Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where'd the Time Go?

Wow, is it really Thursday? I feel like the last 3 weeks just whizzed by and I got nothing done. Today I woke up and felt a little better than yesterday. It was decent weather, too, and as the day went on I felt better and better. I think the extra antibiotics are finally kicking in! I didn't get a whole lot done, just worked in my child's classroom for a couple hours and ran an errand or two, but by 5pm I crashed and was exhausted. Now I am sitting on the couch just absolutely drained. I could fall asleep right now.

I will try to get to bed early tonight. I decided to aim for getting some kind of plan together before Monday to start peeling this weight off again. I might start working on it Saturday if I feel well enough. I am debating in my head what route I want to go. I've only had true success with three things: 1) calorie counting/logging, 2) South Beach diet, and 3) Medifast. I am leaning towards giving Medifast one more good effort, as it is by far the easiest way I've lost weight and also was key to eliminating my binge eating. But it's also more restrictive, so I am not going to keep trying to make it work if it's too much of a struggle. We'll see.

Today? Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, Starbucks, oatmeal, 1 slice of pizza, 1 raisin cookie, a mini bagel with ham on it, a piece of chocolate, and a couple slices of Munster cheese.


Crys said...

You inspire, Lyn. You inspire me when you're losing weight. You inspire me when you're struggling. It's the perseverance!

Anonymous said...

Good luck settling in on a plan that works for you.

You've done so well--that last few is soooo hard. I know. :( Must say that I wish I didn't.

We're going to get this thing done. We are.


Barb said...

So glad you're feeling better! You are a real inspiration to so many of us!

Anonymous said...

Good luck figuring out what's best for you, Lyn. I started on Optifast in late 2009, and then used Optifast with some food through 2010 when, at the end of the year, I fell off the wagon--hard. I've been trying for three months to get back on to Optifast and finally realized it's just too restrictive for me to go that route again. I finally devised a new plan for myself using all whole foods (no processed stuff) and eliminated all grains, starches, and sugars, and wouldn't you know: it's finally working! I think I was just trying to force myself into a really unrealistic place intially. Wish I'd known how easy it could be three months ago, if I'd just stopped trying to repeat the past and be so (overly) restrictive. Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the setback -- but do listen to your body. I'm not saying the Medifast *made* you sick -- but this illness WAS a doozy and perhaps a more whole and less processed/refined food route might help? In any case, the very best of luck, health and wellness to you...!

Lyn said...


Yeah, I understand... and I agree in part, in that I do want to get back to a whole foods way of eating for maintenance. But I can't blame the Medifast for this sickness at all. I wasn't even *doing* Medifast when I got sick. I was eating crap. Which is, I think, what lowered my immune system enough for this to happen. I did not get sick one time in all the months I was strictly on Medifast.