Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun and Therapy

I had a LOT of fun yesterday skating with my little girl. Every time I sit down and start tying roller skates on my feet, I get a thrill of excitement that reminds me of being in sixth grade again. I just LOVE going around on the wooden floors with all the kids out there. I cannot even tell you how happy it makes me to be out there with my child instead of watching or just sitting home. It's really nice to live life.

We have had some company staying with us and it's been very pleasant and enjoyable. There's a lot of food, though, and I am not one to broadcast my "dieting" to anyone I am not super close to. They certainly know I've lost a lot of weight; in fact, one of them when they saw me just said, "oh... wow!" It was kinda cute! So last night we went to a buffet, where I carefully chose the most nutritious, on-plan foods I could in eyeballed portions. My protein was mainly chicken breast with a few bites of tofu and 2 bites of pork; my veggies were plain cold sliced cucumbers, a lot of broccoli, a few mushrooms and other on-plan veggies. I drank water and skipped dessert. The only variable is that the veggies were in a curry sauce, so I did ingest a little of that, but not much as it mostly drained off onto my plate (I had no rice). I am guess I had 1-2 Tablespoons of sauce, and counted it as a fat and my condiments for the day.

Today I went to physical therapy and again they kicked my butt! Seriously, it is quite a workout. I just love the people there and my therapist is awesome! He understands where I am coming from and what my goals are and we work together wonderfully. So he added a very difficult exercise to my routine, which already included biking to warm up, shallow wall squats, calf raises, balancing on one foot on a mini trampoline (this is hard to do!), lying leg raises on each side and on my back, hamstring pulls on a machine, four different hip exercises on each leg on a machine, bridges, and several different kinds of weighted and supported leg raises while lying on a table. The one he added has me standing on a 4-inch step with one foot and putting the other foot out in front of me, then lowering myself slowly to touch my heel to the floor and back up, without letting my knee go past my toes. Wow, is it hard to do! I was exhausted when we got done.

Dinner tonight got away from me a bit. I was completely on plan all day and then I was asked to make grilled ham sandwiches for dinner, and I ate one of those and a large bowl of green salad. Ham is too high in sodium to be on plan regularly but the amount (ounces) was about right; however, the roll was a definite no no.

Otherwise, doing great and feeling stronger. I seriously cannot wait for January. It just seems like a much brighter month for me than December, and also feels closer to spring. Life is good :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah for therapy..
Skating? I did that rencently. My butt met the wood floors more than my skates. Hope you have a great new years

Andra said...

And you said you couldn't do squats! Way to go. :)

Lanie Painie said...

Sounds like you've been really busy but enjoying yourself for the most part. Good job doing the therapy even though it isn't easy. You've come a long way baby!

Know what? you won't have to wait long for January!

Anonymous said...

What an upbeat post :) We go to buffets sometimes and that's how I treat them. I fill my plate with lots of veggies and then I get a little bit of something I like to go with it. It sounds like you're doing great :)

Dillypoo said...

"I am not one to broadcast my "dieting" to anyone I am not super close to."

That gave me a giggle. Isn't blogging a form of broadcasting?

Thank you for the laughs, tears and inspiration. I hope you have a wonderful, healthy and happy new year!

Chubby McGee said...

Happy New Year, sweetie! It'll be spring in no time and we'll be feeling and looking even better than ever!


Twix said...


Patricia said...

Happy New Year Lyn!

All the best to you, your kids, and your future pup.

Thank you for all you share.

LHA said...

All the best to you in 2011! May it be a healthy and happy year for all.

beerab said...

Great job Lyn :) My husband went to therapy and it helped him so much for his knee (hurt it being a dumb guy and wrestling with his brother- might I add the DAY BEFORE OUR WEDDING).

Happy New Year

Lynn Haraldson said...

Happy new year, Lyn! I love you you've embraced PT with the same curiousity and determination you did with weight loss. You always continue to inspire me and wake me up. {{Lyn}}

Alain said...


this is Alain.

you're truly an inspiration. I admire you for how hard you are working out. Looking forward to keeping up with your progress.

Would you mind if I mention your blog on my blog?

Lyn said...


Mentions are always welcome :)