Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Night Already

Wow, it's late Sunday night and I just remembered I didn't post a weigh in yet today! I have been soooo busy this weekend it isn't funny. My pup has grown quite big already... not the fuzzy little furball she was just a month ago. She must weigh close to 30 pounds now and looks like a miniature German Shepherd. She is a wonderful pup and I am enjoying training her. She does motivate me to move more. Funny how I might sit here and veg for an hour left on my own, but when I look into those dark brown eyes I have to get up and take her out. We walked twice today: once a mile, the other time a half mile. She's awesome and we are already getting started in dog sports.

I am super tired and going to bed shortly. I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day, myself, but I do write a little note on a heart-shaped sticky paper for each of my kids and leave them a few foil wrapped chocolate hearts in their rooms. Honestly it will be a relief when it's over, because, to me, February 15th sort of signifies the end of winter. I know it isn't *really*, but there is so much more sun and usually the weather starts to warm up and we lose the snow and gloom around this time. The days get longer and I start to feel human again. Winter is hard on me. I am ready for spring!

Scale says 180, same as last Sunday. Which is okay with me, since I tend to lose/stall/lose/stall along with my monthly cycle. Hoping for a good loss this week!


Claudia's Plate said...

Dogs *are* sooo motivating. Whenever I'm back at home (my parents house) my dog is always such a motivator for me to get moving. Unfortuantely, living in an apartment and working full time means I just don't have time to have a dog.

Also, I too am DYING to see the sun more often.

Leslie said...

My dog ensures I get a whole lot more exercise than I would otherwise! Happy ♥ Day, Lyn!

Ali (Student On A Health Craze) said...

February 15th is one day closer to the end of winter - that's good enough for me!

Karin said...

Those big brown eyes of my dogs get me every time. IT IS closer to spring! Keep rockin' it girl :)
My daughter made me some chocolate delight hearts this morning, so sweet :) (coconut oil and cocoa powder with stevia...very yummy) It's almost MARCH!!!! The sun is coming, I promise :)

spunkysuzi said...

I would definitely have a dog if my husband was good with dogs. For some reason they always growl or lunge at him :(

Dinahsoar said...

Maybe no loss this time but you've lost 100 pounds to date and that is awesome...and you will reach your goal eventually.

Let me tell you, I made Oreo truffles for my kids for Valentines--they wanted them--I had a couple...not nearly as good as the first one I tasted at Christmas. Honestly, they are so not worth the calories and fat. The cheeseburger salad I had today was better, and a calorie bargain to boot.