Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brief Update

Yesterday went really well. I was busy with the kids and the pup, but managed to stay on plan all the way through dinner (which was a lean turkey burger on Romaine leaves, a pickle spear, and some steamed broccoli). In the evening I was pacing around wanting to eat, just for the sake of eating. I really hate that feeling... Anyway, I had on hand, for good or bad, a few pieces of sugar free candy. I talked to myself a little bit, decided to have the sugar free candy and NO other off plan, bingey type foods. And I stuck with that. I was really hungry at 10 so I had a Medifast shake and then got ready for bed.

I am feeling better and happier the last couple of days. Hoping for a decent weigh in tomorrow! Now I am off to take my son to work, my puppy outside to play, and my daughter to a fun event.


Karin said...

SO glad you're feeling better! I know i've said this before, but, YOU ROCK :) Have a great day with your daughter.

Sheri - The Motivational Girl said...

Good job sticking to your guns. I am in that same mindset today wanting to eat for the sake of eating.

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Way to not give into snacking when you were pacing around. Enjoy your day!! Keep it up

Bringing Pretty Back said...

whooo hooo! Good for you! Keep going !
Have a pretty day!

Diandra said...

Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to maybe try a new plan. So much struggling.

Have you thought of trying the New Weight Watchers Plan. I did it many years ago and just recently rejoined. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much better it is. I used to torture myself at night, just like you. I can honestly say I have it under control now.

I work my weakness, "chip and dip," into my evening points, every day. Along with a giant plate of raw (free points) veggies. I mix my ranch dip mix with a 7oz container of good quality Greek Yogurt. Yummy! Just like sour cream.

I do not ever feel deprived and I am eating real food.

Would be a lot cheaper for you, too...

Lyn said...


Thanks for the suggestion, but when I did WW I ate a whole lot of junk (because I COULD), and in the end, it did not help me address the binge issue. I've tried a lot of plans, and the ones that I've had success on have been 1)calorie counting with a focus on whole foods, 2) South Beach diet, and 3) Medifast. Yes, it's a struggle, but not a losing battle. I'm sticking with what works... unless, of course, I start regaining or haven't lost anymore weight by, say, summer. And, as noted on my Medifast posts, I am getting Medifast products for free, so I can't think of a cheaper program in my case ;)
(except for Nutrisystem, who also offered it for free, but I turned them down).