Thursday, August 12, 2010

Old Stuff, Resurrected

Ah! You came, even though you *know* I am on vacation til next week! Well, I can't leave you with nothing to read, so here are a few posts from the past that you may enjoy. I hope something here speaks to you :)

February 2008: Isolation by Fatness

June 2008: Walking Reflections

August 2008 (I have changed so much, but take a look, see where I was even a year into this journey, when I had dropped over 60 pounds): Failure is Not an Option

November 2008: Fat Ain't Stupid

December 2008: A favorite (true) story about my father. Dads

And a couple of my most widely read posts from 2009: Fat Acceptance and Slay the Dragon

Be back soon!


Bobbie said...

thank you for reposting the one about Dads. I hadn't read it yet and it was just beautiful and I like others ended up with tears.

Anonymous said...

Just read your post on fat acceptance & sitting here crying. Because the part about the beach was me just a couple weeks ago. We went on a 2 day trip to a beautiful lake with a gorgeous beach. But I could not go swimming with my kids. I could not make it down to the water let alone walk across a park to get to the public bathroom. It was so hot and my heart pounded out of control. Yeah my husband had to let me out at the handicapped spot so I could walk just a few feet to sit down in a shady area on some rocks. Even then I could barely manage that. I am so tired of watching my children play while I sit unable to participate in their lives. Can't take this anymore. Thank you for opening my eyes. I have to change this year. Now.