Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How My Trip Went

I am back from my trip! How did it go?

Day 1:
Had coffee and a Medifast meal at home before leaving. Brought lots of water and enough Medifast food for 2-3 days and planned for dinner out. Brought 2 kids and my pup with me and brought snacks for them as well. I had my mid-morning meal as I drove, and when we stopped for lunch I had my Medifast meal. Stayed on plan. Dinner was at a restaurant. I splurged (birthday meal a bit early) on a nice 6oz fillet Mignon with a side of fresh green beans, a side of steamed broccoli, and a wedge salad with Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, a little bacon bits and blue cheese crumbles, dressing on the side which I just dipped my fork into a few times. Iced tea with lemon to drink. Yum yum!

Then when I got back to the hotel and took the pup for a walk, my kids came back to the room with.... freshly baked cookies. Yes, from the lobby. Yes, the hotel bakes cookies every evening and sets them out with coffee and tea and hot cider and such. The cookies were still warm and fragrant. As we were getting ready to go swimming in the hotel pool, I had a minor breakdown and ate one of the cookies. Not the best idea in the world. My hands hurt like heck the next morning from the sugar (which causes inflammation and makes my arthritis flare up). I could blame PMS and travel stress, but either way, I am glad it was only one, normal-sized, cookie.

We went to swim and the water was soooo cold. It was so cold the kids would not get in. (Indoor pool, and maybe the heater was broken). I was bummed because I wanted to get some exercise. Instead we lounged in the hot tub. I did get about 2 miles of walking in this day at various locations, including a nice little hike in the woods along a river.

Day 2:
Woke up and went down to the hotel's free breakfast. This was not so bad. They had hard boiled eggs but no other sugarless protein sources. I already had my wall down from the cookie last night. I decided to have a regular-food day but try and keep my blood sugar from spiking by not eating sugary crap. This was probably an excuse to eat off plan, really. Not sure if it was stress, PMS, what, but anyway... I had 2 hard boiled eggs with a little sausage gravy on top. It was soooo good. Lots of salt, but yum. And the protein was very satisfying. I had 2 cups of coffee with it.

An aside... I noticed something as we were crowded into a small area with the tables close together. I noticed in the 15 minutes we were there that the thin people were eating yogurt and fruit. All 4 of them, and they were not sitting together and didn't know each other. But all of the ladies who I would say were a size 4-6 or so were eating one yogurt and some fruit, and some of them also had coffee or tea. And the larger people, who I would guess to be a size 24-30, who were also sitting at different tables and didn't seem to know each other, were eating waffles with syrup AND biscuits and gravy. Granted there were only 2 larger ladies. But they both made the same choice. A large plate of waffles and a large plate of biscuits and gravy. Interesting? I know that was also my default hotel breakfast most of my life.

Then we were off early to the hospital. Took family member in, checked in, waited a bit, then left. They said the surgeon would call my cell when they wanted me to come back for pickup. It would be about 6-7 hours. So I took the pup and the kids and we visited several local parks, did a lot of walking... probably 3-4 miles. I did not bring enough water. I was so parched by the end of the day! I drank from water fountains but left my empty water bottle in the car. Whoops! But we really had fun exploring.

Lunch was a burger with the bun removed, a large ice water, and some fries. I ate a few, didn't like them. They were super salty. I dipped some in Ranch which used to be my "omg this is heaven" thing to eat (tons of fries dipped in loads of Ranch) but it didn't do much for me. I threw the rest away. (Why did I order fries? I dunno, I wanted to have some, and this really is a learning experience for me, and what I am learning is I don't particularly like the foods I used to like, and don't even want them anymore). Then we went out to play some more.

We stopped for ice cream at one point on this hot day, and I got myself a small shake. And it wasn't good. I probably would have thrown it away if I had not been hot and thirsty, but I was on a roll with the junk I suppose. After I drank it, I wished I had ordered a big ice water instead!

Finally around 4:30 we went back to the hospital, picked up family member, and started our way home. We drove straight through this time because my daughter fell asleep in her car seat. We did stop near dinnertime at a gas station, at which point I was actually worried I was going to fall asleep driving. I got a Coke, can you believe it? I was already having the sugar crash from the earlier milkshake. I cannot BELIEVE how it made me feel. About 2 hours after I drank that shake, I had this sudden feeling of exhaustion. I honestly felt like laying my head down on the steering wheel and going to sleep! It was nuts. Thus the Coke... caffeine and sugar... ridiculous... this is how I used to HAVE to live. Ingesting sugar every 2-3 hours to be able to function. Insane! I also ate some chips out of my son's bag.

