Monday, April 4, 2011

Yesterday's Menu, and Spring Cleaning

Still at 182 today, even though I had a menu snafu yesterday. I was invited over to visit with some very nice folks I just befriended at dog training, to bring my dog and daughter over for a bit. They casually mentioned on the phone that they had a "light lunch" for us. I admit it, as good as I am at speaking up in a restaurant about what I need, or even telling friends, I am still shy about saying anything to new people about my eating preferences. I want to be polite and not make it a "deal" (yeah, I know, if I had diabetes I'd say something, but I don't) so I just smile and do the best I can. So I decided to do my thing on the site with the food logging and just try to stay within the Medifast guidelines for the day, which meant cutting out two Medifast meals (not recommended) but by doing that I stayed within the nutrition guidelines. Same type of thing I did when I went out to dinner. I don't think it's ideal but it's real life and I don't have anymore 'events' coming up anytime soon, so back to the regular plan I go.

Yesterday I ate:
2 cups of coffee with sugar free vanilla creamer
1 Medifast oatmeal muffin
lots of water, including one bottle with an infuser added (similar to Crystal Light)
a turkey sandwich with lite mayo, a baby dill pickle, and a diet root beer (skipped the potato chips)
6 oz 2% Fage Greek yogurt mixed with Splenda and Barlean's Orange Cream fish oil
Buffalo Chicken Salad: 5 oz chicken breast, cubed, over 2 cups of Romaine & Iceberg lettuce and a half cup of sliced cucumbers, mixed with 2 Tbsp Hidden Valley Light Ranch dressing and a half Tbsp of Franks Hot Wings Sauce. Yummy!
1 cup decaf coffee with sugar free creamer
Medifast Peanut Butter Crunch bar

1038 calories
92 g protein
93 g carbs
29% calories from fat

Today I am spring cleaning! This is my kids' spring break, so I have the benefit of several helpers while I work. Today we are cleaning the living room: washing curtains, putting everything in its place, dusting, cleaning the windows, cleaning the sofas, and doing a thorough vacuuming job. Tomorrow? The dining room. A cleaner house always makes me feel better! How about you?


Anonymous said...

Just so you don't get too hard on yourself for not saying anything--I have diabetes and I don't say anything. I make do. Just like you did.

I think you did great!


Lori said...

I love a clean house. It makes everything seem fresh & nice, even my old raggedy furniture!!

Good job on adapting to real life situations. That is a vital skill. You can't always control the food that is served, but you can control your response and adaptations. It doesn't seem like you beat yourself up at all. You just did what you had to do and moved on. I think that is was 'normal' people do.

Christina said...

I think it's great that you're able to make good choices in the "real world". That's what is going to keep you on the right track. You can't be on Medifast forever - so that's the important part. The choices you make. Good job!

Ang said...

I am trying to work up the motivation to do some spring cleaning to. I love having a clean house!

timothy said...

honestly most resturants aren't really willing to substitue and help if i say i'm on a diet so i do "lie" and say i have diabetes, since the diets are virtually the same! lolol but good for you stayin within guidelines, most people who are friends old or new would understand, if not try eating an ok snack beforehand so you're not tempted by the bad food!

liz said...

How do u make a Medifast oatmeal muffin?

Lyn said...


here ya go:

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I think you did great!
I am also on a spring cleaning rampage! Throwing things out, scrubbing, washing... feels great!
Hsve a pretty day!

Princess Dieter said...

Hubby and I have to eat with family regularly and we like to eat out/take out. I just have analyzed restaurant menus for our fave places and highlighted what is acceptable. I always get the same things. It keeps it no-brainer eating out at these places. Before i go to NEW places, I check out reviews and menus online (when available) to make sure there is something I can eat. Otherwise, I don't go until I can check out the menu.

I happily eat at relatives/family homes. There is always something on plan, even if it means skipping the bread, rice, pasta and focusing on protein and salad or protein and veggie or whatever. It's never insulting to anyone to say, "I have sugar issues and can't have dessert, sorry. Unless you have something sugar-free."

My siblins already know I lower-carb...and that I won't eat more than a tiny serving of anything that is starch, up to one starch serving. So, when we had a mini-thanksgiving last week, I had 1/4 cup of the sweet potato casserole (no added sugar, my middle sis is health-minded) and skipped the other starches (pasta salad, mashed potatoes, bread, crackers, birthday cake). I didn't get a bit of grief. And why should I? If people care about you, they'll understand if you can't eat whatever it is they offer. They're gracious.

Gracious, hospitable folks don't push food on you. :) And gracious hospitable guests find a way to eat reasonably and not diss their hosts. It's a two-way street.

If someone pushes cake or fried crap on me when I'm politely declined, then they crossed the line not me. :)

Glad you were able to balance things. I love the sound of the buffalo chicken meal. Mmmmm.


LHA said...

You did a wonderful job of eating at someone else's house! We are often thrust into situations where we don't know what food will be there, and the very best thing we can do is to keep amounts small, enjoy what you eat, and most of all enjoy the company of the people you are eating with. It is just one meal, after all. Great post!

Diandra said...

The idea of spring cleaning is lovely, and I love clean spaces, but I never seem to get around to it... and at least my "office" always looks as if something exploded in here, since it's the room where everything goes that doesn't have a real place. I need to stop doing that!

Lynna said...

Girl! It is thrilling to read how your life has turned around... from winter illness to spring cleaning and renewed vigor! GO get 'em!