Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What I Ate, and Weight Head Games

I am so excited to be home! I cannot believe how different I feel after a vacation. I used to come home exhausted and bummed to get back to "real life." I used to walk in the door and hate having to clean and deal with all the dust (I am terribly allergic and sensitive to dust. I even get nosebleeds if I don't keep my bedroom relatively dust-free.) But yesterday, I walked in, felt completely refreshed and actually excited to get back to my beautiful life. I cleaned out the fridge and started dusting last night, and this morning I have already started on the laundry, cleaned two bathrooms and mopped the floors upstairs. And I feel great! SO energized and alive. This is what life is supposed to be like.

It's funny, when I was still on vacation (and the last few days I admit my eating was quite high carb and off plan), I started "feeling fat." I started worrying that I would go back over 200 pounds because of all the food I was eating. I started having these negative thoughts, and every time I got dressed I fully expected my clothes to be too tight to wear. But they weren't. I put on my jeans, and they fit the same. I had to have a little talk with myself. "Listen, self. You have to be realistic. You are off plan a bit but you're not binge eating. Your body looks and feels THE SAME. Your clothes fit THE SAME. You are NOT 200 pounds. You have NOT gained a bunch of weight, even though your head is telling you that you have. Your body IS NOT FATTER." And when I stepped on the scale this morning, feeling bloated, retaining water a bit, and fearing the worst, I was pleasantly surprised with 190. That's up 2 pounds, but I know that with all the exercise I did I actually LOST some fat. Once the water bloat is gone, I'll have a new low, probably by Sunday.

Now for a little summary of how I ate. My goal was to stay on Medifast as closely as possible, and if it became difficult to get the foods I needed I'd stay low carb at least. I had some excellent moments and some awful ones, but honestly did not let my eating dictate how I felt about myself or how much I enjoyed my vacation. I took a huge box of Medifast food with me as well as a cooler for lean protein and veggies. Some highlights:

On the road, we stopped and had a picnic. I packed sandwiches for the kids, and I enjoyed Medifast pretzels, a bottle of water, and an ounce of low fat cheese as we took in the gorgeous scenery.

In the evening we stayed at a hotel. We got our dinner at a grocery store to prepare in the room. I picked up a grilled chicken Caesar salad (no croutons, half the dressing) and a hard boiled egg. I also bought a bag of fresh broccoli and steamed it in the microwave, and ate half (plain).

The next morning there was a free breakfast at the hotel. I had a hard boiled egg and 2 sausage links (high fat, not on plan, but no carbs). I did not feel deprived of the French toast and cinnamon rolls because I had a cup of plain green tea, some ice water, and a cup of coffee with Splenda and cream in it as well.

Dinner at a restaurant was on plan: baked Halibut with a side of steamed veggies and a garden salad, dressing on the side. The hotel also had an evening buffet and I had a few cheese cubes and some cucumbers & celery dipped in Ranch.

While camping, the kids did the traditional hot dogs & smores over the campfire, and another night I made burgers for them. I did a chicken breast and asparagus in foil for myself, and the next night I made turkey sausages with mustard and ate the rest of that broccoli I brought along. I continued eating my Medifast meals as well, and having low fat cheese as snacks.

Another day we stopped at a place called Pig 'N' Pancake for our big meal of the day. The kids all had pancakes, burgers, etc. I ordered an omelet (they didn't have Egg Beaters) filled with broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, and squash with some Jack cheese. I also had 2 pieces of bacon (not on plan, but omg so good). I drank my coffee with Splenda and cream. We hiked over 3 miles on this day and I had a slice of ham wrapped around some light cheese as a snack.

At one point we visited a favorite ice cream factory that we have gone to every time we hit the coast for the past 11 years. They have a flavor of ice cream there that you can't buy in stores. It's my favorite ice cream I always used to get 2 scoops on a waffle cone. When we were there, I was seriously debating. One scoop, right? I mean, I can ONLY get this once a year (and didn't get any last year). But then I saw they had sugar free flavors, so I got one scoop of sugar free ice cream and tossed the cone. It was good. I also got one scoop of "the favorite flavor" in a dish with 4 spoons and took ONE bite, and shared the rest with the kids. So I got my fix and was okay.

After this, I started getting a little lax... focusing on low carb but eating a bit more fat than usual. At a cafe, they did not have ANYTHING that wasn't breaded and fried (from frozen) so I had a burger with mushrooms and Swiss cheese (threw out the bun, and ate all the lettuce, pickles and tomatoes that came with it). I ordered a side salad and they forgot to bring it until I had eaten, so I brought that along and had it at dinnertime with a hot dog (no bun). For a snack, I had a tablespoon of peanut butter.

We were back in a hotel after this, and it had an oven in the room so I baked some frozen turkey breast and ate a lot of frozen green beans as well. But I also had a handful of trail mix, a few Sun Chips, some animal crackers, and half a Hershey bar. I think I was getting overwhelmed by all the food exposure (watching the kids eat stuff and being around all the buffets and free goodies). Another day I ate about half a donut and thought I would puke because it was so sugary.

