Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weigh In and Other Stuff

I weigh pretty much every morning, but I only "count" my losses on Sundays and on the first of the month. This gives me a nice graph of my daily weight (over 3 years time) and also gives me feedback on how I did, overall, in any given week or month. I like it that way.

This week, I stayed 100% on plan. I walked a mile five days this week. I felt good. Today I weighed in at 185 pounds, which is an 8 pound loss for the week. (Before you get too excited, remember that last week I ate a lot of carby extras and sodium and GAINED nine pounds, so this week was pretty much a reversal of those damages). I am pleased. Heading in the right direction again. My low last month was 184, and I expect to surpass that shortly.

What else is new?
- My daughter has a sinus infection. She's on antibiotics again but feeling okay.
-My oldest son, who you all wonderfully have prayed for and sent positive thoughts for, seems to be stable for now and has the medication he needs. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts!
-I am loving the change of seasons and looking forward to the crunch of leaves underfoot and their smell in the air.
-I so enjoy walking my daughter to Kindergarten every day. I am happy I get to help in her class for a couple hours once a week.
-My youngest son has missed a lot of school and had five tubes of blood drawn last week to find out why he isn't feeling well. Sleeping 16-18 hours per day is not normal, even for teenage boys.
-I AM going to finish my workout room this week! So many other things keep taking precedence, but it needs to happen so I can start biking again and add some weights to my routine. I think I can finish it in about 2 hours, IF my son (a non-sick son, who is trying to find a job right now) can help me get the weight machine set up.

I really think I am prepared for fall and winter this year more than I ever have been. When the weather turns ugly I will not be stuck inside wondering what to do about exercise. I can exercise every day if I want to, even indoors! Nothing like a home gym to make fitness convenient! I also have my son's Wii set up so I can do Wii Fit with my daughter. She needs exercise, too!

Enjoy your weekend :)


Debbie said...

I am still going to give you congrats on your loss. I am glad your son is better. Have a good weekend..

D. said...

I'm also going to still congratulate you. Nice work. :)

Results Not Typical Girl said...

Congrats on staying on plan! ((fist bump)). You go girl. Bunches o hugs, Kirsten

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear about your weight loss. Keep up the good work !

Kimberly said...

A good week is still cause for celebration even if you are making up for a prior bad week. So, congrats!

It is folks like you that give me hope that I can finally get over this hump and break on through to the 230s, 220s, and maybe even make Onderland. This weight loss thing isn't always a linear progression and seeing long term consistent stories with all the struggles and then success is such a hopeful thing. Thanks for that.

Blubeari said...

Glad to hear that the prior week's weight came off!! Hope your family feels better. :-)

Lisa said...

Congrats on your loss!

- Lisa

Anonymous said...

Well done on reversing the weight gain Lyn! I love your blog, you are so honest about everything and that takes a lot of courage. I envy you going into Fall - it's my favourite time of year. I'm in Australia, so we are well into Spring - not looking forward to hot Summer and bushfires.

Cynthia said...

Great going! It's always best to follow a bad week with a good one... kind of reinforces what you know you gotta do and gets you back in the habit again.

Still learning that myself, but feeling fairly good about tomorrow's weigh-in. (I'm a Monday's gal, but I also weigh daily.)

spunkysuzi said...

Two thumbs up for a great week!
So glad everything seems to going in a good direction.
Hope your daughter and son feel better soon!
Glad your other son has what he needs now.
Have a good week Lyn!

Stephanie said...

Congrats! That's an excellent loss, and a great achievement staying on plan 100%

MargieAnne said...

Great recovery. We all need to learn how to do this.

-J.Darling said...

Great job on walking a mile a day! Are you feeling better and wanting to get moving more? I walk 3 miles on most days (just running errands) and eat about the same amount of calories you do.

Lyn said...

J. Darling~

feeling great! I would walk ten miles if my knees could take it, but my limit is two miles. I can do 2 miles if I am not on my feet all day that day. Torn meniscus, severe degenerative arthritis, and bone spurs in my knees. Ouch!

I think I can bike AND walk, though, we'll see.

Dinah Soar said...

Sounds like your son might have mono--common for people his age. Both my kids had it in college.

Taking 5 tube of blood is pretty typical when you have lab work done and they are checking for a few things, so not to worry too much.

And the little one with the sinus infection--does she have seasonal allergies? Most kids nowadays do. Mine did--we were at the pediatrician every other week with ear infections and strep throat.

Sounds like you have a normal life.

On the weight loss front, congratulations for getting back into the groove. We can all slip out. It's what we do following the slip that impacts us dramatically.

You've hopped right back in and are on the road to success.

Before you know it you will have reached your goal! Maybe by Christmas??

Rosie said...

You are looking fantastic! I weigh myself every day too. Fluctuations probably aren't good for the head, but I can't make myself wait a whole week for the official weigh ins!

chris mcpeake said...

Keep sticking to the plan. Great job

Crabby McSlacker said...

Congrats on staying 100% on plan! I don't think I've ever done anything 100% the way I planned, whether it was dietary or anything else.

And good luck on finding the time to set up your home exercise space--it is SO WORTH IT to know you can always get a workout in no matter what the weather's like.

Linda said...

Lyn, I went out over the weekend. Something I don't do often. I decided to have a meal last night that was definitely off program for me. Buffet style no less. But today, this day of meals needs to be different. While I know this won't be the firt or the last time that I have a heavy calorie laden meal, or the last time that I make some bad choices, there MUST be a difference in my damage control. It's done, I can't change it, not sure I would if I could :)

But what I do want to change is how long it takes to get back to my healthy food plan. So with that being said, no time like the present. It is not okay for me to eat whatever I want today. What is okay is for me to not starve myself to make up for the damage. I just need to get back on track and start counting my calories and make healthy choices again. That's all. Nothing dramatic needs to happen even if the scale shows a 3lb gain. I know it's from the abundance of carbs and sodium and less than healthy choices I made last night. Each day, everyday I decide one bite at a time, what is most important to me. Today I need to love myself enough to feed myself healthy nutritious foods so I can reach my weight loss goals. We are in this together my friend.
I am so happy to see you loving yourself too.

Linda in Oregon

FYT614 said...

@Rosie--I kind of see the fluctuations as a way to reflect on how my body reacts to certain foods or even combonations of foods.

@Lyn--Very nice rebound.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I just found your blog through the Medifast site. I read all of your posts today, starting with when you started on medifast. You are such an inspiration. I am a sahm as well in my early 40s. I like to read about people I can relate to. I did great on my first day. Thanks for the great read - will continue to check back. Also, love the recipes. Tomorrow I plan to buy my first spaghetti squash :)