Monday, December 20, 2010

A Good Day, and What the PT Said

So far today has been awesome! I took an Excedrin this morning to ward of the headache before it started. I have had a *wonderful* day and I cannot believe how much better I feel already!

7AM: green tea
8AM: Medifast Cranberry Mango drink (sort of reminds me of a smoothie)
10AM: Medifast Cinnamon Pretzels (the 'old' kind, for those who know what I mean! Yum.)
Noon: I was out at the mall visiting Santa with my daughter. I brought a water bottle and a Medifast Peanut Butter Crunch bar with me. I also got a 12 oz coffee with sugar free syrup in it and 2 Tablespoons of half and half. I drank part of it at the mall and brought the rest home.
3PM: Medifast Hot Cocoa mixed with the rest of that coffee. Very good.

For dinner at 6, I am planning to have chicken breast (6 oz cooked weight) with 1 1/2 cups of cooked veggies, probably broccoli. At 8 or 8:30 I will have a Medifast brownie. And that will be it for the day.

If at any point I feel like I am really hungry I will have a half ounce of raw almonds or a sugar free Jello cup.

As planned, with no snack:
928 calories
125 g protein
83 g carbs
16% calories from fat

I also have a spoonful of Barlean's Fish Oil daily which is actually yummy, and it does add 45 calories and 3.5 g fat to my totals but Nutrition Support at Medifast advised me not to count it because it is a supplement. I think it really helps my arthritis.

Major victory today was being at the mall, surrounded by "mall food" and not going there. I was fine. And I cannot even tell you how much better I already feel today. The bloat is disappearing and instead of a puffy bulge in my midsection, it is already getting slimmer with a bit of a 'tuck' under my ribcage which is nice... no more muffin top with the jeans.

Here's some interesting information from the physical therapist. When he did my initial evaluation and then again at another visit, he commented that my knees are slightly turned in. He said that even though I "no longer have a weight problem" (!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe someone said that to me!!!!!!!!) that I still stand like someone who is very heavy, because that is how my legs and knees got used to being. He said being obese affects the whole body, every system, including the skeletal and muscular system. As we gain weight we stand and move differently and it takes months for the body to readjust when the weight is lost, and even then sometimes we do not adjust without actually working on it (i.e. physical therapy). Thus people who lose a lot of weight may find themselves having pain in their joints, muscles, etc because their body is moving in a way that is no longer appropriate for their weight. He pointed out to me which of my muscles are weak and how I move in ways that used to compensate for my morbid obesity. For example, when I step one foot down and back up from a raised platform I turn my entire leg sideways before stepping down. He showed me the right way to step down and up, with my leg straight and I actually CANNOT do it. My muscles around the hips are not strong enough. As I work to strengthen those weak spots, and focus on *not* letting my knees turn in but keeping them pointing straight as I move, my body will readjust and I will be able to do more of the things I want to do.

Feeling great and looking forward to another successful day tomorrow!


Jane said...

It sounds like going back on Medifast has been a good thing for you. Weight does a number on knees and other joints. My knees have been bothering me lately, as well. I didn't think about the results of being overweight for years--when I was younger. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting back on a plan that works for you. I'm so glad you're feeling better already.


MargieAnne said...

That was really interesting about how you compensate for being heavy by walking differently. I can look forward to waddling less and placing my feet straight forward on stairs.


Amy said...

I stumbled upon your blog today, and I am so thankful I did. I started Medifast 3 months ago with only 40 lbs to lose.. I have lost 25 so far, but with all the holiday garbage around, succumbed to temptation. I haven't lost anything since Thanksgiving mostly since I have been eating sweets but this last week has been terrible!! Anyways, I gained 1.5 lbs this week and it was so disappointing.. not to mention I feel like crap!! Point being.. thank you for writing about your experience..its nice to see someone else fall off the bandwagon and not throw in the towel and just keep on going. I made the meatloaf tonight and my family loved it, so thanks for that as well! Keep up the good work and thank you for being my inspiration today when I needed it badly! Will look forward to reading more from you!!

Anonymous said...

Today was about 1000 calories for you, how could that be with real food?


7AM: green tea
8AM: Medifast Cranberry Mango drink
10AM: Medifast Cinnamon Pretzels
Noon: Medifast Peanut Butter Crunch, 12 oz coffee with sugar free syrup in it and 2 Tablespoons of half and half. (6oz)
3PM: Medifast Hot Cocoa mixed with the rest of that coffee.
6PM: chicken breast with 1 1/2 cups of cooked veggies, probably broccoli.
8PM: I will have a Medifast brownie.

