Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dog Sports: an Active, Joyful Lifestyle!

I am having a fun, active weekend with my kids and dogs. I have to highly recommend dog sports as a wonderful way to get off the couch and into life! Having a dog is a great motivator alone; they need walks and attention and give lots of love. But if you want to improve your social life AND your fitness level, try a dog sport! Any breed will do. If you are capable of running or a slow jog, agility is a great activity! I can't jog enough to compete, but even the practices get my heart racing. Another fun sport is tracking. You get to do lots of walking if you teach your dog to track! I also do obedience, and while that may not seem like a sport, it really is. You can train your dog and go to competitions and win ribbons and titles and prizes. You have to be on your feet for an hour-long class, walking your dog at various paces (slow, normal, and fast) while they heel, and there is lots of movement and NO sitting around! We also do dock diving which is loads of fun and also keeps you on your feet, walking, and active. There are so many dog sports you can try: flyball, rally-o, schutzhund, conformation showing (if you have a purebred, AKC dog), lure coursing, skijouring, hiking, treiball, nose work, and herding. You can also train your dog as a therapy dog or search and rescue dog. There is so much you can do that will keep you and your dog happy and active! My German Shepherd puppy is the very best gift I ever gave myself.

Here is a link to some more ideas for dog-related activities. Give them a try! You might find a whole new source of joy in life, as I have.


Karen said...

Awesome! My car pool buddy is assistant to an dog trainer and has gotten into dock diving and some of the other agility sports with her dog. I've learned a lot from her about the whole thing!!

Good for you for "diving" in to a sport that connects you, the pup, exercise and life.

Just think how good you'll feel when you are at goal and how much easier maintenance will be with all that activity. Awesome. A habit of health for sure.

Enjoy the summer. :)

timothy said...

my "chore" is to stand and throw a rabbit (stuffed) into the air so divonna (my chihuahua or according to her a princess in canine form!)can catch it in her mouth and "kill" it. then i have to wrestle it away from her and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat till my arm wants to fall off! LMAO

RhubarbLady said...

Love it! Thank you for sharing all the activity and joy of dog ownership. There's even a bit of exercise in just the maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are having so much fun with your pup! I hope you post a picture of her soon.

Yvette said...

How do you get into it? (the dog sports)? Do the sports and training cost alot?

Lyn said...


You can Google your local area (city, county, state, surrounding cities) for "dog training club" or any other keywords like dog obedience, agility, training, tracking, etc. You can also look on the official AKC site for local clubs. Also check Facebook for local groups. If your area has a dog park, or a puppy training place, or sometimes even a rescue or a vet, sometimes you can call and ask and get info about local events/classes. Also check whatever sport you are interested in on a national level, such as for dock diving, and they can direct you to a local club.

My local training club costs $20/year. Some of the classes are then free, and others run about $60-80 for 2 months of classes. Dock diving is $30/year to join. Events to compete, like AKC shows or other trials, might be $20-30 to enter.

So, it's not terribly expensive, some sports cost more than others and it depends on your local resources, too. Check around and see!

BTW, I don't make much from the ads on my blog, but it all goes into my "dog account" and that is how I pay for my dog sports. Thanks for your support :)

Yvette said...

Thank you! :) :)

Forty Pound Sack said...

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