Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Accountability Post

Just wanted to do a little accountability post... might do another post later.

Yesterday was better again. More Greek yogurt, a bit of fruit, a leftover chicken enchilada for lunch. I did have about 3T of chocolate chips mixed with walnuts. Someone oh-so-generously bought a huge, Costco-sized bag of chocolate chips for the pantry a couple weeks ago, for baking. However, they are bothering me. They are going downstairs to the "other", less accessible pantry. I wish they weren't in the house, but some family members like to add them to their pancakes and muffins so I will deal. I also ate the last 2 sugar free Klondike bars (will not be buying anymore of them) and one bowl of corn chips (another "I-didn't-buy-it" food that I wish was not in the house, and I am now swearing off corn chips permanently. I feel icky when I eat them). Overall, even with the unhealthier choices, I did better. Sometimes, you just have to take baby steps. Right now my baby steps include NOT going to the store for cake, cookies, etc and NOT stopping for lattes and iced coffees. And just trying to be moderate (which I have not been at all over the last week). Less volume, less calories. Scale was down another pound this morning. Just goes to show you, it does take a LOT of food and calories for me to maintain a regain. Cut back to a more reasonable amount and the weight starts to drop off. I will have to quit with the crap foods in order to feel better and continue losing. And I am still sort of winging it with my eating, trying to find a comfortable way to eat.

That's all for now, back later.


hopefulandfree said...

Sometimes baby steps are only option...and a perfectly fine one, too. Food is good. We need food. Often, food tastes wonderful. Eating is never a moral issue. No matter what kind or how much.

Eating can become problamatic, though. And then it's easy to confuse the human problem with the unhelpful moral judgement placed on the problem. They can get all mixed up.

It's a big step when you can stop seeing the problem as a reflection of your value. It sounds like you are taking that big step. Brava!

Lori said...

Good for you. We can only take one step at at time, so don't worry about it.

Kelliann said...

I am totally with you - especially on the iced coffees and lattes - I am on day 1 of kicking my Starbucks habit! Enough is enough! You go girl! Great accountability!

timothy said...

celebrate every pound darlin! you're getting there and you'll figure out the best way, you're one smart "low calorie health bar"! ;)

Anonymous said...


I feel odd offering you advice because you are so very smart, but I will anyways. I have type 1 diabetes and horrible binge eating tendencies. I check my blood sugar often and find that when my blood sugar is elevated I am often craving more carb laden foods. I have been told my doctors this is because there is not enough insulin in my body to bring the glucose from the food to my cells, and my cells feel starved.
I have found that the closer to normal my blood sugar stays, the easier it is to control my eating. This means eating lots of veggies and lean protein. As soon as I eat something like a piece of pie no matter how much insulin I inject my blood sugar sky rockets and I became insatiable.

Perhaps something like this is happeneing to you, without you knowing it, which is maybe why medifast was helpful at limiting your cravings.

I know you are a mom of 5 and finances are tight but they sell walmart brand blood sugar tester and strips, maybe you could test your blood sugar and see what is happening when you get cravings?

I hope this is somewhat helpful and does not seem like I am a know it all.
Best wishes,

Shan said...

I'm right there with you - I actually posted my own accountability post today. The stress of the last few days kind of threw me for a loop - but, like you, I am owning it and looking at it. I think the awareness of self makes all of the difference! It's so much better than denial - that's where the spiral really starts!!!