Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011: 195 Pounds

Not a number I like, but I am in a good place right now... the best place I have been in months. I have both feet firmly planted back in my Medifast routine, have lots of healthy meals pre-cooked and frozen for my convenience, have boiled eggs, cooked chicken breast, cooked lean beef patties, steamed veggies and salad fixings all ready in my fridge, and my mind in the right place. In fact, after a week of staying on plan, my body finally is responding positively. Even though the scale is going very slowly... only a 3 pound loss in May... I am starting to get my energy back and feel normal again. This morning for the first time in ages, I woke up spontaneously at 6:45 with no alarm or kids or dogs waking me up. I just opened my eyes and nearly bounded out of bed to get started with my day. I am not a morning person, so this is great for me. It has happened to me before when I was 100% on plan for some time. It feels really good to FEEL GOOD. And even though the scale says I only lost 3 pounds, I feel much lighter. My waist is thinner and not bloated and my pants are looser. So *something* good is happening here; I think June will get me a nice loss. I also noticed my arthritis pain is almost gone again. Over the winter, with the occasional foray into sugary foods, my arthritis flared up to the point of my needing to take pain medication and anti-inflammatories daily. Not only my knees were hurting, but my hips, my feet, and especially my hands. There is only a hint of soreness left today, and that is without medication.

I have every incentive now to stay on plan and not veer off into the sugar pit again. When I feel this good, I always look back in horror at the misery I was putting myself through just for the sake of having a cookie. The pain, the exhaustion, the mental fog, the headaches. All gone. Life is SO MUCH BETTER when I take good care of myself.

Today is also "workout Wednesday" and I am doing my exercises mostly with 8 pound weights. I finally have the energy to keep up with it. I am also still walking a couple miles a day with the pup, who is now a very BIG pup at 55 pounds! I tried several times to add a picture of her here, but Blogger is acting weird. I can't even leave comments on other blogs! I will try to add pup pictures again later.

Last night's dinner was 2 deviled eggs (4 halves, made with light mayo) and 2 oz chicken breast mixed into leftover broccoli salad, with a side of green beans. Tonight will be a leftover lean sirloin burger (made on the grill) over a mixed green salad with salsa ranch dressing. Hoping to find some wild, fresh salmon to make for dinner tomorrow! I love salmon!

Have a great day and be good to yourself!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I loved your post from today and yest. 5/31 ... its so refreshing to read someones thoughts that are so similiar to yours. So I'm NOT CRAZY and food is such a hard thing and I can't say NO to 1 brownies either... I'm an all or nothing kind of person and its so hard to control that. Its gotten so much better and I have splurged from time to time and sometimes I'm able to stop and other times it might take me a day or two to regain self control. You WILL do this ... on step at a time and attitude is everything. I'm 158 pounds... size 8 ... last year I was 260 pounds size 18 ... so I know the powere of food and the mind. Excercise is so important as I work out 5-6 x a wk at the gym. Thank you for all that you write ... I LOVE your blod and can relate in so many ways and by the way lost the first 30 pounds on Medifast and then switched to "clean eating" and healthy food. Tracy K.

Anonymous said...

Love that last line of yours especially: be good to yourself! :D I'm trying to conquer the sugar devil as well. I joined the June Boom Challenge and just started my own blog. I 100% agree with what Anon/TracyK said: its so refreshing to read someones thoughts that are so similar to yours. The camaraderie/support is a HUGE help to me. I'm hoping you and your readers will want to follow my blog and help me too. Happy first day of June everyone!

Lori said...

I'm glad you're back on track. Sometimes, I think these little deviations are needed to remind us of how bad things were.

Floriana said...

Good to see you back on track and congrats on the loss. Have a great June!

Princess Dieter said...

OMG. This is a momentous day for ME. I weighed in at 195! (Okay, 195.2, rounded down). Let' the blobby armed girls high five!

We'll make goal. We'll kill it. Let's do it all the way to happy weight, bit by bit, better health by better health...and, with a good wind at our backs and no sugar in our bellies, before year's end!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Happy June 1st, Lyn. You sound strong and fabulous. Thank you for the inspiration ~

❦ fitcetera said...

