Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Interesting Weigh In

Oh, wow, this is really annoying.

I stepped on the scale this morning fully expecting a loss. I haven't been on the scale in 2 weeks because I've been sick, felt bloated, ate off plan the first week, etc. But I had a really good week this week. Still not 100% better with the sinus/cold thing, but since I was 178 two weeks ago I figured I'd be there or close today.

Not even.

185. On two different scales. Yeah. See, this is why the scale is fickle, and a bad indicator at a given *second* in time. What I've been eating should *not* have put me up 7 pounds. I have been fighting the urges to go get greasy crap food at Applebee's all week and did not give in. Too much salt? Maybe. Too much coffee with sugar free creamer? Definitely. Too much food overall? Nope. Not enough exercise? Oh for sure, I have barely moved except to play with the dog in the yard and drive to run errands... have not felt well at all and am very tired with the sinus infection. Sooo, I have to fall back on my experience. My weight *does* tend to fluctuate up and down 5-7 pounds, even over a 2-day period. I must have caught myself at the "up" point. Retaining fluids from sickness, inactivity, salt, monthly cycle. And why am I telling you this?

Because to succeed at weight loss long term, you have GOT to make peace with this kind of thing! You can NOT let the number on a scale rule your behavior! How many times do people feel all happy and great and skinny, step on the scale, see a "bad" number, and then feel all sad, depressed, like a failure... and then run off and eat crap all day because "it doesn't matter?" Listen, it matters. Every day matters.

Eh, I bet you it'll drop a few pounds within days if I get up and move, drink more water, and quit salting everything. Just a blip in time. My pants all still fit, so that's good.

Onward we go!


reeceh22 said...

wow! just read your post and we are so on the same page this morning with the

check out my post from a little while ago...

Karin said...

Well, yeah. I can relate, although I KNOW I wouldn't lose weight cause I did cheat a bit and when you're on hcg every cheat matters...which is good because it REALLY holds me accountable, and i'm one of those people if you give me an inch i'll take the whole damn road! But you've been doing so good so who knows what is going on...maybe your body is adjusting and getting ready to lose, especially with the last few stressful weeks you've had, being sick, etc. It's good to see you not be discouraged...because you DO know it will come off at some point. Thanks for being such calm waters in a crazy sea (that's how I see you ) And awesome on your little girl saying no to Ronald McD. Ha ha...i'll bet he doesn't experience THAT too often (unfortunately).

A New Dawn For Me said...

I'm in the very early days and I'm not stepping on the scales because I too find the level of discouragement counterproductive. I'm trying no scales at all and measuring weight loss by certain clothes. Its taking me longer to see results but its working for me at the moment. I am sure when I get to where u are I will want to step on the scales. Be kind to yourself over fluctuations...overall you have done incredibly well

purple_moonflower123 said...

Thanks for keeping it real. The scale is an indicator but is not necessarily the only indicator of progress. Sometimes I get on the scale and want to toss it out the window, but I get off and keep on going. Previously, I would have been totally discouraged, but the longer I do this, I see it more as a bump in the road of weight loss.

Hanlie said...

Great attitude, Lyn!

I'm only weighing once a month for that very reason. At this stage I just want to feel better and not worry about numbers.

Plumptious said...

Thanks so much for this post! Just what I needed to hear.
I have been right on plan, no snacking, no fatty stuff, even a 6 mile hike yesterday and the scale tells me I've put on 2 lb since yesterday! Grrrr!
I have to remember it's just a little fluctuation and not an excuse to throw in the towel!

Princess Dieter said...

Girl, all I have to do is eat TWO servings of cheese instead of one, and I'm up half a pound to a pound. Seriously. I bloat on salty foods worse now in middle age than when i was younger. Dunno why, other than we age and maybe the body just can't handle some stuff as well.

I've been cutting back on sodium--bought every Mrs. Dash and some other salt free seasoning mixes--but I have a canned soup and cheese fixation, and when I eat those, SHABAM....up I go on the scale.

I know it ain't fat. I didn't gain half a pound of fat from 110 calories of cheese when I'm eating 1200 cals and under. No, it's sodium.

Bloat passes. Lots of water, less sodium rich foods, you'll be back down to 170s. said...

I think you're right, it's likely salt water retention. It seems you're doing everything right, and besides - the clothes are still fitting. Cheers, Rick

401sue said...

I just changed my official weigh in day to Sundays so I can be on track with you :) So, I get on the scale and BAM! up 3! really? but guess what? i'm not panicking, not going off plan, just taking it one step at a time. I know this will come off quickly...water weight or something.
I just want to thank you again for helping ME understand my body along with you learning bout yourself.
I'm here with you!

Need to Get ME Back said...

Isn't it crazy how much your weight can fluctuate within a few days, or even throughout the day? I don't think my weight is ever the same when I step on the scale at 7am as it does at 10pm. I take the early morning number!

At this point, I am just starting (again) with my weight loss plan, so I am a little obsessive with the scale. But hey, as long as you aren't noticing a change in your clothes, it's all good! Your success is inspiring!

Jane Cartelli said...

Never let an annoying day on the scale determine your mood for any period of time.Keep doing what you know is right and your body (and scale) will catch up.
I have an inflammation disorder. If I eat bread one day, waffles or pancakes the next and then pasta the third day (all single servings), my weight will jump up as much as 8 pounds for three or four days. If at the same time I have too much sodium I can gain 16 pounds in 2 days. Five days later it is completely gone. It is not fat. It is water, glycogen and whatever inflammation the wheat causes in my body.
A few years ago, before I understood this, a weigh-in like this would send me into binge mode. I am grateful I do not beat myself up like that any more. I do not panic over the fluctuations any more - not as long as I am honest about what I eat and how much.


Sheri - The Motivational Girl said...

Oh my goodness, if I could tell you how many times this has happened to me this past year....the scale is out of its mind sometimes that is the only thing I can think of.

Keep doing what your doing and keep that attitude up. I know the scale can really play havoc on ones mind.

losing_it said...

So very very true! It's amazing how those numbers can dictate not only what kind of day we're having, but what kind of week! I have vowed this time around to *try* and not let the numbers dictate my mood too much... it's really a battle!

Glad you're feeling better! I know next time you square off w/ the scale, it will be in your favor! :)

X said...

The fluctuations are SO hard... I do a bad job handling them myself, and a bad number can RUIN my day/week, send me into a panic, I end up "beating myself up" until I can't take it anymore, and then a binge. it SUCKS. I'm trying hard to have a more positive overall feeling about my weightloss and you are a great inspiration as always. Thanks Lyn!