Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011...

Worst. Weigh-in. Ever. I am not even going to talk about this right now. But the weight is recorded, and not brushed under the carpet. I have GOT to get a grip.


Anonymous said...

I've been checking in for a post, I miss you when you stay away. I'm sorry that the weight issue is discouraging right now, but brava for stepping on the scale. For me, it's so easy to lie to myself about what's going on, avoid the scale because it "will be better next week" and not own up to what's going on. I did that and regained 80+ pounds that I had lost 10 years ago. Yes, I couldn't deny that pants weren't fitting and I had to buy new clothes...but somehow I did. I don't have any magic words of wisdom...but just want to offer a cyber hug and congratulate you on getting on the scale. I've lost again back to where I'm feeling somewhat comfortable, and I'm trying to figure out how to continue the weight loss, but more importantly, how this new life is going to look and feel and work, so I don't regain what I've accomplished so far. I know I could do it in a heartbeat. Even though I feel better eating clean and being active. even though I can comfortably lean over to tie my shoes, I know I could quite readily go back to my old ways. They would lure me in with comfort and soothing and I would gladly curl up on the sofa with indulgent tv and ice cream. But, hopefully, no.

I know you've been through so much lately, and as a single parent, it's probably been quite lonely. But hang tough! You can do this! We're "here" with you cheering you on. We want this for you...but more importantly, you want it for yourself. Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, find ways to love yourself...and if it's with food, do it with acknowledgment, and awareness. It's a scary, slippery slope when the scale starts creeping up. Be mindful.

Ally said...


Don't be discouraged by your weigh in!! You have started a new transition plan to include healthier, real food, and increasing your carbs will obviously result in some weight gain (mostly water, not fat). My two cents is not to get back on Medifast to immediately lose this again.. you will be looking at a short term weight loss, and your chances of gaining back when you transition next will be really high. Just stick it out for a month or two and let your body adjust, and you will definitely lose weight as long as you are mostly eating healthy with your calories in check!

P.S. posting the number on here might make you feel more accountable!

Diana said...

Lyn, I'm sorry. I know that feeling. The scare "oh my God! I'm going to gain it all back!".

You will get a grip. You will get control.

The thing that's helping me is to do what people have been telling me for years. Stop beating yourself up about it. It helps to not be in a panic mode.

You screwed up. People do that. We've all done that.

Just get back on the horse, be kind to yourself, love yourself for the wonderful person that you are.

Hang in there kid. You'll get through this okay. I'm rooting for you (and praying). :)


PamL said...

So sorry- it's tough when the scale is not doing what you want! Try to refocus and gain control again- think about how good you feel when you are eating well and the pounds are coming off.

And it can't be the worst weigh in ever- you are no where near 278 pounds again! :) Just try to refocus and come up with a good plan!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn, I've been reading your blog for a long time, but this is my very first comment. You have been such an inspiration to me. The way you word things, depicts exactly how this struggle feels - you are truly a gifted writer and your honesty is beautiful. I've traveled a very similar road to you. I started on January 1, 2010 at 251.2 my highest ever, and now I have lost a little over 80 pounds and have reached 170. My dream is to hit 100 like you did. You'll get there again! You have such determination and have gained so much from the loss - look at all the things you can do now! You'll get right back on track and your numbers will be where you want them in no time. You are stronger than you realize and you can do this! I'm rooting for you and so are so many others - you have helped all of us - hope this helps you just a little bit - sending smiles, Michelle

Lily Fluffbottom said...

Hang in there, lady. From what I'm told, this is basically one of the hardest things you'll ever do. And then its not ever something that you "get to take a break" with, it lasts forever. If something isn't working, you gotta identify it, and try something else until it does.

Please don't lock yourself away. While its hard to share ones anger and disappointment and fears and disgust or whatever... we are here to support you through it.

Take care!

Tammy said...

It's just part of the ebb and flow of life Lyn. Things will straighten out again soon. It can't be all butterflies and rainbows ALL the time, you know. Hang in there girl. For every valley, there's another mountaintop just ahead. :)

Ice Queen said...


I'm sorry that you are having such a rough time of it. Good for you, facing it. That is the first step to dealing with it. Hang tough, girl. You can do this.

journeytobehealthy said...