Real food:

7AM: Green Tea (0 calories)

8AM: Smoothie made with frozen strawberries, raspberries and 1/4 cup plain yogurt, Stevia if needed (140 calories)

10AM: 1/4 cup Trek Mix--Cashew, Almond and Cranberries (160 calories)

Noon: 1 slice Ezekiel bread with Peanut Butter, Coffee with 1T Half & Half and Stevia, if needed. 100 calorie Fruit of Choice (330 calories)

3PM: Green Tea with a splash of Milk and Agave (80 calories)--this could be Coffee with a splash of Chocolate Syrup and a bit of Milk

6PM: Chicken Breast with Veggies (200 calories)

8PM: Berries, Apple, Orange, Pink Grapefruit...choose one at about (100 calories)

1010 calories

I commented the other day about needing to keep myself at about 1000 calories at my age and with my simple carbohydrate problems. The real food thing is controlled a bit better by me when I write down what I am going to eat in the morning in a food journal. It gives me something to mentally reference during the day and I am less likely to eat mindlessly. I know you food journal also, but just to's one thing I do to stay in control and think about my plan for the day. If I were this far into Medifast as you are, and with it being provided for you, I would make the choice to stay on through transition. But when you get there, maybe this could help you see that even living a life of restricted calories can offer up a LOT of food. If I went over with a little indulgence on this day, say a 200 something calorie treat, I would still be ok. As I got farther into maintaining my weight, I found a little piece of fruit pie or jam on an english muffin went pretty well. I can't do twinkies or such junk. I don't think I can ever have Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in the house again, ever.

A step at a time :::hugs:::

Lisa said...

yay for good days!

Kelly L said...

You continue to motivate me...
Thank you.

Love to you
I've Become My Mother

Erin said...

Wow! I am so glad you're already seeing such a marked result of returning to your medifast diet...that is really great news. As for your joint issues, your physical therapist cleared up something that has always been in my mind as I've watched the Biggest Loser contestants as they lose the weight...their body mechanics stay really odd and I wondered if they'd have to have someone work with them to resolve those issues. It makes total sense.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! And very interesting about the body's compensating ways. I've had low back pain recently after losing about 100 lbs and was confused by this development. A PT told me something similar to yours, that my body's center of gravity had shifted but I was still moving as if it was the same as before.

Congrats on the improved eating! You've got this!

Louise said...

ohthankgod. I'm sure I wasn't the only one worried about you. Keep it up (and off) :-)

NAN said...

I think you could have done the same without medifast food by planning your meals and snacks- that is what I have been doing. Breakfast- 2 scrambled eggs, spinach and clementine; lunch tuna with mayo, celery, onion on low carb tortilla, cottage cheese, snack....etc. I think you got scared too soon and yes, that weight gain was not due to healthy food you prepared but sweets, right? For some reason with the medifast food, you avoid it- why not with regular food or is that a different mindset you have? You know a lot about losing weight and how your body works- that is awesome.

Anne H said...

"Easy Does It" through the Holiday Season, expecially!
And by the way - Happy Holiday Season to you!

gaelowyn said...

Glad to read you're feeling better!! I agree with you.. stick w/what you know works. and Kudos to you for having the courage to actually test yourself like you did!! Sometimes I think we need to do that.. to prove to ourselves in a very visceral way what we know is best, to remind ourselves of how much we have changed!
I'm finding that in the program i'm doing.. the sugar fixes/candy etc just aren't worth it either!!
Thanks again for very meaningful posts!!

gaelowyn said...

oh.. I forgot to add HOW IMPORTANT PT WILL BE FOR YOU!! I had a shoulder injury/surgery followed by PT. because of crappppy insurance, I only had xx amount of time do to PT. I'm officially done w/PT appointments w/a slew of stuff they gave me to do at home. I've been slacking on that. and I'm totally paying the price right now as I'm in some pretty serious pain!! now i have to do a mini-restart of pt at home and work my way back up to where I was just a week and a half ago!!
moral of the story.. if you dont' use it, you lose it!! keep up w/PT exercises at home, as well as the appointments. They truly are VITAL! :) good luck!

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful physical therapist, and I'll bet he's grateful to have such a WONDERFUL client! It must mean the world to him to work with someone he can really help, who's motivated and willing to do her share (and more). You're learning so much, and you're sharing what you're learning here!

Colleen said...

I just wanted to add that all the people suggesting you could achieve the same sort of diet with "real food" probably don't understand the importance of ketosis and it's hunger/craving suppressing effects. Not to mention how challenging it is to stay around 85g carbs when doing your own food prep. The first "anonymous" commenter's diet plan contains a ton of fruit, which IIRC, is the sort of thing you ate on one of your first days off plan that led to a ton of cravings. Sometimes I wonder if people come to your blog and just read one post or something. Either way, you know what works for you, go with that.

Anonymous said...

So then switch the fruit out with veggies or nuts. Eat enough small portions protien and whole grains throughout the day to keep the fruit from being an issue.

Or, stay on Medifast forever and never eat fruit again?