On the final three days of vacation we were staying at a Bed and Breakfast ranch. My eating pretty much fell apart at this point. When I saw that they had no Splenda for the coffee I just shrugged and put some sugar in mine. Breakfast one day was ham, eggs, and a homemade blueberry muffin (half). The next day she made biscuits and gravy. I had oatmeal with brown sugar and pecans. I drank more sugared coffee. We went into town and had milkshakes. Let me tell you, that sucker was WAY TOO SWEET. I drank it anyway, but then felt almost high/swooney from the sugar. I had ice cream on the next day too. And on the way home, you'll be appalled to know that my lunch (from a gas station) was a can of Coke and a cream cheese muffin, followed by half a candy bar. Yikes! :)

As soon as I walked in the door at home, I was 100% back on plan. And I have been since. I have a slight headache from the sugar but am taking Excedrin and staying busy. It's gonna be fine. I am, overall, very pleased with my choices. I don't have to be perfect to be happy OR successful! And I am *so* ready to see the 170's on that scale! It will happen next month, I am sure of it!

It's good to be home.


The Newsham's said...

Love your blog!


Vee said...

I'm visiting family in November ... in KY (I'm in CO) and I'm concerned the same thing will happen to me. Haven't told family I'm working on my health. They'll have lots of alcohol available, dad will make his famous burgers and expect me to eat 2, as I used to, and we'll go out to eat lots. Plus the 2 days trip each way. Gonna have to do some major planning and packing.

Sounds like you did ok to start. Being around people who aren't eating on your plan makes it difficult, doesn't it?!

Vee at

Leslie said...

Lyn, I absolutely love you for being human. We will never be perfect. But as long as we stay in the game and get back on the tracks, we won't derail. (how's that for a string of cliches!)

Crys said...

I hope my entry will be as noble when I return from NYC this weekend! :)

Forget the food; I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation and your time with your family!

Theresa said...

It really is hard once the ball is rolling isn't it? Good job chopping the carbs off as soon as you entered the door. It's like the barrier was crossed and behind it the carbs were left in the dust. :)

-J.Darling said...

It sounds like you have a good grasp of the "one bite rule" - like the ice cream you used with the kids. You can do 1 bite of something you love once a day that is off plan and still lose weight. ;) Just sayin'! ;)

Lori said...

Welcome back!! I think you did great. Life has to have room for ice cream every once in a while. The important thing is that you are back with the program now.

Banded Girl said...

I think Medfast really helped things click for you and give you the confidence to know that you can slip up for a few days and still get back into the way you WANT to eat. I love that you're not beating yourself up and your outlook isn't negative! Good on you!

Shane G. said...

Lyn, I am not ashamed to know you at all girl. I love the description of your active vacation, I love your new found zeal for life and I love that you are already thinking so far ahead to the 170's. That is how you do this bad boy girl!

Ex Fat Girl said...


I love coming to your blog because you really show the ups and downs!!!!

You probably already know this but every once and while it's okay to cave in and have a little of the "bad foods" we just must not let it control us into thinking we are doom and there is no turning back!!!

Welcome back and glad to read you had such a lovely time!

Lanie Painie said...

You're doing well. Don't be too hard on yourself - at least not until you've seen your actual results. lol

freaking awesome body said...

Sounds like you had a good vacation! I think you actually did a good job. I ALWAYS fall of the bandwagon on vacation, but I mean it is called VACATION! I think sometimes we deserve a vacation from the plans. What's important is that you got back on track when you got home! Enjoy the 170's!


jenn said...

Congrats on doing so well with your eating while on vacation. That's not an easy thing to do.

Mrs. Thighs said...

For a vacation, it sounds like you actually did really well with food-- especially since you had less control over what was being prepared. A lot of people, overweight and not, go completely crazy while they're away and the fact that you stayed mostly on plan is quite an accomplishment. Out of curiosity, what is that favorite ice cream flavor?!

Lyn said...

Mrs. Thighs~

white licorice! I detest black licorice but this stuff is sooooo good :)

Hecky Darn said...

It's so nice to have you back! I always love your blog because you're not afraid to admit you are human.

I know you feel like your eating fell apart; but I think if you look at how you ate before you started Medifast you'll still see that it's a sea change from how you used to eat. Even if you weren't on plan, you didn't finish the whole bag of donuts (figuratively) like you might have eight months ago. So go you! I know the 100% OP snobs are probably out there somewhere judging; but in my opinion, you're doing great. It's hard to white knuckle yourself back into 100% OP but you're doing it and moving on with regaining your health! Yay, Lyn!

Maria said...

Love how real and honest you are! You inspire me!

The CilleyGirl said...

I didn't know you were in this area! I am staying away from places like Tillamook for a while so that I won't be tempted by the ice cream (and the homemade fudge). Unfortunately, Pig'n Pancake opened a location in the PDX metro area (I miss French toast) so I just have to close my eyes as I drive by on the freeway.

Lyn said...

The CilleyGirl~

yep, I love it here! I have thought about mentioning my general location on the blog and maybe having a meetup so I could get to know some of the people who read my blog and live nearby. Maybe when I lose another 20 lbs, lol.

Lisa said...

I say yay to going right back on plan and in years past you would have for sure done way worse that those few little slip ups. good for you!