Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Weigh In of the Month

I posted a couple times over the weekend: an animated shrinking me and a yummy Halloween recipe (in case you missed them... not many people seem to read blogs on Saturdays, but I post anyway!) But now it's time for my last weigh in of October and a little report on that party I went to.

This morning I weighed in at 175 pounds. That's 2 pounds gone this week. I am pleased with that! I was on plan all week but barely got in any walking. It's been rainy, plus I was not feeling well for 3 days. I stuck to my eating plan really well and that is a victory.

We were invited to a party the other day, and while I personally am not much of a party-goer, my little girl was very excited to go. The invitation said there's be a dinner and we could bring something if we wanted to. Great! My plan was deviled eggs and a raw veggie plate. I could eat that for my dinner and be just fine. However, I felt so icky for a couple days prior that I wasn't even sure I was going. And then on the last day, I felt better but didn't get to the store in time. My lack of good planning meant I was totally unsure what food would be at this party. So I was wondering: should I eat before I go? Maybe they will have something I can eat. I ended up deciding to bring a Medifast bar in my purse and hope for the best.

When we arrived I was met with the smells of so much yummy food, and a large spread on 2 tables: pizzas, chips, dips, nachos, crackers, pigs in blankets, sausages baked in dough, cookies, pies, and pastries. I saw nothing I could eat. In the past I have done the "eat all the toppings and cheese off the pizza but leave the crust" low carb thing, but I did not want to draw attention to myself so I skipped the pizza. After an hour or so of just water (alcohol was being served) I found a quiet spot and ate my Medifast bar. I figured I'd eat real food when I got home. But after another 2 hours I was hungry again. It was getting late. Then I saw that a latecomer had brought some smoked salmon, ricotta spread, and crackers. I took about 2 oz of salmon and a scoop of ricotta on my plate and ate it with a fork. SO good! Thank goodness for that salmon. We got home before 9 and I whipped up some chicken tenderloins and broccoli on the stove.

One cool thing that happened before the party was this: I needed a costume. I have not worn a Halloween costume in as long as I can remember. I couldn't think of anything. I looked around and found a witches' hat in my daughter's dress-up box, and it fit me. Then I dug around in my kids' Halloween box and found a black, sleeved robe type thing with jagged edges. I figured that could pass for 'witch' so I tried it on (even though it was a child/young teen sized costume) and IT FIT! I was shocked. Even my arms fit fine. I took it off and looked at the tag and it said, "size 12/14." Wow, very cool. So I wore that.

Life is good. Happy Halloween!

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with its products for my personal use for free. I am not paid or compensated in any other way for mentioning their products. Medifast states an "average weight loss of up to 2 to 5 pounds a week."*


Vickie said...

good for you in being able to handle being around all that non-food. that is a very hard thing. And great job on the costume. I hadn't thought about it, but I wouldn't have any type of costume either.

congrats on hitting 175lbs that is a milestone number (in my opinion) because it is well away from the 200's.

glad you are feeling better

Anonymous said...

175 pounds. That´s well done. I am glad you enjoyed your Holloween party.

Shane G. said...

Lyn, congrats on self control and restrain. I have to admit, the pizza probably would have been the death knell for me. I have purposely avoided pizza along the way. I know there will be a show down one day and I think I will win, but I am not ready for it yet.

Congrats on the 2 pounds gone as well. That is impressive stuff lady! And yet one more congrats on the costume NSV! Feels good don't it?

Blubeari said...

Avoiding the part food; IRON WILL

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is such an accomplishment with your handling the eating...and you even had a skinny girl Halloween costume! LOL! Way to go!!!

spunkysuzi said...

Good for you on dealing with the situation and not giving up!! Proud of you kiddo :)

Spaghetti Cat said...

Yay you did great, hope you had a blast!

Cynthia said...

Very impressive! I don't know if I could've made it through a party spread like that when hungry! You rock!

The pizza would've done me in. I could sooner give up ice cream for life than give up pizza.

Barbara said...

Great job avoiding all the non-plan food. Congrats on hitting 175, I'm so happy for you. Woohoo for fitting into that costume too, that's AWESOME! You go girl.

Tammy said...

Great job on another 2 lbs down!! You're 5 lbs away from my goal weight. :) And FANTASTIC job w/ the eating at the party...woo hoo! :)

Diana said...

Great loss Lynn and congrats on the costume. We now weigh the same, nd I also wore a size 10-12 witch costume for Halloween.

I posted something about you today and please don't take it the wrong way. I really do admire what you've done, and I'm doing the competition thing for me. To inspire myself to keep up with you. :)

Anonymous said...

You are such a great writer. I hope you do something with this talent. You mentioned going back for you PhD and I hope whatever you end up doing allows for expression of the way you speak from the heart to all of us.

I am going through a similar withdrawal from BED and have mixed feelings about it. I certainly feel better in most aspects, but without the emotional rush from food like mac and cheese, there's definitely a sadness that's coming through.