Friday, April 8, 2011

Wanna Eat

Oh my goodness, I just want to EAT today. I keep thinking, "what is wrong with me?" But I know. It was the chips last night. One little indulgence ALWAYS makes me want more. Not more chips, but more other stuff.

"Now that I went off plan, it is a good time to *really* go off plan."

No, it's not. I have a headache and feel icky from eating one simple plate of tortilla chips. If I had eaten sugar or a lot of fat, I am sure I'd be in real pain. So I am sticking to my Medifast.

I had so much energy this week that I probably overdid it. I also have been getting phone calls in the middle of the night all week that were driving me mad. I'd go to bed at 11, then asleep by 12, and the phone would ring at 1 or 2 o'clock. The ringing and answering machine would wake me up. No one ever spoke on the other end. Last night it happened again and I was so mad! I jumped out of bed to do a call trace to find out once and for all what bratty teenage friend of one of my kids thought this was funny. I was livid, poised with pencil and paper to write down the number so I could contact their parents. But then, when I heard the number, I set the paper down, not sure I believed what I was hearing. It was my son's number! When I went to check, he was sound asleep in his bed... in his clothes... phone in his pocket. Um, yeah. He was butt-dialing me every night for a week because he was too lazy to change out of his day clothes! We had a talk. It won't be happening again!

Not much else going on today. I am really tired but the weather is nice so maybe we will get some time at the park together. We have a busy weekend ahead.


Taryl said...

Haha! Oh my, that's a new level of lazy! I'm sorry you hadn't been sleeping because of it, but at least it is an easy fix.

I'm having one of those "wanna eat! Must eat!" days and it is hard to fight, but we gain so much more by sticking tour guns than letting the junk cascade into a backslide. Be strong, Lyn!

Mer and Mo said...

That is too funny - butt dialing..thanks for the laugh. Hang in there - the eating moment will pass, but this I know you know....stay srong, keep moving forward in the positive ways that you have!!

Staying "MO"tivated

Diana said...

You'll never guess what I went searching for in my house last night...tortilla chips!

I couldn't sleep because I worked really late and drank coffee to stay awake. When I got home I couldn't sleep. Out of the blue I remembered I'd seen some tortilla chips my husband had purchased, and hidden away in an obscure place so I wouldn't find them (which was under my orders--junk food, I don't want to even see it).

I couldn't find them so had some Greek yogurt and frozen berries. Not the same, but at least it made me sleepy. :)

Too funny about your son and his phone!

timothy said...

wow, lolol it wouldn't happen again cause his butt wouldbe too sore to wear pants!
doing atkins is the same way one little "off" item and all the cravings come crashing back down on you so i'm simply not gonna cheat. i i feel the urge i drink water or eat something allowed even if it's too much of it! just stick to it darlin the cravings will pass. xoxoxoxoxo

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Oh my gosh... that is too funny!!!
I hear ya on the cravings. I caved yesterday and had my first piece of pie in over a year... and I knew I'd be having cravings today. Be strong, m'dear!! We can do this!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahaha i have not lauged that hard in a long time. I glad he was at home in bed. Some kids aren't.

Dillypoo said...

Sleep butt dialing! That's hysterical! Hope he remembers to take it out of his pocket before tossing his pants into the wash.

Stay strong! You are so much better than those chips!

Sandy "Sugarspice76" said...

That was so funny! I am sure it won't happen again with the butt dialing lol : )

❦ fitcetera said...

Lyn, we wouldn't buy booze if we were recovering alcoholics so why do we keep buying and eating the stuff we KNOW is going to give us trouble?
I'll let you know when I figure that one out.

Of course even when the "bad" stuff is out of the house I can still binge like crazy ... greek yogurt with honey and walnuts, salad with full fat dressing, nuts, olives.
I can ramp up the day's calories to 3000 on "good" food too.
It's just crazy.
I wish I could have a nice linear ride down the scale like a few folks in blogland. Not sure if they've ever suffered from a binge disorder or not but I think it makes it especially difficult for sure.

Hang in there, Lyn!

Debbie said...

The phone thing is sooo funny,(sorry that it cost you sleep & frustration though)! My second good laugh of the day, thanks.

As for the food cravings, Yeah, I hear you. I had some Sun chips today & then after the salty, I was craving something sweet. My back has been killing me today & I think the cravings are a form of self pity. I love your honesty.

Lynna said...

So sweet... even while slumbering, he has a subconscious need to connect with his mommy. He didn't butt dial his girlfriend, rather the one dearest to his heart. :)

Mary said...

So sorry to read how you are struggling with the urge to eat. Have you ever read the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon? It might really help to free you from a life of dieting.

All the best,


Dee said...

Sooooo this is what it will be like with teens in the house!! Too funny!!


bbubblyb said...

I've had that happen with my oldest
s phone lol. Glad you figured it out. I'm like that too, eat junk want more junk.