrats on having a great June and keep up the good work.

Kaylen said...

You are SO inspiring!!
Eating out is such a challenge. I had a work training two days this week and googled calories for the first time - someone chose Applebees (yuck), but luckily Applebees has the Weight Watcher meals marked so I was able to go with that.
I didn't do so well on the next day when they ordered pre-made sandwiches and since I only eat chicken (as a meat), I had to get the chicken salad sandwich. Grrr.

It's so great to hear about how you CAN make healthy choices while eating out. Thanks for sharing your meals!

Yvette said...

I agree with you that going out doesn't have to be a problem, especially when you know exactly what to expect, what you will do and/or know exactly how to put your urges in check for challenging situations!

Holy moly, 11 pounds! That is fantastic!! Congratulations!

Karen said...

Great job. Eating out is part of life,so good job of sticking on plan and living life!! Congrats on your loss this month. :)

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you! Awesome eating at places that are notoriously tricky for staying on plan. You're my hero right about now. : )

I agree that you can make good choices and eat healthy anywhere. Your post is a reminder for me to do just that.

timothy said...

you are soooooooooooo in the zone! that 100 days is gonna fly by and i know you can do it you lil ol weightloss warrior woman. you are making fabulous choices and using your brain. BRAVO!

Buttercup said...

Your photos -- and accomplishment -- are awesome!

Jill said...

Do you realize how inspiring you are? THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is incredible. Way to go, so inspiring. Keep up the good work and stick to your goals!

Diandra said...

Indian food is so tempting! Sometimes I will make it myself at home, but I have to alter almost every recipe to contain less fat! (It's not that hard, but seeing what goes in them sometimes scares me.)

Oh, and the desserts! I *love* kulfi! Luckily it's so difficult to make that I only ever do so about once per year. ^^

Becca said...

Congrats on a successful month! You did amazing and are so inspiring to me! I like that you are able to make any restaurant work for lean and green! That is awesome! I hope you have a big loss in July too! Way to go!