Monday, November 22, 2010

Food Fight

Yesterday I was really battling with food a lot. I worked hard to get through the day eating healthy foods, but it seemed every decision was a battle. By dinnertime I was exhausted mentally from constantly trying to make right choices while battling a sugar withdrawal migraine in my head.

I made some good choices, some okay choices, and some bad ones. I made really great choices for the first 3 meals/snacks of the day: perfectly on-plan. When I took one of my sons to work, I had to wait for an hour and a half for him. Usually I go shopping or something but I had a migraine. We went and sat in a nearby cafe (bad idea). My intention was to get a cup of soup (would have been a good idea) and let my daughter have a pancake or something while we waited. However when we got in there and the smells of the food hit me I was suddenly famished. It took everything in me not to order onion rings, seriously. But I had a plain roast beef sandwich, no mayo, no cheese, and a side of a small cup of soup. Not disastrous, but a sandwich roll is definitely not on plan. I drank water.

On the way home I bought a Starbucks low fat mocha, "because I had a headache" and the caffeine/sugar combo makes the headache go away. It did, but when I got home I came to my senses and dumped the remaining half of the mocha down the drain.

In the evening I made tacos for the kids (made with grass fed lean local beef), and I made myself a big salad of Romaine and spinach, with light Salsa Ranch dressing and a small amount of the beef (maybe 2 oz).

All was well until evening. I started getting "the urge" so I raced around throwing everything tempting in the trash (a couple of candy bars that my kids had laying around from Halloween, some crackers, gave some nuts and trail mix to my teens to have for later). By 10pm I was actually hungry and made myself a piece of whole wheat bread with cheese melted on it, and a bowl of Ramen.

Well, I've made some new decisions here. I generally don't buy junk and have it in the house, BUT I have always kept a *few* things like Ramen in the house for my teens. Guess what, they don't need Ramen either and I have had it with this crap food. For the first time in my entire life I am not going to buy Ramen anymore. Not even having it in the house. Might sound silly to you, but I have always had it as a staple for when my kids wanted a quick easy lunch. So it is going to be a big change and I need to find a substitute "easy" lunch. Some of them like tuna so I keep that on hand but I need to have some other easy things they will eat, that I won't go nuts over.

The less exposure I have to off plan foods, the less likely I will actually go off plan.

Now, for the physical part. I want to thank Eva who sent me a very uplifting and helpful email full of information this morning. When I read it, a light bulb went on. Yes, I have a major knee and joint problem (as I wrote about yesterday) that is quite limiting to my activity. BUT, after reading Eva's story, I am thinking I need another doctor consult on the condition of my knees, AND a new physical therapist. My old PT was no help at all. Maybe if I get a good one, and now with 100 pounds gone, they might be able to actually help me with my mobility issues. It's worth a try. I got on the phone this morning and made a call, and I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of days to talk about this issue. Thank you Eva! I feel new hope.

That's all for now... I am off to enjoy a bowl of cabbage soup.


Judy said...

we were on the same wave length! After a weekend of eating waaaaay off plan, I went through the refrigerator/freezer/pantry and got rid of all the crap food - some of which was never opened! The temptation was just too much! Of course, there is nothing left to eat and payday isn't until the 30th! oops! guess it's tuna and canned green beans for the rest of the month!

-J.Darling said...

I usually keep some Smart Ones or Lean Cuisins in my freezer for the "quick fix" dinners when I don't feel like cooking. Maybe that will help your kids? All they have to do is nuke it, and most of them are at least paletable.

Anonymous said...

I have been having the urge to go a little crazy lately, too. My brain tells me "just a little bit won't hurt" but when it's "just a little bit" of this and then 20 minutes later it's "Just a little bit of that" it starts to add up. Good for you for fighting it off and doing what you have to do to stay on track!

Shelley said...

I don't keep certain foods around the house either because of the temptation when I am tired/starving/bored/'s just not worth the struggle. And you are so right about your kids not needing that stuff either - that was a big turning point for me, to not feed my son (ok, he was feeding himself as a HS senior) the crap that I wasn't allowing myself to eat.

Lanie Painie said...

Sounds like these changes are just what you need. If you get your mobility back to where you want it, you'll be UNSTOPPABLE!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lyn,
I am wondering if it is just that time of year for the eating! I have been struggling too. I ate about 80% on my clean eating plan this past week, so I count that as a success! I have a recipe for sweet potatoes that you might be able to try. I baked about three sweet potatoes either in the microwave or the oven until I can peel the skin off and mash them up. Once I mash them up I squeeze a little bit orange juice from the orange into the mix and then I add cinnamon and ginger to taste. This is a recipe for clean eating that I found online. I am not sure if you can have the orange juice or not while on medifast but I thought these mashed sweet potatoes were awesome!
Sarah L.

Anonymous said...

Ramen is bad now, high salt before, but now it has MSG in the seasoning packet, which is really abd for bloating a person up for a long time, or at least this person. But if you look everything has MSG in it now. I've researched it, it can mess with chemicals int he brain to make you eat and not realize you're full and things like that. And the government allows it, which then they complain that we eat too much and bad foods. Makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry in a nice glass feels and tastes like a holiday treat.