Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Month of Medifast... Who Won?

When I posted last week that I was doing a Month of Medifast Food Giveaway for my birthday month (donated by Medifast), I never expected to be so overwhelmed by the entries that followed. I get my comments via email and read them throughout the day, and often I'd read one and break into tears because, yes, THIS is the one! This is the one I will pick for the giveaway!... but then, more and more poured in... This one! That one! This would change her life! She's so young! She's battled for decades! She has kids! She has no one! She is so sick! She is so determined! On and on, I'd read your stories and weep because I wanted to help *every one* of you. ALL of you deserve it. ALL of you got into my hearts. And choosing was *very difficult* for me.

I am kind of a nut about people. I care about everyone. I want to help. I want to fix it. And I feel almost like the bachelorette handing out roses right now. It sucks that so many of you will be disappointed, but I do have faith in you ALL that you can change your lives. And I have something for all of you that I am working on to post this week... a group 'jump start' to better health. Because while this is a wonderful prize, believe me, please, that you can make a difference in your life and health with or without Medifast, and I am going to try and give you some tools to do that. Please come back this week and let's get started together!

Now. I did not just glance through the comments and pick whoever had the best 'story' or anything like that. I want you to know I spent *hours* clicking links, reading blogs, considering things... thinking, looking people up online to get some more back story, and eventually, going with my gut. I want to make a difference with this giveaway... a real, lasting difference in people's lives. I hope you'll cheer on the winners with me.

Yes, I said winners. This decision was so tough that I asked Medifast if they would *possibly* consider giving away a Month of Medifast package to TWO people who entered instead of just one. And they generously said YES. Thank you Medifast. I appreciate that very much!

Here are the two winners I chose:

1. Anonymous/Linda (lovetotest). She is 52 years old, a mom of two and grandma of one. Currently, Linda weighs 392.8 pounds and has tried and failed at many diets for many years. She is at the end of her rope, struggling with her health and her work situation. In part, she wrote:

"I just can't go on like this. Life is passing me by and if I continue on this road I am on, well, my life will be cut very short. I just had my first grandchild last August. She is the most precious baby. I want to be able to take her to the park, to be here to watch her grow up and be part of her life. My mother died in 1993 from a stroke related to her morbid obesity. My biggest fear is that if I don't get this weight off now, I too will not be here much longer.... I want to save my life. I have a wonderful husband who has stuck by me all these years. If it were not for him, well I just don't know. I am tired of not being an active participant in my own life. I don't want to spend the rest of my life stuck in a wheelchair. I want to feel what it feels like to walk without pain again. I want to travel, and help others. I want to stop talking about it and do it."

Well Linda, here's your chance. Your time is NOW! You can choose to use this gift to change your life... and I hope with all my heart that you do. You sound like a loving, wonderful person. I thought about my mother when I was reading your post; she fought her weight all her life and never won; she passed away at just 57 years old. In her memory and honor, I would love to help you achieve your dreams.

2. Kisha. She is 28 years old, a mommy of two precious little girls, and weighs 285 pounds. She said,

"I have spent my life being a broken person, and watching the numbers on the scale go up and up each day, month, year. I finally am at the point where I am healing emotionally, but my body is not cooperating." When I read her blog, I found a post she wrote a month ago: a letter to herself about her weight.  In part, it says,

"Self, you have shown so much willpower in so many aspects of your life. I KNOW you can do this. It seems like an insurmountable task right now-I mean, I'm not exactly sure how one undoes 28 years of behavior, but I know you have to do it. Your husband deserves it. Your kids deserve it. And most of all, YOU deserve it. Allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to be mad. Allow yourself to be sad. Don't shove your feelings down with food. Most importantly, allow yourself to live."

You're right, Kisha. You can do this. You deserve it. Here's your chance at becoming a healthier,stronger mother and wife for your family. You are so young. I wish I had resolved the broken parts of myself at 28 rather than starting at 38. I don't want you to miss out on those irreplaceable moments with your young children. I hope this gift will help you and your family. Kiss those sweet babies, they don't stay little for long!

Winners have one week to contact me via email to arrange delivery, and, of course, I will be mentoring them via email as I promised in the original giveaway post. I will also be emailing a few others who were not chosen, because I really do want to help in some way.

If any of you are considering ordering Medifast for yourself, here is a coupon code you can use: LYNESC50 for $50 off a $275 order, good through 8/31.

I hope the jump start post later this week will be a means for the rest of you who entered to feel like there IS hope, you CAN do it, and you are most definitely NOT alone. I hope to be able to mentor you all in some small way through that post and those that follow.

Hugs to all. This can be YOUR new beginning too.


Neesha said...

Yay!! This is awesome!! I can't understand why, I am unaccountably happy for Linda and Kisha. I really hope they achieve their dreams! GOOOOOOOOO YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

You are a good soul for doing this for these two deserving women. It will come back to you tenfold.

