Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moving Right Along...

As I have counted calories the past couple of days, there's been a pattern. I do great up until early afternoon, and then I start eating stuff I hadn't planned on... a cracker here, a slice of cheese there, maybe a banana. And then in the evening I hit my limit (1600 calories) and dive off headfirst into some junky item like the ice cream yesterday, and get up around 2000 calories. That is not going to work for weight loss... or maybe not even for maintenance.

Today I have not counted calories. I am trying to focus on two things: eating healthy foods in reasonable amounts, and getting my exercises done. It's harder than it sounds. Even after 3+ years of blogging this weight loss effort, it still isn't easy. Oh, it's easier than it used to be, for sure. Plus I have the added bonus of already being at a reasonable weight, which is a reward in and of itself and a great motivator. Let's face it: at 280 pounds when you work hard and lose 30 pounds and then are still morbidly obese, it sucks. "I am doing all this work and I am still very obese." That was always very hard for me and probably contributed to all those times I quit trying and regained all the weight. But now, I think "Gee, I like my body pretty well. The effort really paid off. I don't want to screw that up now!"

Today's food:
7am: yerba mate tea
8am: nonfat Greek yogurt with a big scoop of pomegranate arils mixed in
10am: Egg Beaters scrambled with spinach and Morningstar Farms soy sausage, with a slice of light cheese in a Carb Balance tortilla, which, yes, has sucralose in it which annoys me to no end and I am not buying them again
11:30am: cup of coffee with 1 T half & half and 1 tsp agave nectar, slice of high protein whole grain toast with butter

Still carby. I dunno, I think I will just keep playing around with different combinations and see what works. Maybe the carbs in the morning are what have been making me cravey in the evening. I have a lot of great ideas from you guys for my breakfasts (in the comments of this post, check it out!), which I am going to start using when I get to the grocery store in the next day or two. Thank you!

I plan to have a protein bar in an hour or so, probably some more plain tea as well. For dinner I am having some chicken enchilada soup (minus the tortillas). It's probably higher in fat than I'd like (someone else made it) but I used to eat it once in awhile before when I was losing the majority of my weight. I will steam some broccoli or Brussels sprouts to have with it.

Without strict parameters it is harder for me to control myself with food. There is always something I "want." I just have to want better health for myself more.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

In many ways, maintenance is harder than losing because you do feel like you can treat yourself from time to time... and sometimes that time to time comes at shorter and shorter intervals.

Keep doing what you're doing, Lyn. Keep working and keep making smart choices. The positive changes you've made in your life will win out in the end.

Rhi said...

I understand the difficulty of counting calories, but I found that a great way to do it; if you have an ipod, download an application like 'Lose It!.' These apps have so much information in them, including restaurant and product caloric information (and it has literally almost everything!), and room to create your own. I'd really recommend it, because it also has sections to track your weight and exercise, and how many calories you are burning as well. Just something to think about.
I love that your approach is to eat healthy, and trying to reduce the carbs is a good thing. One way to do this might be to reconsider the protein bars. I know I avoid them as much as possible for a number of reasons; they tend to be expensive and high-calorie, and you could eat a lot more almonds/ string cheese/ egg whites and get the same amount of protein for less calories from added sugar and carbs (although I know that sometimes they're a lifesaver when we're busy!).

-J.Darling said...

I find that when I start off the day with carbs, I want them all day long. If I start off with "real food" (protien, fiber heavy stuff)then I find that my cravings are much easier to handle.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have that problem too. Well, had is a better word. I used to do really well up until about the time my kids come home from school and then the munchies hit me big time. The sad thing is I'm not even hungry! I just had to shut the snacking off completely. One cracker lead to 10 for me so I just had to not let one in. Eating out of boredom or habit was the culprit for me there. I just try to stay busy during those munchie times so I don't do any damage.

cindy said...

I have to agree with Twiggy. I can do just great till about 4 then some horrid force kicks in, and I feel as if I'm starving. And I'm learning to realize its in my head and like a two-year that needs to be diverted, so does this "mental hunger". I've also increased my water intake during the day and that has helped as well.

Lynna said...

Have you thought about preparing a daily plan of the food you will eat that day? That way, you could still account for the special holiday treats you will incorporate into your plan, but not get to the end of the day and exceed the 1600 calories you have allotted for yourself.

As somebody who has done Medifast for 6 months, 2000 calories (twice the Medifast daily amount) sounds like a recipe for weight gain. (Hope not, though!) Thank you for sharing your journey so that we all can learn.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

You said there's always something you "want". Do those things you want set off cravings or start a binge? If the answer is "no", is it possible to have a very small portion of some of those things you want? One a day? One every couple of days?

