Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I had a good day yesterday. Here's what I ate:

7AM: coffee with sugar free creamer (I had given this up, but have gone back to it temporarily. I just could not get my coffee to taste "right" to me with other stuff).
8AM: Medifast oatmeal with a splash of almond milk
10AM: Medifast hot cocoa
Noon: Medifast chicken noodle soup
3PM: Medifast chocolate pudding
6PM: I made a lean, grass fed beef pot roast in the crock pot with sliced onions, garlic, and mushrooms. I enjoyed 5 ounces of roast, 1/2 cup of mushrooms, and a cup of delicious mashed cauliflower "potatoes" (recipe on my recipe page, link above).
8:30PM: Medifast brownie

I drank lots of water, walked a mile or two, and did all of my arm exercises that I posted yesterday. I only did about 1/3 of the PT exercises. It is harder to fit those in, for me, because they require more space, more positions, more equipment, and more time. I will keep working on it.

I guess my strategy right now is "quit thinking about it and just do it, and let the plan do the work." Just let it happen, stick to my eating schedule and my exercise and let the time go by and the pounds fall off. Whenever I start thinking about it, I make myself think about something else, like my kids or a project I need to do or training my dog. I am trying to break the focus on weight and weight loss. It is easier to just MAKE A DECISION ALREADY about what you are going to do, just do it, and quit messing with it.


Diandra said...

If it's too difficult to fit everythng into one day, maybe you could do arm exercises one day and PT the next? Considering the former state of your knees, these exercises are life (quality) savers for you... Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Good attitude!! One day at a time. I'm down 105 pounds about 30 to go, and its been hard lately, but your right the more you think about it the harder it seems. Just do it and be done with it. Stick to your eating plan and excerise plan and you'll see the results really soon. Love your blog!!

Tracy K

Lyn said...


that's a good suggestion! I think I will finish up my PT's today and try alternating days with arm exercises. Thanks!

Susan said...

I see this posted here and there when speaking of meats...grass fed, and organic. Carb Tripper does the Idaho Organic Beef...hee hee I live in Ideeho..but I shop Sams and Walmart and budget. I notice though when I add to my food diary, the amount of salt and think that maybe it is that processing equals sodium. Am I right? And also may = disgruntled production worker who did not wash hands or worse...lol.

reeceh22 said...

I'm starting Medifast tomorrow! I'm so excited...seems like it may be the thing that works for me! :)

Lyn said...


interesting about the salt. There shouldn't be a sodium difference unless the company is adding salt and/or seasonings... at least that's what I'd think. I get my grass fed beef locally and it's not too bad budget-wise. I can get extra lean beef for 3.75-4.50/lb depending on sales, and there is no added water, and very little fat so there isn't much liquid to drian off after cooking.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are so positively working towards your goal even though it is not easily solved. I love your attitude and you inspire me !

Leslie said...

Your continued and steadfast determination, honesty and hard work always inspire me, Lyn. Sounds like a great day - and you got some good feedback here today!

timothy said...

yep i'm with ya darlin , just doin it myself, one day/pound at a time!

Monika B. said...

Your story is so inspiring, I love your positive attitude, I am truly feeling inspired! I wish I had half the determination you have.

❦ fitcetera said...

This is exactly what I need to do, Lyn.
I keep messing around with things and changing from day to day and I'm driving myself nuts and not getting anywhere.
Today that stops. I'm back to doing what worked for me in the beginning of this year ... tracking what I eat on mfp. If I don't, I get careless with the portions.
I need to JUST DO IT ALREADY, too!


Vickie said...

I watched The Biggest Loser finale last night. Normally when I watch, my eyes go straight to the bellys. And my eyes also go to the extra skin that is on the side of the chest wall under the arm pits. Those are the two area where I have excess skin. And if I have one extra pound of fat on me, it seems to go there also.

Now last night, I checked out the upper arms, because of your recent posts.

I am sure the upper arms were the same (general selection) upper arms that have been in every finale.

But I have NEVER noticed them before last night, because they are not 'MY problem area'.

I mentioned the other day. I totally understand having a dispropotionate area. I have them too. I understand this is not Body dysmorphic disorder. The areas really are sort of magnets for the remaining fat and skin.

But on some level, I think it is some sort of 'body hypersensitivity' because that is where my eyes go on other people.

allthingsjennifer said...

You can do it!!!

Vee and the Kid said...

I haven't done much for my health for quite a while, not even reading blogs. I'm glad I came back to yours. You're still doing great. So you had a bit of a slip but for the most part, you're still wonderful.

Good job. Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com