Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey Soup and Beer Bread

Good heavens, I do not like what the scale is saying to me right now, but I am 100% on plan and figure it has to stabilize back down and hit a new low eventually.

Today I am making my favorite, delicious Turkey Soup and Beer Bread (soup for everyone, bread for the kids) for dinner. If you have turkey bones in the fridge from Thanksgiving... wings, drumsticks, and/or just the whole leftover turkey) I urge you to make some soup out of it! Turkey bones make fantastic stock. Even if you're not in the mood for soup, just make the stock and freeze it for later. You won't regret it! The recipe is in the link above, but I tweaked it a bit today:

Yesterday I threw the whole turkey carcass, wings, skin, all the pan drippings etc in a big pot of water and leftover chicken broth with a bunch of garlic, onions, celery tops, a bay leaf, thyme, poultry seasoning, sliced ginger, bit of cayenne, carrots, black pepper, and sea salt. I simmered it all with the lid on for 3 hours. Oh, the house smelled fantastic! Kids were running into the kitchen drooling and asking for whatever was cooking! Then I strained out the bones and threw them away. I cooled the broth slightly, put it in my fat separator (I love this tool and use it all the time!) and put the defatted broth through a mesh sieve back into the pot. I put that big pot of cooled, very flavorful broth in the fridge to use today (but you can use it right away!)

I am going to warm it up and make 2 different pots of soup. The large pot, for the kids, will have diced celery, chunks of leftover turkey, carrots, potatoes, leftover gravy for thickening, and some large egg noodles. The small pot, for me, will have diced celery, turkey breast chunks, chopped fresh kale, and whatever other veggies I find in the fridge... maybe green beans, broccoli, and zucchini. I *love* the smell of turkey soup and I can hardly wait for a nice, warming dinner!

Try it, you will love it! Enjoy your Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I make this sort of thing every few weeks! I get a roasted chicken from the grocery store and we eat that for dinner that night. Then the next day I pick off the meat and toss the rest into the pot to make stock. Then I freeze some and make the rest into chicken noodle soup! LOVE IT! We just had some last night. I'm going to be doing this a lot especially now that it's winter.

Sarabei said...

That sounds yummy. I assume you can make stock with any type of poultry the same way? (long time cook, who has never before made stock. haha)

Lyn said...


yep! I often make it with the bones from a chicken. There is a Magic Chicken Soup recipe on my recipe page (link at the top of the blog).

Lynna said...

My aunt tossed her beautiful turkey carcass in the garbage disposal! No amount of pleading on my part could persuade her that a lovely soup beckoned. Ahh, well, guess I'll have to cook my own turkey now that I'm home. Enjoy your bounty!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love beer bread. In my former life, I used to make a loaf (similar recipe) and eat the whole thing in under a day, each piece slathered in butter. And if I was too lazy to make it, I'd buy a loaf from this local eatery that sells it for $7/each-totally worth it! My gosh, I'm nearly drooling on my keyboard.