It may turn out that you don't need to give up everything you want, just have it in a small portion, with no distractions so you can really savour it. When it's just you and that food, with no outside distractions (a little occasion when you sit down and really taste/experience what you're eating), a little bit can sometimes go a long way.

It's hard to make the transition from a plan like Medifast to free-form eating (ie no plan), but I have complete faith that you can do it. You're creating your own guidelines, which may feel sort of shaky and uncertain now, but once you get the hang of it, you'll probably enjoy the freedom it offers.

Anonymous said...

I'm speaking as someone who is older than you, so take this for what it is worth. Back in my day nobody did all this "eating every two hours" stuff, it was just three square meals a day. I still question the eating such tiny amounts of food so often, so you are never really "full". Have you ever tried doing this? The way you and so many others eat now makes me crazy just thinking about it, I know I would never feel satisfied and would be snacking all the time. I know I'm fat, so it's harder to take advice from me, but back in the day when everybody ate only three times on a much smaller plate than today's platter, hardly anybody was fat. I'm trying to eat the old way myself, plus getting tons of exercise. The weight is not falling off me, but slowly I keep going down.


Jennifer said...

When I came off of Medifast I was the same way. The rigid aspect of that plan worked well for me and when I came off I found myself all stressed out about what I should eat. Eventually I figured out what I wanted for myself. I too count calories and now I try to also eat healthier options...turkey sausage, whole grains breads, wraps...etc. Its amazing how substituting becomes the norm and actually tastes pretty good. Oh...and one of my favaorite things and probably one of the more *unnatural* things( I have been trying to eat more unprocessed foods) I eat is turkey pepperoni. 17 slices for 70 calories. i put that with some cheese in a whole grain wrap, put it in the oven for a few minutes until it all crisps up and YUMMMMMMM. I am learning along the way :)

And definately keep up with the 5-6 meals a day. Its amazing how that keeps that uncontrollable gonna eat the first thing I see hunger away :) And yes, protein!

Diandra said...

Yeah, same here. During the day, my food is planned rather well (raspberries, oatmeal, yogurt and buttermilk for breakfast, fruit for snacks, a healthy sandwich for lunch at the office, some coffee (max. 2 cups)... and when I come home, I feel like diving head first into some junk. Some days I can convince myself that exercising will make me soooo much happier (and it does!), but yesterday, for example, I crawled under my blanket with a bag of crisps and chocolate and stuff. Well today will be better, and tomorrow, and the day after... I can't be a hero *all* the time. ^^

Toni said...

Counting Calories is hard work. It requires tons of self-control. I use my iphone to help me out. I downloaded a cool app that tells me the calorie count of most foods :)

Anonymous said...

The trap of a regimented plan like MediFast is that it doesn't teach you to make choices. It leaves our heads to keep the "food is an answer to something besides hunger" mentality. My overeating is all between my ears. Until I deal with that and make HUGE cognitive changes, I won't overcome it.

Lyn said...


actually, I'd have to disagree with you there Medifast taught me to make fantastic choices. I learned I can eat anywhere... at restaurants, at friends' houses, at home... and be fully satisfied with my meal of 5-7 oz lean protein and 3 servings of veggies. I never would have imagined. And as I have detailed, Medifast does have a very detailed transition program that teaches people how to incorporate fruits, dairy, and grains back into their diet. But of course, of someone just STOPS Medifast or any other strict program abruptly and starts eating crap they are going to struggle. As I said, I just needed a break after 9 months on plan but intend to go back on Medifast, lose that last 20-30 pounds, and do the transition program correctly.

Dinahsoar said...

I get hungry in the evening when I don't eat enough/eat right during the day. If I skip snacks because I am not hungry, later I will find myself very hungry which makes it easy to go overboard. I've learned not to save up for later in the day/evening--that I need a certain amount of food a day. And it can't be all carby--carby equals cravings. Protein and fiber are filling and stick with you. For fiber think beans--beans are carbs but they are complex and will help you stay full.

My breakfast is almost always goat cheese with 50 calories of carb like a toast rusk plain. And for lunch I usually eat protein like tuna with a little fat, some diced veggies in it with a glass of V8 and if I need something crunchy crackers to equal one or two carb servings. My midmorning snack is always a protein/carb/fat like plain yogurt with strawberries in the summer and in winter a drizzle of honey and a few walnuts. It's a big portion--a cup of fat free unsweetened yogurt--fills you up, stays with you for not a lot of calories. I'd rather get my fat from walnuts than cow.

I've lost 27 of the 30 pounds I regained after losing 50 the second time. What I am doing now beats WW all to pieces. My weight loss has been steady, I do eat junk once in awhile--on purpose-- and I've had no struggle or regain.

Anonymous said...

Lyn - It's just a partial day of food, but it's looking light on vegetables! You can get a lot of filling without using many calories.