Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1, 2011: 185 Pounds

Hey, I lost a pound in January! Woohoo for me!

Well, okay. So it is not my ideal number for a month, but I deserved it. I am really just sort of excited that I managed not to regain all this weight and seem to be getting really good at maintaining, even if I am not as light as I want to be yet.

Crazy thing, I still go to type a "2" when I type out my weight number. I tried to write 285 here. I don't think I was ever 285 pounds... maybe I was. I remember seeing 282, or 283 on my chart at the doctor's office, though. In a lot of ways, I don't feel that different. But in other ways, I am an entirely different person, mentally *and* physically.

Today is "rehab day 2" and I am doing fine. It's gone like this:

7AM: coffee w/a packet of Splenda. I am working on drinking my coffee with no cream/creamer, at least sometimes. Then went out in the 22 degree weather to play with the pup in the yard for 20 minutes and work some of her energy off.

Breakfast was a MF hot cocoa with some coffee in it. I had a very busy morning running kids to and from dental appointments and back and forth to school at various times throughout the morning and afternoon, and once again sort of forgot to eat. I ended up having my mid-morning snack an hour late (MF chili nacho cheese puffs with 1/4 cup of light Mexican cheese melted on them; I deduct the cheese from my dinner protein). Then I walked the pup about a half mile or so, came in and had another cup of coffee (this time with sugar free creamer, 1 Tbsp) and a MF fruit & nut crunch bar.

I had gone way, way overboard with the coffee last month. I must have been drinking 6 cups a day! figure in all that half & half, Splenda, and creamer and I was adding a lot of calories, fat, & carbs to my day... not to mention all that caffeine! I have never ingested so much coffee in my life. I used to have maybe one cup on the weekends but made tea my main hot beverage. I am now cutting back to 2 cups of coffee per day... maybe 3... and am measuring all that goes into it. If I want more, I can have plain hot tea, no calories. I plan to wean myself back down and/or off coffee over time.

On the way to dance class (with the daughter and the pup) I drank a MF chocolate shake. Watched dance class for a bit, then went to get gas and groceries and then home where I had the great pleasure of seeing my pup covered in vomit after she got car sick for the first time. Nothing like cleaning chunks of puke out of fur, a harness, a crate, and a towel to pump up the appetite! By the time I got everything washed off and the pup out of the bath, I was exhausted. I crashed in a chair for about 15 minutes.

For dinner I made cauliflower bread sticks, a twist on the cauliflower pizza we all know and love. I will post the recipe and a picture next time I make them because they were so good and filling! The ingredients included Egg Beaters and low fat mozzarella for my protein, and cauliflower and marinara (tomato) dipping sauce for my veggie servings. After dinner I had a cup of my new white chocolate tea , which was very nice and has 0 calories.

Now it's after 10pm and I am super tired from a long day. I am having my MF brownie and heading to bed shortly. I hope to have a *little* more time to relax tomorrow, but that may just be a pipe dream. We'll see!


X said...

I love your "rehab" idea and I've been trying it myself this week and having great success! Good luck to you for the rest of the week!

Lisa said...

I used to drink coffee.. but would have to put so much cream and sugar in it to get it down that it was probably 300 calories!! I switched to tea with splenda.. no calories.

Cris said...

I love this idea! I have also adopted it. Is it *really* going to hurt to get our water in and stop adding dibs and dabs to the day(mine are condiments- why have I never tracked these???)?

Its only going to make us stronger.


Good job!

murgatroidgerow said...

You might want to try almond milk in your coffee. It runs 40 calories for a 8oz serving so the amount it takes to make creamy coffee is pretty low cal. I think it tastes great too.

Ellie said...

Wow Wow Wow. That cauliflour Pizza looks like an amazing idea. I can't wait to try it out!

Karin said...

Lyn, you're so awesome! Sorry about the puppy puke...been there done that. (but oh so worth it when they become "real dogs" lol) (kinda like kids!) Just a thought, and seriously, i'm probably the last person to give advice but just want to extend what i've learned...Splenda is known to actually work against weight loss.. stevia (while it takes getting used to) is an alternative you may want to consider. I know on hcg protocol (what i'm doing) that splenda has been the cause of many stalls and once someone discovers that and gets off of it the weight seems to start losing again. Just a though.. Thanks for your inspiration, keep on truckin'!

Leslie said...

Congrats on the loss of the pound. Sounds like you're doing well with that new puppy trainer of yours!

I have been trying to lower my caffeine intake as it was giving me some totally benign breast issues, which I'd never had before. It's great that you're doing great!

Losing 100 said...

You are doing awesome! I love the two pictures of you!

Sandy said...

Just wanted to comment how great you look. The change is phenomenal. BTW I have never heard of white chocolate tea until now. I am definitely going to have to check that out. Anything with chocolate is a must with me!

Princess Dieter said...

I find that if the coffee is spectacular, I don't need creamer or milk at all, and in fact, don't want it. I order gourmet fresh-roasted beans regularly from Terroir or Paradise Roasters (I love the Ethiopian and Brazilians and the Swiss Wter method decaf from Costa Rica is INSANE).

I also have had more decaf (gourmet) coffee and teas. If I can get liquid flavor, it seems to have a calming effect when I'm having cravings.

So, yeah, for me, coffee is a diet saver. I get the great flavor, use a bit of sucralose drops, and don't need any additive at all beyond sweetening. Such a treat.

TrippyTexan said...

Coffee has also been one of my major weaknesses. Unless it's really good it has to be doctored up w/ cream and sugar and then it isn't so much coffee as it is liquid candy. I'm trying to transition to hot tea now.

Also, every time I read "MF" my brain automatically translated it as "motherf--ing" and I was like, Wow, that hot chocolate must have been amazing!

Deena said...

I made cauliflower pizza tonight and my family loved it! Breadsticks sound fab too. I'll give it a try next time. Thanks for the ideas.