Thursday, January 27, 2011

Doing Better

Ahhh, finally. I had one really good, perfectly on plan day yesterday. I got through it. Now to do another one today.

My sinuses are NOT HAPPY. And that is making me tired. But I have GOT to get around to doing all the *stuff* on my list today. Sheets need washed, daughter needs a bath and so does the pup (and not together!), bills need paid and boys need attention. I also have TWO vehicles with windshield wiper problems, one of which my son drives so I need to get those replaced today. And I volunteer in school today, so it's gonna be busy.

Now about the food. If I can get it together sometime today before lunch, I might marinate some flat iron steak to have for dinner with steamed broccoli (and mashed taters for the kids). If not, well, maybe I will do some kind of crock pot thing instead. Hunk of meat & spices, you know. I can just carve off my portion, steam some veggies and make a salad. That and the 5 Medifast meals will get me through.

Which reminds me, for those of you who are also doing the Medifast program, there's a "2011 Happy Afters" Contest you can enter if you've reached your goal (or are very close) and want to submit your story for a chance to fly to Baltimore for a makeover and video/photo shoot. Kind of inspiring. Info is on the Medifast Facebook page for anyone interested.

Maybe it's my imagination, but it's starting to seem like spring is coming! The hardest months of the year for me are mid-November through about mid-February. I *love* spring, summer, and fall so I am very much looking forward to the return of more sunshine, longer days, and warmer seasons. It's been a struggle not to regain a bunch of weight over the past few months, but I got through it relatively unscathed. I am pretty sure the weight will once again start falling off me in spring. I hope to hit a new low within 2 weeks and then get to 110 pounds gone sometime in February. And how to do that? By making *today* a good day. That's all any of us can do, after all.


Anonymous said...

Lyn, You used to mention your husband sometime back but I notice you don't talk about him anymore..forgive me for asking and you don't have to respond by any means but is he part of your support system with all the things you do?

crazyjojo said...

Hi Lynn. I just wanted to comment about your yo-yoing. I am in the same boat and I find it comforting as hell to know that I am not the only one that finds it difficult. I still love your blog!

LeFebvre Momma said...

I know that you can do it. You are in the home stretch - and you look good girl!

Everything said...

Those jam-packed days are soooo stressful. All we can do is take it one task at a time, and try to get the most important things done first. I'm so glad to read that you are feeling like you're getting back into the groove health-wise. You really are a daily inspiration!

Eschelle said...

spring is SO coming around the corner its nuts! flowers are blooming all over my street AND the black cat chickadee's are in full force.

mk said...

The most admirable thing about you is your persistence. In my opinion, you ARE losing the weight the way it's supposed to be lost. Slowly, but it's gonna stick. Everyone has lousy days, just not everyone is brave enough to admit it. You rock, Lyn. Love your blog.

Desert Singer said...

Go Lyn!! One day at a time is absolutely all we can do (tells self over and over...) :D

Stephanie said...

Hi Lyn - haven't been by for months but thought I would check up on you and WOW - you look and sound great. So proud of you and your amazing commitment. You are DOING it, not just blogging about what you hope to do. It is very inspiring. You're HOT!! And sometimes, man, we all need a bowl of chips. Not often, of course but don't sweat it. Just keep going. You're great. Take care.

Diandra said...

Don't know about your corner of the world, but around here I have seen the first spring blossoms, and today the sun is shining. This will be a great year for all of us - and you deserve it, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

I have been wondering, have you kept track of how much the Medifast items you have used these past months would have cost if you purchased them? I know it's very hard to do what we intend to do every day, and bad days can become bad weeks and months in a flash. One of the things that motivated me to lose 55 lbs a few years ago using what we would call "real food" was the fact that as I come from a marketing background, I did not want to start a journey that is designed to keep me coming back and spending money on a system, possibly without success and I would consider than a waste of money. I know that for me, I love to shop and spend my money on nice and fun things, but I am very careful and hate it when I think I have spent badly or without need. The money coming out of my pocket to buy a diet system may have motivated me to not have bad days and waste that day's money, but I am human and I may just have beat myself up for wasting the money. I know, of course, that through my weight loss and changes that I did indeed spend money on food, but I wanted to try to do something that I had control over at the grocery store and in my kitchen, not something that controlled me and my wallet.

