Friday, August 20, 2010

Update, and Physical Endurance

Well, I made it back to 188 pounds today, which is what I weighed when I left on vacation. I guess this is what most 'normal' people do... gain 2 pounds on a 10 day vacation and then lose it pretty fast when they get home. Maybe that's what maintenance is about: not NEVER gaining a pound on a special occasion, but minimizing it and taking care of it instead of ignoring it and continuing to gain. I feel pretty good about this. It is the best I have ever done on a long vacation, and actually my midsection still feels kind of bloated so I think I am still retaining water. Maybe I will hit a new low on Sunday! That would be exciting.

My little one is sick with a sinus infection and ear infection. I am running on very little sleep as she is up in the night coughing a lot. School starts in just over a week, and I have to get my kids all out to shop for clothes, shoes, backpacks, and school supplies! And when my little one is well, she needs her shots to start Kindergarten. It's a busy time of year for us, but one I am energized to take on as soon as my daughter is well.

I had an interesting experience when I was hiking this year. You may remember two summers ago when I hiked a 1.8 mile steep trail in the forest. I weighed 214 pounds at the time, and while it was quite a workout, I did not need to sit down or stop and I got to the top just fine. I was fully expecting to *race* through that path this year since I weigh 26 pounds LESS than I did last time, but it was actually more difficult for me. Yes, I made it without sitting but I did need to stop for a minute to breathe near the summit. And my legs did not have as much strength and endurance as they did before. I was perplexed. Then I realised that 2 years ago, I was in the midst of a very regular exercise routine. I was riding my exercise bike 6 days a week for about 7 miles. I think I was also strength training. But this year I have let the exercise slide quite a bit as I focus on my eating. I have not been biking at all nor have I strength trained in several months. I do take walks... it has become my preferred form of exercise because I so enjoy the good weather. I try and walk 1-2 miles several times a week plus I am more active in my general daily life. But I could seriously tell that my leg muscles are not as in shape as they were when I was biking. Guess I will have to get back on that! It probably affects me in my daily life more than I realise.

I'm off to get stuff done! Have a great weekend.


Debbie said...

I have taken up walking again and I weigh less now then when I first started walking and it was harder on me walking. I have not walked in a while and my legs were week. You will get stronger as you work out more.

Christine said...

By the way, your body was used to carrying around a lot of extra weight, so it was NATURALLY stronger than it is now. Getting back into a strength and cardio routine is a great idea!

bbubblyb said...

That's the tricky part finding that balance for yourself between food and exercise, even just cardio and strength training. It was cool that you realized the differences in yourself in all areas from last year.

Shirley Dockerill said...

Gaining just 2 pounds for a holiday deserves a pat on the back and congratulations.

Like you said, the trick is to remove it as soon as you come back. Maintenance is just that, you go up, you come back down, you remain basically the same.

Once again congratulations and long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

remember that if you get more strength training you'll be smaller with more muscle and less fat. Muscle burns more calories so the dieting will be a tad easier (in theory of course).

Easy for me to say! SO hard to DOOOO!

I look forward to your daily posts as I am just starting my own journey down 100+Lbs.

Anonymous said...

losing weight without exercising isn't sustainable. It really isn't, so it's a good idea to get back on it!

Mrs. Thighs said...

It sounds like you're already in decent shape. That said, I have no doubt that you'll be racing up those trails the next time, if you start getting in more exercise now.