We got home late and had pizza and then the little one needed her bath and was up til 10:30 since she'd slept in the car the whole time. I got to bed very late, close to 1 a.m.. My body is obviously freaking out and retaining a ton of water (which happens when you don't drink enough water, when you travel, when you eat carbs, when you eat salt...).

So, yeah, not an ideal eating experience, but back to the basics today, drinking loads of water and eating on plan. You know, I really am glad I had this experience though. Nothing I ate off-plan tasted that great. I was just sort of "meh" about all of it. That is like a miracle to me. I have dreamed and fantasized on occasion how awesome a milkshake or a cookie would taste. But it didn't taste that awesome. It was just... sweet. And the thing is, when you have these warped memories of how super-duper-awesome a junky food used to taste, THAT is the memory that bugs you and sets up cravings to go back to that food. But when you have this kind of reality check, where you actually KNOW and BELIEVE and EXPERIENCE that a salad tastes better than a fry, that a glass of plain iced tea tastes better than a soda, that a plate of broccoli actually DOES taste better than chips, well, *that* is a mindset I have wished for and dreamed of.

Back to regular life :)


Lori said...

I've had similar experiences when I've had 'very good' reasons to go off plan and the food was not nearly as good as my memory of it was. Now, I try to concentrate on the smell or something else I can enjoy about the food without actually eating it.

For the past two nights, I've had these incredible salads for supper and have wondered why I didn't like them in the past. I'll probably do a post about it soon.

I have every confidence you're back on track and will lose whatever bloat you have quickly.

Carrie said...

Would that be a Doubletree Hotel chocolate chip cookie?? Last time I was there (enjoying my second one, mind you but this was 100 pounds ago) the lovely size 0 desk clerk pointed out that they have about the same number of calories as a Big Mac!!! I wanted to punch her, but hey, perspective.
I have to admit that I felt a big ol' "Doh" when I read you went off plan. Winced a little. But I am glad nothing tasted good. So glad. I root for you every day. Here, and on the boards.
Push on.

ssm said...

Alright, I haven't been reading your blog for long, so this is a dumb question, I'm sure: how long do you plan to stay on Medifast and when do you think you'll move to a whole foods type of diet?

Lyn said...


no, actually, they were Otis Spunkmeyer brand and 180 calories. I checked, lol.


I would like to finish losing these last howevermany pounds (20? 30?) on Medifast and then go through their Transition program. I think that would be in my best interests. It all depends on how well it is working for me, though, over the next several months. So far I am happy with how I feel on Medifast and my doctor is thrilled, so I am just taking it day by day.

LHA said...

I would say that the trip you described and what you ate are a good example of "regular life". No, you did not eat 100% on plan, and some of the food choices you made were not the absolute best you could have made. However, you were traveling and in a stressful situation. You were aware of everything you ate and it doesn't seem to me that you overate terribly. It is hard to stick with an eating plan of any type under these conditions and you did make some very good choices along the way too. It is really commendable that you walked, that you tried to drink more water even though it wasn't enough, and I think it is downright amazing that you didn't eat several of those cookies at the hotel!

"Regular life" is made up of lots of different kinds of days and some are better than others. When we have a day that is less than optimal, all we can do is try to come right back with an optimal day tomorrow. That's what you are doing! Give yourself a lot of credit for keeping your health in the forefront of your mind and for being persistent in pursuing your goals.

Jill said...

This has happened to me over the years. In my head I think of foods that are going to taste heavenly (burgers, fries and pizza) When I finally allow myself to eat these foods- they really aren't so great after all. I do believe that our taste buds can change. Now if I could just change my brain!! :) I think you did a great job with being away from your routine. BRAVO!

shortii said...

Just found ur blog by mistake and u already have me reading away I'm in the same boat weigh 19 stone at the moment just lost 7lb but finding it soo hard maby readin ur blog will spur me on. :)

Fish's Guppy said...

Only one cookie? At this stage of my weight loss journey I still savor the sugar.

As I side note, I'm starting Medifast as soon as it arrives. Any advice?

PlumPetals said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog as I was looking for inspiration to keep me motivated on my weight-loss plan. I don't have a set diet plan or exercise routine as yet - but I'm working on it. I've just started blogging about my journey ... love your posts - I can relate to so much of your thoughts and experiences! Thanks!

Diandra said...

Considering you were out and about, I'd say your eating went pretty well. Not perfect, but not that bad either. ^^

jmak said...

This happened to me the other day too! I am on Medifast and made a conscious decision to go off plan for a day because we were throwing a party. So, I made all the foods I love, including potato salad and chocolate chip cookies. You guessed it, they didn't taste the same. I ate those cookies and thought, "I went off plan for this?" I actually ate more as I searched for that feeling of satisfaction I used to get. Alas, back on plan and pleased to be content with MF soup and Lean and Green. It was a relief to be back on plan!