Don't let one rough weigh in define you!! You have consistently worked toward losing weight. Even when you've had a difficult time, you've kept your eye on "the prize" rather than giving up as it's so easy to do.

You can persevere and overcome this challenge, and I have no doubt that you will!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Lyn


Anonymous said...

Being gripless. The scariest thing ever. If youi check my latest post, you'll see that I totally understand.

Praying for us both.


timothy said...

sorry its a rough patch right now sweetie, but you'll get a handle on it. have a great/healthy week! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

and You will get a grip, i am absolutely belive that!

love reeding your blog!


spunkysuzi said...

You know my motto: never give up and I know that you won't!
Today is a new day, make it a great one! you can do it :)

Lori said...

I'm sorry this is happening. You've had a hard year with illness. I know from reading your blog from the very beginning that you've got what it takes. You'll get back in the groove and get to your goal. I know it!

kristi said...

So, I have to say, I feel your pain. I started Medifast on May 31st of last year. I did great for 5 months, not one problem and I loved it. I lost almost 70 pounds. I started feeling like I really wanted to eat real foods, and I promised I would only add just whole, real foods, and just a bit each day. It was awful. I couldn't control myself...when I write that I know that I can control myself, but I really felt like I couldn't. It was weird. Now, 7 months later I am still trying to get back onto the wagon with Medifast and I screw up EVERY SINGLE TIME. I know it is my fault, I just don't have the control. I have gained back about 25 pounts from my lowest and feel terrible, but that doesn't seem to push me to get back on. I am wondering if I can even get back on now, and I wonder if it is just a one time thing for your body to do. I tried weight watchers last month, just to get some accountability and I still couldn't do it.

I guess what I am saying is that it seemed to me, and still does, that adding foods into Medifast just causes havoc on my body and mind, and I don't even think it is possible anymore. I tried just eating healthy and counting calories and I couldn't even control that....Is it medifast or eating 800 calories max just screw up your body? Does it ever get back to where you can live on 1300-1500 without losing control? I read their website and talk to their clients online and they seem to do it, but I wonder how many people can't do the transition...have you had any conversations with the higher ups about that? I would love to hear what they say...The only thing I hear when I ask the consultants is go back and read the book again...


Lyn said...


yeah, it is hard, but to be fair, I have not been following Medifast 100% for awhile now. I have been on and off all winter. I do see plenty of people on the Medifast support message boards who are succeeding at maintenance, so I know it can be done. Maybe it is harder for some of us than others? Maybe our bodies each react differently to carbs, I dunno. I wish I had the answers but I take responsibility for this... I can't blame Medifast for my screwing around.

Splurgie said...

This is when some people stop blogging. I post very few times when I'm gaining. Keep blogging, keep reading the blogs of others and you'll get your inspiration back. All your readers are rooting for you.

Lynna said...

I went off Medifast cold turkey about 6 weeks ago. I was really tired of doing it and wanted to go back to healthy fruits, grains, veggies and lean meats.

Realizing that I could easily pack on pounds, even with a low-calorie, healthy diet, after the regimen of Medifast, I INCREASED my exercise significantly. I do two hours of cardio a day. While that might not be for everybody, it works for me.

It keeps my appetite in check, spirits elevated, and provides the little bit of metabolic fire that my body needs to continue losing weight. Based on the way my clothes are fitting, I've lost about three to five pounds this first month off Medifast. I'm very, very happy with that knowing that my diet and exercise routine are very healthy and that slow gradual loss is okay.

What has your exercise looked like since going into transition? When you walk the dog, is it at a pace to get your heart rate elevated? Do you still do strength training?

You WILL figure all this out... that's just the kind of woman you are. :)

Lynna said...

One more thing... seriously, go splurge on sexy lingerie, a pair of cute earrings, and an outfit that makes you feel attractive.Maybe something totally "hot" that you would have never dreamed of wearing. I don't understand it, but it leads to fresh motivation to be even more beautiful.

❦ fitcetera said...

That sucks completely, Lyn.

Even with getting radical and trying Paleo, the weight still isn't falling off me like it is for others. It's so utterly frustrating at times.

Hang in there and re-write the plan if you have to.
You KNOW you're completely capable of turning this around and we're all rooting for you to do so.

Anonymous said...

As someone else commented - it's not the worst weigh-in. You couldn't have gained 100 pounds in a couple of weeks!

