Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Better, and I Fit

Today was much, much easier and better than the past two days have been. In fact, today was better than any day in the past month. It's the third day in a row being completely on plan with my eating, and while the first two days had some torturous moments, today didn't. The food obsession is once again leaving my mind, the hunger is abating, and I am starting to feel clear-headed again.

When I got up I had a headache (still from the sugar withdrawal, I believe), had my tea, then had my first Medifast meal of the day (Hot Cocoa at 8am). Well, usually I am FINE for 2-3 hours between meals, but this morning I was quite hungry. I also was feeling sorry for myself and felt like eating, so I decided to make my 10am meal a half hour early AND make it a big one. I borrowed half my protein from dinner (one Morningstar Farms sausage and a half cup of Egg Beaters, scrambled) and made myself some Medifast pancakes and a nice big cup of French Press peppermint coffee with sugar free French Vanilla creamer. Boy, was that breakfast heavenly. It was very satisfying and got me through the toughest part of the day. My headache went away, I had energy, my mood lifted and I was *fine*... even better than fine... for the rest of the day.

I had a lot of errands to run, and it took me over five hours to do them. So I brought along a big water bottle and two Medifast meals. I had one in the car with water at noon, and then had the other after physical therapy at 3 with some coffee from the PT waiting room. Speaking of physical therapy, I LOVE IT. I cannot believe I waited so long to do this. I really thought it was hopeless and my knees were ruined and I'd never be able to do the things I want to do activity-wise, but I tell you what, I am getting stronger by the minute! My hips and knees and all the muscles around them... plus my core muscles... are all so much stronger today than they were when I started. I am SO proud of myself.

An aside... as I was working on the standing hip machine at PT, one of the other therapists commented on my good form. Then I turned around and for a moment was facing the wrong way on the machine, realized my mistake and turned around. I said to her "oops, I was facing the wrong way. But actually I could do all the exercises facing that way, couldn't I?" And she said... "Yes, you fit in there nicely. But imagine if you had a, shall we say, large backside. Some people who come are large and can't fit in the machine that way." I smiled, kept working out, and said, "That's nice to hear you say, that I fit! I've lost a hundred pounds, and it's a good feeling to fit!" Her jaw dropped, she gasped and said, "A hundred pounds? Oh my goodness, you look GREAT! I can't even imagine you that heavy. I don't know where it would all go! You really look great!" That little transaction with her totally made my day!!!

After a good solid workout I ran more errands and got home with my daughter around 5:20pm. I was pretty hungry, and made a big salad of Romaine and baby spinach with a can of tuna tossed in (mixed with a little lite mayo and mustard), light Sun Dried tomato dressing, and a few green olives. It was a nice filling dinner. And now I am sipping a cup of Candy Cane Lane green tea, waiting to put my daughter to bed and watch the Biggest Loser with my Medifast brownie :)

It was a very good day. After the initial hungry morning, the only time I thought about off-plan food was when I was driving down the street running errands. It was a fleeting thought, so random and unimpressive that I now can't even recall what food I thought about. I feel fine now. I have no desire to binge, eat, snack, or go off plan AT ALL. This is one cool benefit of low carb eating and *very mild* ketosis. (On Medifast I eat about 85g of carbs per day).

Tomorrow is going to be AWESOME! And I am sure there is a very nice weigh-in in my future!

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with its products for my personal use for free. I am not paid or compensated in any other way for mentioning their products. Medifast states an "average weight loss of up to 2 to 5 pounds a week." You can use coupon code LYNESC50 for $50 off a $275 order of Medifast.*


lisa~sunshine said...

Way to go Lynn.. Keep up the awesome work.. Lisa

reneasskinnylove.blogspot.com said...

I have a question for you..
Cleary you have done an awesome job!
But I have been reading over the last few days that you have had some bad days. Now I know that we all have bad days.
My question to you is this..
After you lost all your weight did you find that you are still dealing with the same emotional eating issues that you did in the beginning?
I have had a few rough days myslef and I am thinking of therapy. I odnt want to get to goal and still have these issues. I want to to be at goal and have conquered my emotional eating.
Thanks for being so open with us.

Lyn said...


I would say I am still dealing with *some* of the issues with emotional eating. The incidents are fewer and farther between, and easier to overcome than they used to be. I am more aware of what's going on, instead of feeling like a slave to food. I'd say I have worked through about 80% of my "food issues" over the past 3 years, and still have some to go.

I totally think therapy would be a good idea for anyone struggling with disordered eating. If you have the resources and a counselor who can help you, I would say do it! Give it a try and see how it goes.

That said, I don't think emotional eating is "curable" per se. I think we can work things out, but then if we get to goal and go back to eating crap, the old *reasons* and *feelings* do resurface to some degree or another.

I wonder if anyone reading this, who has gotten to goal and worked through the emotional issues, can share how they feel about this? Is emotional eating something you can conquer or be cured of? Would love to hear other voices on this.

Stacy said...

Good job getting to the easier days. It is tough to do, but you are inspiring me to get there.

Diana said...

Yay Lyn! I'm so happy to hear you're feeling better. This is going to be OUR year. :)

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Awesome! I loved reading about your day. :)
Have a great week.


MizFit said...

it's today
and it IS awesome.

Deniz said...

Fantastic to hear those fabulous positive vibes coming from you, Lyn. What you are is a wonderful inspiration to us all to carry on, through even the bad times. Good on you, my dear - you must be mega-proud of yourself!

Miriam said...

It's so helpful for me to hear about other people struggling (and overcoming) the feeling of being hungry and emotional eating. Thank you for your honesty!

mensa said...

Your commitment will definitely pay off at the scale. Good luck!


Jannie said...

Your blog is such an inspiration. I am on Medifast too, and recently became a Take Shape For Life Health Coach. I've lost 37 pounds and I have 100 more go go. Reading your blog makes me feel like I can really get to the finish line. Thank you for sharing your stories.

Colleen said...

Re: emotional eating

I think we are all always vulnerable to relapse. But I know that these days I can get back on track much quicker and I've gotten over feeling guilty about my eating. If I overindulge, the next day my attitude is basically "So what, a meal won't kill me, I'll do better today." And I work to get my weight and bloat back down and am fine.

For me overeating is a coping mechanism to deal with social anxiety (silly, but if my mouth is full of food, no one expects me to talk!). I need to remain aware of that. Probably 10 of the 15 lbs. of my regain were from grad school interviews that involved dinners out. I overate every weekend for probably 5-6 weeks and didn't do too great on the weekdays either. Obviously interviewing was stressful, and I didn't want to overdo it on booze, so I overdid it on food. That was a unique circumstance that I will thankfully never have to do again since I got into a program, but it's a good reminder that stress and pressure can lead us back to old habits.


Hi Lyn!

I love to follow your blog...and it's SO good to hear that you were able to turn what sounded like a not so good morning into a great day! I have one little question though...what is ketosis?


Lyn said...


ketosis is a state of burning fat for energy rather than carbs. In diets like Atkins, people stay around 20g carbs/day (I believe) and stay in ketosis by doing that. With Medifast the carb level is higher (85-95g/day for me) and so the ketosis is so mild that it usually doesn't even register on a test strip (which people on Atkins often use to see if they are in ketosis). Anyway, being in ketosis helps get rid of hunger and burn fat.

Anonymous said...

Your teas and coffees always sound so good!

Glad you are doing well!