This is fabulous to hear, Lyn!

Anonymous said...

You know, Lyn, I wonder if you're gluten-intolerant. We have so many of the same symptoms when on and then off gluten.

I eat glute and I not only gain 6 pounds over night, but I gain 3 inches around my waist--also overnight. It's not typical water weight but rather ascites from the gluten. It goes off a bit slower than water.

Anyway, just a thought.

So happy for you regardless of the reason the plan is working!


Lyn said...

Princess D~

I am so so happy for you!! Your blog pics are fabulous! I tried to leave you a comment but something is wrong with blogger, I think, because I can't leave anyone comments. Just know I am super proud of you and so happy to have you still around and doing so very well :)

thanks Deb, that is a possibilty. Hmmm.

And to everyone else, I cannot leave blog comments on other people's blogs for some reason! Otherwise several of you would have comments over the last couple days.

Anonymous said...

What an enjoyable post Lyn. I savored every word. Kudos to you (and Princess!) on your posted weight :)


Beyond Willpower said...

I'm gluten intolerant as well and the same thing happens. I lost a bunch of weight after I cut it out and gained back 7 lbs in a matter of hours after reintroducing gluten. I was experimenting to see if I was intolerant and BOY AM I!

Also, my word verification is 'florp.' that is an awesome word. just sayin'. :P

MargieAnne said...

Thanks for being a consistent writer. You always touch the core of life, for those with food/weight problems. I appreciate you.

At almost 72, (2 weeks to go,) I must come to terms with my choices for the rest of my life. I don't think I will ever be able to eat more than small portions of wheat based foods in any one week. That's hard to come to terms with.

Your relationship with food often sounds like mine and I have learned that I am more energetic, my brain is sharper, I have no arthritic pain or stiffness, cravings become negligible and feel generally so much better when I am gluten and particularly wheat free.

As you say it becomes harder in some ways with increasing age. There is the, 'What the hec! Who cares whether I continue to live fat and take it easy.' Well I do care deep down and there are so many benefits with living at a 'normal' weight as one ages. It should be a no brainer.

This is the biggest challenge we will ever face because it never ends and is always there even when there are other major things to deal with.


PS My husband agreed with me that I have huge ugly arms so you are not alone. It might be too late for me but it's not too late for you. Any improvement is a bonus. *smile*

Susan said...

Keep up the good work. I really miss this cajun salmon spread I used to get in Central Washington when I lived there. It was at a Super 1 Grocery deli. I just purchased a food scale. I had the eyeballing all wrong thinking more was less. I did the same as you, portioned out my food stuff to be available. Let's make this month count for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you for getting back on track, it isn't easy!

It's so true about arthritis pain -mine is nowhere near as bad as yours, but I was experiencing a lot of knee pain at 274 pounds. I am down to 237 on MF, and the pain had disappeared. However, I was experiencing other health issues and my doctor asked me to ease up on MF for a month. I did well with maintaining, even losing a few more pounds, but started eating sugar and carbs again, and OUCH, the pain returned!

So anyway, I got the OK to return to MF yesterday, and I can already feel the difference!

Best of luck to you, you've been an amazing inspiration! Now, I need to get some arm weights and start working on these bingo wings!

Hugs, Maria

RhubarbLady said...

I second Tracy K and Allyson-you've helped so many of us by letting us know we are not alone in our feelings. It's the classroom scenario where everyone is lost but no one wants the ask the teacher to go over the material again because then *gasp* you might look stupid when in reality everyone else feels the same way.

Aaaahhhh....I hope blogger lets you post puppy pictures soon. And thank you for reminding us of the habit-a-week challenge awhile ago. I can tell a difference from just little things like drinking more water and increasing my exercise!

And I'm so glad we have good weather again! Hallelujah! Winter always brings me down mood-wise and up weight-wise.

losingitallandlovingit said...

This is one of my favorite entries by you. So honest! Glad to hear you're back on track.