Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I've Been Doing

  • eating 75% on plan, 25% off plan
  • going to physical therapy, now down to once a week and expecting to be 'discharged'  in 2 weeks, to be seen in the future as needed (I am scared of being discharged!!)
  • carrying a 16 pound puppy up and down a whole flight of stairs 20 times a day to go out and potty
  • cleaning dog poo out of the yard
  • trying to rake remnants of fall from the front yard, but failing because puppy wants to eat the rake
  • washing tutus
  • buying steaks for dinner but ending up freezing them because I am too tired to make dinner 3 nights in a row
  • eating potato chips (ack!! and they made me feel sick. Now off the menu indefinitely).
  • drinking a LOT of coffee (with sugar free creamer)
  • waking up every 2 hours because I think the pup may need to go out to potty, but she usually doesn't
  • taking puppy poo samples to the vet (fun)
  • taking pup to school and dog-friendly stores (where she rides in the cart) to socialize
  • watching my daughter dance 3x a week
  • volunteering in the kindergarten
  • taking my non-driving son to work, and worrying about my driving son when he takes himself to work
  • taking kids for haircuts
  • wondering if my daughter has an ear infection
  • standing outside in the rain/cold in the dark with a pup who takes 20 minutes to pee because she has to examine every leaf and twig in the yard first
  • trying to soothe a disgruntled cat
  • letting my daughter sleep with me because she has tables, horses, and trophies piled on her bed from decorating for a tea party with our elderly dog
  • teaching the pup to sit, down, leave it, and come (along with NOT BITING)
  • getting back to 100% on plan eating immediately
  • living life
  • wishing I had more time in the day!


Anonymous said...

That was fun to read. Hope you are enjoying your life. Sounds like it.

He Took MY Last Name said...

To help with biting: Frozen butter, rub it on your hands. The dog wont bite, but will lick. Also yelping in a high pitched, wounded way will teach her that she is being too rough. Its how other puppies do, and it will help her to realize you are squishy.

also puppy piddles are more easily brought if you take her out, give her a few moments, and if she doesnt pee, back inside she goes, into her crate for ten minutes, then back out, etc. start 20 minutes after she eats. That will help her get on a schedule.

Hope that helps Lyn. Any other dog issues check out animal planet's website

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

No wonder you were too tired to cook!

Sophia said...

Really? You're tired? for the life of me I cannot imagine why

Leslie said...

Wow. Sounds rich and full. Puppy has become your trainer, even though you're training him!

Anne H said...

What fun a puppy is.
And what work!

Brandi said...

You can also teach her to pee on command. My pup is ten weeks old and obeys about 50% of the time. You use boredom to remind them of why they are there, don't let them wander too much because they have limited attention spans. Even in the yard, when our pup goes out specifically to potty, he is on a leash and there are certain potty places we have chosen for him. We take him there at times when he is likely to go, and keep him there until he does, then while he is going he hears, "Good boy! That's a good POTTY!" Once the business is done, he gets a little play, in the form of a pleasure walk around the yard before going back inside. If I happen to have a treat, he might get some of that too. Now when we take him out, we go to his spot and tell him to "potty", and usually, he does.

://: Héni ://: said...

Just found your inspiring blog. following you now. more success to you in 2011! said...

No wonder you're not 100% on plan right now - that puppy is taking over your life. I know, I've got one too :) Cheers, Rick

Kim said...

Whew...I am tired of reading your list (though it was an enjoyable read!!!). Love that day (maybe not so soon) you will miss those days of puppy!!!

Requesting more pictures, as I am sure that she's changing quickly!!!


reeceh22 said...

Hi! I've enjoyed reading some of your posts! Wow...what an inspiration! I'm new to the blogging world and I am trying to get some followers for my weight loss blog. I would love it if you would follow me and help to keep me inspired and motivated.

Thanks! ~ Cherice

Melody said...

I have never been on a blog before. Yours is amazing. A friend of mine thought I would benefit from reading yours since I am now just starting the same journey as you, for about the upteenth time, and I really want it to work this time. I am now in my early 40's with 2 young kids and I want to have the energy to "be" with them. Your photo's are a wonderful inspiration. I did not think about documenting myself like that but I am rethinking that. Thank you for sharing your story and your life.


Lisa said...

sounds busy! :)