Monday, March 21, 2011

Update, and a Low Carb/Healthy Chili Recipe

Today was the most productive day I have had in over a month, by far. Having been sick for four weeks, my life and house and chores were all put on hold and everything was kind of a shambles around here. Even over the past week, I had no energy to deal with it all. My daughter was sick, too, for the past 4 days and I have gotten little sleep. But today was a good day! Up early, cleaned the kitchen, sorted piles of paperwork and random stuff and cleaned/dusted the living room. I cleaned bathrooms and my daughter's room and part of my room, picked up the yard a bit, and took the pup out with me when I took my girl to school. I ate on plan all day, had a playdate at my house, and did homework with my daughter. Now, I am relaxing with a cup of coffee while the pup naps and the kids watch a movie.

I am exhausted but finally in a good way. I know my weight is up. The scale was messing with my head last week, maybe because when I stayed on plan it was not reflected on the scale at all... rather, gains in place of losses. Maybe monthly bloat, maybe adjusting to being off all the drugs I was on for a month, but I was getting frustrated and am staying off the scale for a bit. My middle feels thick and I don't like the extra layer of fat, but it has to melt off eventually.

Let me share a little "recipe" of what I had for dinner. It is healthy, low carb, and Medifast-friendly. Easy and delicious! I got the idea from a Medifast message board and tweaked it to my own tastes.

Simple Low Carb Chili for One (can be doubled/tripled/whatever for multiple servings)

Brown some meat in a nonstick pan. Any lean meat will do... extra lean beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, whatever you like. I used 6 ounces of extra lean organic ground beef (cooks down to 5 oz). Drain off the fat.

Add 3/4 cup of canned, diced tomatoes with their juice. Check the carb content and if you're on Medifast use one that has 5 grams or less of carbs per 1/2 cup serving. Otherwise use your favorite. Rotel brand is good too.

Add about a cup of your favorite chopped vegetables (will cook down to about 3/4 cup). I used a mixture of chopped mushrooms and diced celery. It was YUMMY and simple.

Add a little water or broth (chicken or beef)... just enough to make it chili-like. Sprinkle with Mrs Dash (I used some garlic/herb and some spicy blend) and a dash of chili powder. Stir, cover, and cook until veggies are tender, maybe 15-20 min. Enjoy!

On Medifast this counts as one full Lean & Green meal. Measure and count your condiments as needed (the seasonings I used added up to about 1 condiment total). Makes one nice, big bowl of chili.


He Took MY Last Name said...

Glad that you are feeling better, Lyn. Here's to hoping you stay healthy!

ashleysweigh said...

Glad you're feeling better. :)
That chili sounds delicious1

LHA said...

I make a similar low carb chili, using quite a bit of coarsely chopped green peppers and sometimes the red or yellow peppers too. I almost think the chunks of sweet pepper take the place of the beans I used to use. Your post reminded me to make some soon. Glad you are feeling better!

N.R.E. said...

I'm glad you're finally feeling better and had a good day. Having had a cold from November-Feb, I know how frustrating a longterm illness can be. Thankfully, spring is here -- allegedly; it is supposed to snow in NY this week.

The chili recipe sounds delish, but if we're not on Medifast, can we add some beans for texture? Or does it not even need them?

Lyn said...


Sure, you could add beans if you like! They're a healthy addition if you're not watching your carb intake. I didn't miss the beans, personally. The mushrooms and celery gave a nice texture to it :)

I think I will add some peppers like LHA suggested next time. Sounds yummy.

MizFit said...

so glad to see you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Trust your body. It cannot be dominated or battled into submission. It will give you everything you need to live in harmony and peace if you let go of the need to control the outcome of the process. The body's wisdome is evident in every moment of breath you take, trust it to bring you to a place of loving acceptance.


Theresa said...

chili recipe sounds great! I like that it's a small portion. I seem to have monster sized vats when I make it. :)

Ellie said...

I will have to try this one, I have been wanting a low-carb chili recipe for a while now.