Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy Day

It's late. I got home not too long ago after 12 hours away, and I am so tired! I had to take my daughter for an appointment with her eye specialist (checking up yet again on ROP - retinopathy of prematurity) and GOOD NEWS! The doctor said all is well, her ROP has resolved without treatment and she no longer needs to travel to see him unless there is a vision problem in the future. Her eyes look GREAT and she is discharged from his care! Woohoo!!!!!!!!! THRILLED!

Five hours driving, three hours at the doctor, three hours at the park playing, and one hour at a restaurant. Just me and my girl... we had a fun day. The driving sucked a bit, but I took along my Medifast food, bottled water, and a picnic lunch for us (hers was peanut butter & honey on wheat, whole wheat crackers & pretzels with hummus, a breakfast bar, and a juice box). We fed the birdies her crusts and the little finches and wrens came right up to her, "because I am a Princess," she said. "I have birdie friends just like Cinderella and Snow White." Indeed she is a princess, down to her long golden hair and sparkly painted toes! We played and walked and enjoyed the weather after her appointment before the long drive home in the dark. It was a good day.

We stopped at Perkins for dinner and I had a really great salad: loads of spinach, sliced fresh mushrooms and tomatoes, diced grilled chicken chunks, and a sliced hard boiled egg with Balsamic vinaigrette on the side. It also had real crumbled bacon on it, which is not on plan for me but I totally love bacon and I compensated by using very little of the dressing and not having a snack today. It was a delicious salad!

Hours in the car usually brings water retention, and then there is that salt in the bacon as well. But I ate very well today, really, and got a lot of activity in. I am going to bed shortly but totally looking forward to my daily weigh ins over the next few days. Will I *finally* get to 185 pounds and escape obesity? Will I?? We'll see :)


screwdestiny said...

Wonderful news about your daughter! And bacon is dang hard to resist.

Taryl said...

That is fabulous news! One less health concern to worry about with her has to be a load off your mind, and it sounds like the entire afternoon went wonderfully.

I am so rooting for you to see 185, it will be SUCH a moment! My own goal for the year, post pregnancy, is 189... It's still obese, but it's a normal number, and insurance discount, and a good size for me to end on. With only two months to lose baby weight and then another 22 pounds, it's optimistic but we'll see. Either way, hurray for decant down the scale by at least one of us ;)

CJ said...

Wonderful news about your daughter :)

Cant wait to see you reach 185 :)

Sarah (Fat Little Legs) said...

AWESOME! Having had a preemie myself, I can so so understand those moments. So happy for both of you. Sounds actually like you had a lovely day.

RedHead said...

I have absolutely all the faith in the world that you'll get to 185! Not a problem!

Baby Stepping said...

I am so thrilled about your daughter. and you description of your day made me smile. That will be a treasured memory. Hugs for you and your princess.


beerab said...

Great job girl I'm so proud of you! And I'm thrilled to hear the news about your daughter :)

Hey do you take vitamins? You've lost so much weight and I noticed the tired post yesterday- I lost a lot of weight then started feeling tired and found out I was vitamin D deficient- the doctor said it can happen with a lot of weight loss- I know take a multivitamin every morning along with additional vitamin D- in three weeks I felt totally fine and now just take my morning multivitamin :) My doctor said about 50% of the population is D deficient- so just a thought.

Keep it up!

spunkysuzi said...

What great news!! And what a wonderful day for you and your daughter :)

Polar's Mom said...

So glad to hear about your daughter! And 185 is so close!
And BACON=forbidden fruit=LOVE IT!! If it weren't for bacon salt I would be four times my current fatness and would probably have sprouted a snout by now.

MB said...

So happy to hear the good results you got at the doctor's office.

I look forward to celebrating your escape from obesity with you.

Vee said...

So happy for you and your girl. Big relief .. not only health-wise but the expenses. I'm sure you feel great and are doing a major celebration.

I too like bacon but hate the salt. I can't have any other "pre-prepared" foods the days I have bacon or my sodium level shoots way up and so does my blood pressure.

Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

big_mummy said...

excellent news about your girl, I can totally relate. I am on tenterhooks for my girls next hosp visit re: her kidneys.

mmm bacon. I would have done the same

Lynna said...

I have several friends with ROP, and I am beyond thrilled for you that you received such wonderful news yesterday. I loved reading about your little princess feeding the birds. Wow, a great day, ehh?! Makes me smile. :)