Celebrate all the pounds you've taken off and kept off. They are not trivial and not to be taken for granted.

You're in a period of transition. There will be a weight bump in the road and on the scale. Then you'll start losing again. I know you can do it.

Make sure you've got a new plan. You know how to stick to a plan. You can do this. You can recover from any bad scale news. Just don't wait to start. Be in a state of already in progress with the new plan.

And if this plan is not working for you, get some more consulting from Medifast - or go back to any plan that has worked for you in the past. Your plan is your grip.

There's a challenge at 3FC for staying on plan for 100 days. Think about participating in that if you need external motivation.

You'll get through this. Talk to us. It may help you.

If losing weight were well understood and easy, we'd all have amazing stories like yours of losing 100 pounds.


Colleen said...

Lynn, the same thing happens to me whenever I stray from a diet that is low in carbs. I think last time I posted I said I was at the high end of my maintenance range, at 164 or so. Well now I'm up around 169-172. Some is water weight and some is "real" so I'm going back on MF to get the weight off, and am then going to do transition properly. Which may include never eating bread/high carb stuff on a daily basis again. But if that's what it takes to maintain I'll do it. I am tired of rapidly and massively regaining, and I need to put on my big girl panties and accept that I need to restrict my diet and seriously up my exercise if I want to stay in my size 8s. I can't have a "little bit" or "just a splurge" or any of the other excuses I make for scarfing down pasta (but it's whole grain!) or ice cream (a scoop never killed anyone!).

I know it's disheartening to receive a wake up call but all you can do is, well, wake up.

Dances with Corgis said...

Good job for getting it done and not avoiding it!

Take care- love coming for ya from San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

I know there is a lot of talk about different eating styles, no carb, low carb, too many to mention. I do think we eat way too many calories in this country, this generation perhaps. I watch my petite elderly mother-in-law eat the way she has for a lifetime, and her meals are always half the size of what many of us think a meal should be, all the while satisfying her and keeping her healthy. And I think that should be normal, since the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder were introduced, we have begun to eat entirely too many calories. I eat 1200 at the most in a day and can easily go down to 600-800 a day to lose weight, and eat a lot of healthy stuff included in that 600-800 calories, not really restricting my nutrition at all.
Just my 2¢, I know it's hard and yet with counting calories and eating less calories, whether low carb, low fat, vegetarian, zone...the weight will not come back. FYI, on Weight Watchers for me to lose 20lbs at my weight they want me to eat 29 points a day with 49 or so extra to use during the week. That is a huge amount and I would gain weight eating that many calories. As women get older, we just must eat less. It's just a fact of life that is hard to handle at times in our food driven society.

Dinahsoar said...

You have discovered why you have your excess weight. (Food is comfort, the more comfort you need, the more food you need/seek/eat.)

Since you can't change your current circumstances much, focus on eating in a way that helps you eat less.

I suggest you educate yourself how food choices affect insulin response and ultimately appetite and fat storage. Making the right food choices will assist you and make it easier to reach and keep your goals.

Since I learned how this works I no longer sabotage my efforts by eating foods that work against me.

I lost the 30 pounds I gained and stay within a pound of my goal. I never thought I'd see that in my lifetime.

American Muslima Writer said...

I'm with ya, I'm in the WTF stage myself.
WTF the scale is creeping up not down?!?!?!?
Yup I'm with ya. We gotta kick this while it's just a small raise.

Just keep saying to yourself i've lost XX weight, I can loose more.

Motivate yourself with kick butt songs and quotes.
( I listen to a lot of PINK)

One of my favorite quotes:
Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you. *say this to supermodels pictures you see and you'll be surprised how rediculously relieved you feel.*

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this. Must say though that I'm not surprised with a gain now you are eating real foods again. I hope you can work through it.

Anonymous said...

Hang on in there chickadee. You can see lots of people are sending good thoughts your way. You'll get there, by hook or by crook.

Leslie said...

Hugs Lyn. Just the amazing support you've gotten here (I've read every comment) tells you how loved and appreciated you are. Everything shifts and changes - you'll regain your grasp on your food plan, modifying as necessary. You've always risen like a Phoenix from difficulties, and this is no different. Hard - and maybe suggests you do even more of the hard emotional work that this takes for some of us. You've already done so much. You'll get your mojo back - I know it. Hugs and the most positive thoughts.