BTW- You look fantastic in your last 80 lbs. lost picture!.

God bless,

spunkysuzi said...

Congratulation to both the winners! I know you can do it.

Leslie said...

Congratulations to both winners! I hope this gives each of them the boost she needs to find success with weight loss and the journey to fitness and health. They say that in order to keep what you have (in the spiritual sense) you've got to give it away. Well done, Lyn. Great opportunity for these gals.

Missa said...

Great big YAY for the winners! I hope they both blog their new journeys!


Lanie Painie said...

I hope they will both blog about it and share links with us. This is a beautiful thing you've done.

Shelley said...

Ongratulations to the two winners.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations to the winners! I hope they'll let us know how it goes for them. Bless you Lyn and Medifast for doing this!

Kisha said...

Oh Lyn, I am beyond honored that you chose me as a winner! Thank you so much to all for the congratulations, and I will definitely be blogging about my experiences with Medifast! Can't wait to get started on this part of my journey!

Joy said...

SO AWESOME!! Congrats to the winners. You can do this!! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

You picked two very deserving people for this giveaway. I will be praying that this is the jumpstart that they need. Bless you for getting another medifast package to give away it will definitely bless these ladies! Please keep us posted on their progress!!!
Sarah L.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for them! Kisha's letter to herself truly touched me and like you, I hope that at 28 she can make the changes now. I would love to hear the story of Linda's success and her enjoyment with her grandchildren. They both deserve this chance. Lyn you are such an inspiration, you touch the world in so many ways! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lyn,

I feel so honored that you chose me amongst so many deserving souls. I can only imagine how hard it was to choose amongst so many that are sick and suffering from compulsive overeating.
I too hope that one day I can pay it forward.

But for today, I am so grateful to be able to try this program. I have seen your results since working the Medifast program, but I know in my heart that you were ready. Willing to surrender and follow the program exactly.

I am willing to do the same. I need to some peace from the obessions of the food. I am hoping that eating the 5 prepared meals a day will take the focus off the food and allow me to focus on me. I am hoping that program will be the beginning of me getting my life back. I know that I have a lot of work to do. I am ready. I surely have so much to live for.

Thank you so much for this opportunity~ Linda

Anonymous said...

Kisha!! I am so happy for you! I wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey. We can do this!!

I really appreciate all the well wishes and support that all the readers of this blog have shown us. Thank you so much!!!


beerab said...

Congratulations to the winners! And thanks for the $50 credit. I'll be speaking to my husband about trying medifast :)

Fat Grump said...

"I am kind of a nut about people. I care about everyone. I want to help. I want to fix it."

Lyn..that goes without saying. x x

When I first stumbled across your blog you 'spoke' to me...so much so that I cried. You hit home. You have helped so many of us to keep on striving for a better, healthier life. Now you are doing it for Linda and Kisha too. They sound very deserving and I hope Medifast works for them too.

I felt quite choked-up reading this post of yours...Being overweight really does bring us down in so many ways, as Linda and Kisha explained. I need to help myself a bit more, but I am so glad of all the inspiration and encouragement given by you and so many other bloggers out there. What a feel-good post yours was :)

Lisa said...

A HUGE congratulations to both of the winners (and wishing them very good luck on their weight loss journey)!!! And Lyn, thank you so much for all you do. That $59 credit for Medifast is awesome too!!! :)

Lynna said...

Hey Lyn,
First, I want to thank you for the care you took in choosing the winners and I pray that this will be life-transforming for them. It's a powerful thing for somebody to say, "I see you. I hear your story. I want to come alongside of you and help."

Second, I don't envy you that choice... it must have been agonizingly difficult... and I look forward to reading in days to come the ideas that were sparked in the midst of that pain for spreading love and encouragement. (Who knows? That which is simmering right now inside of you may be something that ripples outward to touch many, many lives.)

I hope each reader who asked to be considered feels the love and the care that you obviously have for them and takes encouragement that they have an ally on their healing journey and that they are precious beyond imagining.

Helen said...

Lurk and read you a lot. Don't comment much but I had to de-lurk today to say that I hope the blessing you've given these two ladies comes back to you ten fold.

Renee said...

Lyn, thank you again for hosting this giveaway! Your words and actions continue to inspire so many people.

Linda and Kisha, CONGRATS! We can't wait to get you started and hear your thoughts throughout your journey :) You CAN do it!

PR Coordinator
Medifast, Inc.

The Captain's Daughter said...

You chose correctly...

Love to you!

Linda said...

Thank you Renee! I can't wait to start either! :) So much so that I decided that I was going to get back to journaling again to track my progress.


Thank you everyone for the well wishes. We can do this!

Anonymous said...

Good luck ladies!