Calories are still calories, and I don't think a smoothie made with fruit and some yogurt prompts the cravings. Grapefruit don't prompt cravings for me...and I live with the same issues that Lynn does.

Gaelowyn- AKA shell said...

every BODY is different. you may have similar issues as lynn.. but you DO NOT have HER body. what prompts cravings for you physically or mentally may not do so for Lynne and Vice versa.. so deal with that bit of knowledge. REMEMBER.. your body and issues will NEVER be the same as someone else's.. even if it were your IDENTICAL TWIN!!
She's going back to what she knows works.. what will help her work on her physical, emotional, intellectual, etc sides so that in the FUTURE.. when she is ready to transition to "real food" she can do so knowing the ground work has been completed and that she is REALLY ready!
gosh.. some people have to be so negative and know it all! and can't even put their NAMES to it!

w0rld4vamps said...

You know I've noticed the way I've been stepping lately and it really is an interesting thing. Sure I haven't lost TOO much weight yet but 40 lbs really does make a difference. It's time I talked to my doctor. Thanks for the reminder!

I'm happy you're feeling better!

Lyn said...

Well, I dunno. What about the 20 months I calorie counted, ate fruits and whole grains but was unable to lose another pound and keep it off, even after losing 64 pounds that way? I think something changed in my body along with the weight loss. If calorie counting and whole foods was going to work for me I think it would've worked at some point in those 20 months.

However it could and does certainly work for some people.

As to staying on Medifast forever and never eating fruit again, no. The transition adds fruit back in, 2 servings per day. I think people get wound up too much in thinking that we MUST do whatever we do to lose weight "forever." I don't plan on losing weight forever. Eating very low carb at this point results in weight loss. Adding fruit back in does not. I love fruit and will add it back in when I reach my goal weight and work on maintenance.

As I said earlier, part of what I like about Medifast is that I have almost no hunger or cravings. That's due to eating about 85g carbs per day. Adding back in a slice of whole grain bread and a piece of fruit was enough to make me feel hungry and crave more. Maybe it will be different if I add them back in slowly, one at a time. We'll see.

Patricia said...

Hey Lyn, I'm curious about something. During the period of time you calorie counted, ate fruits and whole grains, and lost 64 lbs., and the next 20 months of doing the same but no weight loss, were you having the hunger and cravings during this period as well? I'm wondering if maybe you did but just had an iron will during the time you actually lost then became less capable of willing your way through it resulting in the 20 months of no loss.

(The answer may be reflected in your posts from that time, but I only found you this past summer and haven't read back that far.)

Katherine said...


Ive been a lurky-type reader for a while now, but just wanted to comment and say how well-written and insightful your blog is.

(The quote key on my laptop is broken, so please dont mind the poor grammar.)

Also, that Ive been in similar food/carb addiction struggles and it is a constant process. Ive stopped making it a battle, because I know I wont win. Ive accepted that I cant eat like a (quote) normal (unquote) person unless I want to feel terrible, and yes, gain weight and aggravate health problems. And Ive accepted that I will (probably always) be hyper-aware of any dessert-type food in the house or at a party.

I have found a couple blood sugar support supplements to be helpful with managing cravings and tendency to overeat. I take a high dose of the mineral manganese (not magnesium, though that can be helpful in other ways) and 100-300mg alpha-lipoic acid, which improves the cells ability to use glucose (glucose intolerance is common in overeaters; our cells arent absorbing glucose from the blood so we eat more and more and our blood sugar level goes up but our cells still dont get what they need).

I know you get a lot of advice on here, but I just wanted to share :)

Lyn said...


no iron will here! But I think I just needed less of a deficit to lose. In fact in the beginning I was eating something like 10 servings of fruit every day! So instead of junk, I always turned to fruit for a sweet fix and it was fine because I was so obese that I still lost weight on 1800-1900 cal/day. I used fruit for most of my cravings. I ate tons of veggies for my hunger. I did have occasional binge slip ups but still had an overall deficit to lose weight.

When I got down in the 214-224 range, having 3 or 4 binges a month was enough to undo all the good I did the other 28 days of the month so I would lose 5, regain 5, lose 6, regain 6, over and over. I was not able to cut the binges out completely until I started Medifast, and I think that was because of the mild ketosis state I was in. Same thing tho, after several months I started having 3 or 4 "off" days a month (not binges, but off plan) and stopped losing much weight.

If I stay 100% on plan with Medifast I only have hunger or cravings twice a month during hormone related times.

Lyn said...


Thank you for the tips. I will look into it :)

Lanie Painie said...

wow. who knew? thanks for the info

laine said...

That is so interesting! Thanks for sharing that info from the PT. I hope you continue to feel better!

Hanlie said...

I totally get that! I often think that I will have to unlearn the rolling waddle that has become my walking style... And of course the way in which I sit down, get up, etc will also have to change when I lose weight. Therapy is actually a great idea!