Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feeling Better

I am feeling much, MUCH better today, and have been on plan with no junky stuff at all. I threw out the sugar I'd bought last month to make a birthday cake for my son and was hanging onto to make Christmas cookies. It was bothering me, calling me to make brownies and cookies and stuff. I am better off without it.

I have been taking my D3 and other vitamins, and have been using my Sunrise clock every morning too. I have it set to rise between 6 and 7am. The light is very cool. It turns itself on *very dimly* at 6am and then gets brighter and brighter in small increments, like a sunrise, until it is at full brightness at 7am. I am waking up naturally around 6:45 each morning from the "sunrise" and that is much better than having a blaring alarm or a kid wake me up in the dark at 7. It feels like spring in the morning instead of winter. I originally had it set to take 30 minutes to "rise" but that was too fast for my brain, I guess, because I was still kinda groggy and even had a headache one morning. The 60 minute sunrise is just perfect. I am also using my Day Light full spectrum lamp, but not every day. I think I have more energy when I use it between 11am and 3pm. I also feel way better when I don't eat sugar.

I am pretty bloated, though, from my monthly cycle and the scale is not budging back downwards. It will, eventually. Funny thing today... I was out trying to find some snow boots for my little girl, and as I was walking up to the store I saw my reflection in the big glass doors. It's the first time I have seen myself at this weight in a winter coat and boots. I thought, "damn, I look good! I still look normal even though I feel huge." My legs did not look like stuffed sausages protruding out of the poofy coat and squooshed into wide boots. They looked like regular legs, kind sexy even in the boots. With space between them and everything. Way cool.

Tomorrow begins a whole new month. Winter is here!


spunkysuzi said...

I'm so glad to hear your feeling better! Glad the light is helping you.
Believe you me i know what you mean by bloat. I'm a week and a half overdue and it had better come soon :)
There's no better feeling that when you know you look good and sexy!! Go you!

Renea said...

I could use somthing like both of the lights.I have severe fatigue with MS.. So I will try anything. But wow those are pricy!

Anonymous said...

Lyn - please email me. I had WLS AND STILL cannot lose as much weight as I expected. I need some advise.



Anonymous said...

Yeah for sexy leges! Congrats!

Lanie Painie said...

don't say cookies. I have to bake some next week and I'm trying to think of a kind that I don't like so that I can resist them.

wendy said...

My husband has a sunrise clock too and it is pretty cool. I like it.

Steelers6 said...

Way cool indeed on your reflection, and view of yourself.

I liked your little nsv the other day about the doctor's scale too.

I hope it's ok if I share a small one myself here. (since I'm blogless!) I was doing a phone survey after shopping a store that has a plus side and a reg side. They asked me to hit __# if I shopped the plus side, and __# if the misses or whatever they called the other dept. I actually didn't have to punch the plus side prompt! I don't need it. Wahoo. It's starting to sink in. Yeah, just a little day brightener. It's the little things sometimes.

Here's to you lookin' foxy in a coat! Chrissy