Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Dream

Last night I had a dream. In it, I was swimming in a large, indoor, in-ground swimming pool with a female friend of mine, and strangely, we were both completely naked (and unembarrassed, which is so unlike me. Even at my thinnest/youngest, I was very self conscious about my body). There were other people, too, standing and walking all around the pool having a party... but they were all fully dressed. My friend and I were in the water swimming around, with one small problem: the pool had not been filled enough. In fact it was so shallow that when we were prone on our bellies, the water in the deep end barely covered my body... just barely... and did not cover hers. I was thin in the dream... not "skinny" thin, but about the weight I was as a teen and young adult (140) which was beautiful and lightly curvy. My friend was obese, and her bottom stuck up way above the water as we swam. Her husband was in the crowd of people at the party. And while I was fully comfortable with my body and not at all embarrassed to be swimming naked in front of all those people, I wondered if her husband was looking at me, and not her. In fact, I think he was.

So many messages from the subconscious. What do you think this is telling me?

Back later today with another post.


Jennifer McNeely said...

i think it s speaking to your exposure to attention as you lose weight "friends" in dreams are really us! So one of you, is covered even though the water doesn't cover, the fat does. the other you, is more exposed and still comfortable. now the question is, without the fat, how do you handle the attention, what other tools are in your belt? What methods can you employ as the thin you to handle "exposure"?
that's my take!

timothy said...

water is emotion and being naked is people seeing the real you. i think your friend still being obese and you not is your subconscious worry that people will look at you differently if you're thin.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to wake up:)

Anonymous said...

No shame in husband stealing?

Nemie said...

I even wonder what your dream is about. hmm, it is just motivating you to lose more weight so you'll gain more confident. and with your friend, that will be you in the future if you don't get the shape that you want.

mimi@personal training Chicago

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn:

I think that this is a dream about transformation, much of it covered by Jennifer and Timothy.

But also consider:

You're usually self conscious about your body; but not in this dream. In the dream you were beautiful at your old weight of 140. It seems to say that you will be beautiful and unself conscious at that weight. Is 140, by any chance, your "dream" weight?

About the husband: seems to be saying you'll have to deal with some male attention and perhaps some jealousy as you transform.

Regards and best wishes,

Val N. said...

Was it my husband? I'll kill him!