All of this being said, I have a family that is very fit and active and also wanted to eat better, so the pop tarts and simple carbs went away from our lives and my pantry. Basically I had support that helped clean out the pantry and we like eating this way. I used free food online food journals and calorie counters also. My weight loss and continuing success is controlled by low glycemic foods and that is quite a variety, really almost every real food available, if it isn't a simple carb. I do have to watch calories also and eat nothing after dinner. We usually have a made-from-scratch baked something once a week or so to share and have fun with. Now, I do eat naughty meals, but try to limit it to once a week. I am not strong, if I had the bad food in the house it would be in my body at some point.

Long story short, I have recently heard that a very heavily marketed acne treatment includes ingredients that cause breakout flare-ups if the treatment is discontinued. Now this may be urban legend, but in my field it would make sense that marketing and RD departments would try to create a product that instills "customer loyalty" or could it be a marketing hostage situation? When Medifast reads your blog, how do they really feel about the "bad days"? Do they wish you could be a better example of how their products are successful, or secretly within the marketing and profit counting departments, do they relish the thought of a customer needing their products forever, to maintain success.

You have done nothing wrong, I admire you weight loss. Just my 2¢ on any "diet line" that costs a lot of money. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, SlimFast and others. What are the success rates? How happy are they to spend the money of those customers that will never have success on these programs?

Fat Girl Running said...

Hello Lynn,
I've just started reading your blog and want you to know how inspiring I find you. I'm not quite as big as you were at your biggest but close enough. Over the last 6 months I've started to work really hard to shift the weight, I've lost 21 pounds so far. You look great, you really do. I hope I can look like you some time.
Well done! And keep up the hard work :)

Lyn said...


I think I've addressed most of your questions/concerns in detail in my blog posts over the past few months, but to recap briefly:

A 4-week variety pack of Medifast meals costs about $300. You can use coupon codes (such as LYNESC50) to get $50 off that price. So say $250 for almost a month's worth.

Some folks find this is MORE than they were spending before on food, and some find it is significantly LESS than what they were spending on food. Depends on what you are used to. It certainly is a savings over binge eating. Other programs, like WW, Nutrisystem, etc cost money, while other things like calorie counting or doing South Beach are "free" (although of course you still have to buy the food you eat). I have listed on my site many alternatives to spending money on a program, but it is nice that Medifast is there for those who choose it.

I do not feel that Medifast or any other $$ program "controls your wallet." Everyone is free to buy or not buy what they want. No one is "hooked" on a program forever, and Medifast provides a Transition and maintenance program. If a person yo yos up and down and keeps returning to WW, Medifast, or whatever, it is their choice, not the programs, just as it is not McDonald's fault I got to 278 pounds going back over and over for Big Macs. It is a choice.

I am very happy for your success! It always makes me glad to know someone has gotten control of their eating and is getting healthier.

I think the people at Medifast relish the success stories they hear, and are thriving on the people who DO succeed at losing weight with their products. If everyone fails, regains, and is stuck, that is not very good advertising. But success IS. I would be glad to have Medifast PR address this here also if they see this comment.

Thanks for the thoughtful inquiry!

Renee (Medifast, Inc.) said...

Anonymous -

I wanted to comment on your post from the Medifast standpoint. First, we're thrilled with Lyn's progress and so very proud of her!

Of course, no company wants to see bad days, but Lyn represents the reality of weight loss - it's tough. When we first began working with Lyn we told her we wanted her to be real, to share her real experience with her readers and not sugarcoat things. We're happy to provide her with a safe, effective way to lose weight and a system that will teach her how to keep it off when she's ready to transition.

We don’t hope in any way for customers fail and come back. At Medifast our philosophy is to help people regain health in their lives and then hopefully they’ll share that success with others. We’d rather a success story maintain their weight-loss and inspire others to achieve the same results with Medifast, as opposed to failing and continuously bring the same people back to us.

Our hope is to help Lyn reach her goal and keep the weight off for good - and we think that she'll be able to do that successfully!

PR Coordinator
Medifast, Inc.